Friday, October 15, 2021

Palm Springs Pink Lemonade Poppy Parker

 She has arrived!!

Here she is in a quick photoshoot with my Bratz Corvette outside on the railing. It goes perfect with her outfit and that hair!

These are photos of the box art graphics. Divine and they can be used as a background. I love the medallions on them. The box art on the Poppy Boxes are lovely, like you are getting a present. It makes them extremely hard to throw away. 

Also, here are some photos are Fluffy, who wanted to show off her new Halloween Jester collar while trying to steal my office chair in the doll room...

Update on the doll room- we have painted the walls and the floor, installed shelving in the closet for the 16 inch dolls, and next on the list is to install the main shelving on the right wall where all the dolls will be displayed. The price of shelving and brackets, screws, tracking is astronomical and we are going to various sources to get the best price since we need so many brackets and sturdy shelves. The drapes and valance arrived yesterday for the room. I will be giving you more updates as they are finished. One of the items to get a makeover will be my childhood desk you see next to the chair - we purchased a piece of wood and spray paint so it will match the room, and will stain the top. I have had this desk every since I was about  years old. Not it will match the room. After the shelving is done, then the rug. 

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