Monday, October 11, 2021

New Outfits for Annabelle and Marie Terese

I have been busy busy busy- pre-occupied with the doll room re-vamp. But I was finally able to finish the outfits for Marie Terese and Annabell. I am still working on Marcus' frock coat and attempting to find him proper shoes. For now, here are their finished outfits for the French Fashion Doll group Autumn Challenge. 

 I used patterns from Guildebrief for Annabelle's dress and one from Antique Doll Collector for Marie Terese. Marie Terese's hat actually belonged to a Victoir Roux W Club Fashion Royalty doll and was borrowed for this photo shoot. I made Annabelle's hat and her shawl was a lace doily. The umbrellas for the rainy misty day are also borrowed from Silkstone Barbie and Fashion Royalty ladies. 

I hope you enjoy- 


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