Friday, March 3, 2023

Happy Hinamatsuri Day!

Happy Hinamatsuri day! Today is the third day of the third month (March 3rd) when the Japanese celebrate the Girls day festival or the Doll Festival, otherwise known as Hinamatsuri. They celebrate with special ceremonial dolls displayed on tiered displays covered in red cloth. 

If you have never read the  book Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, a story about two lonely Japanese dolls and a lonely little girl named Nona , who builds them a Japanese dollhouse, by Rumor Godden, I suggest you do. It has exact plans and measurments of how to build a Japanese dollhouse and garden. 

But you also need to order its sequel, Little Plum, where the dolls welcome a neighbor doll, Little Plum , and make her feel welcome by celebrating the Doll Festival. It is a fun festival and a fun story and Rumor Godden is amazing in her descriptions of how these miniatures are presented with the little girls. I was able to build my Japanese set room using some of the descriptions from her book and google photos of Japan homes. 


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Barb the Evil Genius said...

Happy Hinamatsuri! I was able to find Little Plum online, but not Miss Happiness and Miss Flower. I'm afraid that the latter book will cost a fortune if I try to buy it in paper version.

I got a Re-ment Hinamatsuri set; it looks like you have the same one, with the Emperor and Empress. Are the other items in your set-up also Re-ment?