Friday, September 15, 2023

Planning Ahead for the Holidays - More Gene items for my Collection

September is here and August just flew by! I have been working on planning my dioramas for my Christmas cards this year and added two items to my Gene collection for one of those cards- Pink Snow Blossoms outfit I believe it is called and finally, - the Gene 'White Christmas' tree. I found one NRFB at an unbelievable price with free shipping included from this Ebay seller We-R-Toys  and they sell many items, including Barbie, collectibles, etc. 

I usually do two Christmas cards for two different message boards, Doll Divas and 

The Studio Commissary , which is a Gene Marshall doll related message board. Doll Divas is a 1:6 scale fashion doll message board and is the first message board I found that I stumbled across when I started re-collecting Barbie and then, found Integrity dolls. After, I found Gene and Tonner - and Ball Jointed dolls- and well, I was hooked on any type of doll to be truthful! lol! These two message boards do a group Christmas card exchange each year and I love doing it each year. I save my cards in albums with plastic sheets, so I can go back and look at them in my idle moments in the spring. I also plan my Christmas dioramas ahead of time. This year, as a nod to the Barbie movie, everything in both dioramas, will be pink and sparkly. 

But- I won't be using the movie dolls. I find them kind of ...plastic. I will be using a Poppy Parker in the 1:6 scale one, that is all that I'm giving away- pink and Poppy!

So onto the photos- So far my Gene Christmas tree arrived. I had already received the dress off of Mercari a couple of months ago at a really great price. I look for deals constantly. 

Here are the 'test' photos of what I am going for , but I am going to probably put lights on the tree and have a candelabra on the piano with some wine glasses, and widen the scene a little bit. It needs some pop. Maybe figure out a way to add a chandelier overhead. The larger Bespaq piano required alot of work and repair to get it to this point so I used a black lacquer finish on it. Trent looks quite the dashing maestro . I knew solid pink would look lovely for this photo with the black. 

More updates soon. More to come- Lisa 

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