Friday, August 5, 2022

Mystery Date Formal Dance has arrived !

 Poppy Parker and Chip Farnsworth lll Mystery Date Formal Dance has finally arrived! 

I had also won Bowling Date but have to wait on the funds for that set to make the payment. Hopefully next week I can make the payment and they will arrive soon. 

De-boxing this set was a dream. One of the most appealing thing about these four sets was the facial screening on the Poppys were they were similar to Summer Magic (Ski Date- I did not win her) Dream Teen (Beach Date- which I have already shown in a previous post) Bowling date- I and now sure which facial screening she is similar to.  And now, Formal Dance. She looks a little like Airways or Pillow Talk. I will have to compare and see. 

This is a beautiful set, especially the graphics on the boxes! It looks so much like the Mystery Date game!

Poppy had fun peeking behind the door!

Will she get a her dream date or a stud? 

Mr. Chip Farnsworth lll !


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