Sunday, January 9, 2022

Enamorada Natalia Fatale Giftset - First New doll of the year...

Enamorada Natalia Fatale - WOW what a mouthful and how hard it is to remember how to spell this doll's title...well. she is finally here and they hit out of the ballpark this time, I must say. 

She comes with a fold-away magnetic box like the old days-AND a storycard which surprised me. She has a huge box of accessories- a lipstick, compact, purse, two pairs of hands, two pairs of shoes- those hideous ones that buckle and wind around the foot, by cleverly manuevering her foot through the straps I was able to get the pink ones on without fiddling with the buckles. But the gown, is sewn tightly and it is next to impossible to use the stand with the evening gown on, my one complaint. 
She comes with lovely loungerie like the made in the old days. And her jewelry is so beautiful, very easy to put on, earrings, necklace and a ring, as well as a matching purse. 
I was extremely pleased with the giftset and its packaging. For me, spending the amount I do with the W Club is about the extras. And she is lovely...

Here is the diorama I set up for her...she is perfect for Valentine's day..

I hope you have enjoyed the photos!


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