Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Progress on the Scrap Box Studio diorama

I have come a long way on the Scrap Box Studio diorama.Walls are up, and windows are painted. I had purchased art paper large enough to cover the walls, but it did not work because the walls needed to be reinforced a bit, even though they are thick cardboard. So I used white foamcore, which works much better. By the way, Michael's is having a sale on foamboard Buy1 get one Free.

When I purchased the expensive art paper, I also purchased a picture frame mainly for its form. Michael's had frames at 40% off and a $20 was almost half of that, so for what I wanted it for- the frame base for my cardstock shelves, it works perfectly. I had to compromise on my shelves- I wanted each shelf to be individually divided off, like 'real' scrapbook shelves, but realized I would not be able to do that. The frame had a 2 inch depth with a frame piece that held the glass, so my shelves do stick out a bit but you can see the paper better. I figure the brighter the colors of paint chips I use, the better and more it will pop in the scene. 
Here are some photos of progress so far. Poppy and Katniss are stocking the shelves. I found these round little empty containers for beads in sets of 6 or 9 in a package at the dollar store. 

The shelves are pieces of foamcore wrapped with wood grained shelf paper. You can see some edges so I need to go back and clear tape them down. But so far so good! This showed up so much better than I expected! I am wondering if another shelf for printed patterned paper would not work too in the shop. But we also have to have a counter, a table for classes, cork board, and I am hoping for a magazine rack with art and scrapbook magazines, as well as supplies like scissors, punches, glue, and so on. I made punches for the 1:12 scale scrapbook store, but the ones in 1:6 scale will have to be more realistic. 
Enjoy the pictures!~Lisa


Vanessa said...

That shelf is perfect! Looks great with the paper.

Jane Smith said...

Great progress ;) I cant wait to see the details!