Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day from the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse!

~Semper Fi~

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A is for Annabelle...continued

I haven't shown alot of love for my reproduction French Fashion doll, Annabelle lately. Today I decided to pick up on a long put aside project on taking photos of Annabelle as an author of her own story. It had long been my intention to create a story where Annabelle tells about her whimsical doll world. Now that I am coming to a point where I have time to write, sculpt, sew, draw and paint many projects that were put on hold are meshing themselves together and demanding my attention in both my dreams and thoughts. Maybe that is all part of the creative process--- a project doesn't come together until we have the time and effort to see it through. 

Annabelle is a porcelain reproduction Francois Gautier head on a Seeley body. I still haven't taken a shine to the new Gildebrief body, was just beginning to sew for this one. Today she decided she wished to have tea and the puny human (me!) would have to serve as maid. She is more demanding than Agnes Von Weiss, the Baroness. I shudder to think what is going to happen when the Baroness finds her Manor has been commandeered by Madame Annabelle for photos. Here she is in all of her cozy glory-

'Be sure you make these photos interesting to the readers. I don't have time to waste.'
' Don't worry, I will...' I say.
'Does my coiffure look alright? You haven't paid too much attention to it you know. I need a new wig'...'
me- suffering human behind the camera....sigh...

A couple of shots of the tea and cake...I made the cake and cake slice, which Annabelle grudgingly agreed was suitable for tea...and matched the pink flowers on her tea set.
Table is Bespaq..

A is for Annabelle is a book by Tasha Tudor, using an antique doll and her accessories and trunk in a rhyming alphabet - illustrated and written by her. I had always wanted to re-create this book in pictures but decided on a different route in telling a dolls' story of her life and the other dolls in their magical world, using pictures/photos instead of illustrations. 

I hope you enjoy the photos of Annabelle at her tea time today. More photos upcoming. 

Annabelle- 12 inch reproduction French Fashion doll Francois Gaultier head on 12 inch Seeley jointed body. Sylvia Butler of Tarheel Designs in North Carolina
Table- Bespaq
cake and cake slice- created by me
Chair and flower arrangement- unknown maker, bouquet picked up at a miniature show
Portrait- Williamsburg museum shop souvenir

Monday, May 12, 2014

Catching Up, Belated Happy Mother's day..

I am catching up on this post which I had planned to do yesterday but completely forgot about, even when I had taken the photos early yesterday morning. I am afraid Mother's day this year reminded me more of the fact that my mom passed last year, (among other unhappy associations from the past with my own personal experiences with my stepdaughter) so I am not a fan of 'Mother's day' per se. In essence, I believe every day is a day you should honor your mother as well as your father, since their time here is fleeting- and many of us seem to forget that and think our job is done taking Mom to Shoney's or Cracker Barrel. My own unusual position as a 'stepmom' has its own story of ups and downs, extreme moments of pride and love, as well as deep hurt & pain- and others most currently where walking away is the best decision you can make. From my own personal viewpoint, it takes more to being a mom than giving birth.

Here are the belated photos- of my Prince William and Princess Kate holding Prince George. I had a toddler with brown hair that looked like Prince George and was all set to make him his little white onesie with the sailboats on it like this photo of Kate & George-

However, I had to use sunshine family Steven with blonde hair in his diaper for George. That yellow dress from one of the Seasonal ITBE dolls is perfect on Kate. She had her head transplanted to a Dynamite Girls body. 

 I am really pleased with how the photos resemble them. Now I will be on the hunt for a baby of suitable size with brown hair for Kate and WIlliam . 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Some new Lingerie pieces coming soon...

I have been working on some new lingerie items I have had in my head for a while now. Before gaining weight, I absolutely adored shopping in Victoria's secret was all about the pink, the bags, matching unmentionables you name it. My dolls have few lingerie choices so I decided to make them. Yesterday I worked on some after finding some lovely thin fabrics with a raised detailing on them in tangerine and black. I will be working on the black chemise tops and peignoirs today later, but I designed a cute little pantie with silk ribbon ties on the sides. These fit Model Muse Barbie Basics and Integrity dolls. (these are still prototypes in the working stages, I do not know if they fit the new FR body or Silkies yet. )

Right now my two Natalias are strutting their stuff in tangerine chiffon. I am planning on making the peignoir with the same matching bow tie panties that the chemise blouse comes with as well, for a set. 

Above are two pics of the orange and black panties. These two pairs had pink outline stitching, but I may do away with that detailing, since it takes extra time. 
One of my reasons for showing these items is I hope to go to the Fashion ROyalty convention in Orlando this year with my doll buddies, and I hope to do some room sales. I am also thinking of taking my miniature foods as well, so am planning on what to take and what prices to charge. I am hoping some of my room sales will help pay for little extras on the travel expense side. Just thought I would give everyone a sneak peak on what I am planning & designing right now. Everyone needs lingerie, right? as well as mini food for their dolls! 
I am also hoping to attend Barbie Convention 2015 which is going to be in Arlington, Va so definitely, if my registration is selected /accepted I will be doing room sales!