Monday, August 12, 2013

Dolls who Scrapbook....

Today I decided to give into some of my dolls who have been clamoring for some scrapbook accessories. I have not given in until now because I know- I know- they will next be begging for a 1:6 scale scrapbook store, then a fabric center, & well, you know it mushrooms on the prop end. 
I had created several years back around 2004-2005 a scrapbook store roombox in 1:12 scale which I still have. Click HERE  to see Minnie's Lil Scrapbook store. When I created it, I spent quite literally, hours - I estimate anywhere between 200 hours of work went into creating the punches, papers, cork board displays with actual pics, and so on. I made the stickers from scanning a scrapbook catalog into my computer and found since they were the perfect size, I pasted them into word and printed on cardstock.

To do a 1:6 scale scrapbook accessory set, I used Home Depot paint chips from the Martha Stewart line because I liked the colors and they are big enough to get two cardstock pages measuring 2 in x 2 inches each, which is big enough to put a resized picture and other embellishments on in 1:6 scale. Today I just did some stickers and cardstock for the dolls to choose from, I still need to get some pictures for them to create their pages.

I have included a photo here of how I did the cardstock for the dolls- you can easily do this by buying a square 2 x 2 handpunch instead of all the cutting and measuring I did.

If I can find it, I will try and upload the word document with my stickers on it here on the blog, it is on my older computer. The glue, little clips, and file box are all Rement, the little bag next to Poppy's chair is a small Hallmark teacher ornament, but looks like a great scrapbook bag. 


Muff said...

WOW! This is so awesome. I don't think a single one of my dolls is into crafting. Amazing all the careers and personalities I give them, I never thought to have one into crafting. They are missing out!

Excellent work!

Lisa Neault said... is also fun and easy on the cheap side to create tiny scrapbook pages and embellishments for them.

You do not even have to do the work of resizing the photos- just upload them to walmart or your photo center and buy index cards- and voila! mini 1:6 scale 3x5 or 4x6 looking photos for your dolls to scrapbook with!