Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quiche Lorraine commission and dolls!

Dolls have been invading the 'Patch here and more are still coming! I haven't yet deboxed Kyori- 'Love the One' but I did debox 'To the Fair' Poppy Parker. She's lovely.

The whole 60's stewardess 'Pan-Am' vibe she has going on with her outfit rocks. Hated that TV show, but I loved the clothes! 

On another note, I have started work on a very large 1:6 scale French food commission for a fellow doll collector/diorama builder from Flicker & Ipernity. She saw some of my 1:6 scale foods and asked if I would create some items for a project she has in mind. Take a look at her Flicker Albums 

The first item of this order I did is the four individual Quiche Lorraines, which I did as tartlets. Here is my inspiration photo:

Now here is the actual pieces. I plated the tartlets on small white china plates for these pictures. 'Bon Appetit, Madam!'

The quiche Lorraines are made with parsley flakes on top for seasoning

'Merci, Gaston!' 

Gaston serves Agnes and Romaine at table, the perfect butler.

If you are interested in commissioning me to create miniature food for your diorama or dollhouse, please email me at  with pictures, or ideas. My prices are reasonable and I make sure with progress photos if what I create fits in with your vision of your scene, especially in 1:6 scale. 
~Bon Appetit!~Lisa

Friday, June 28, 2013

'To the Fair' Poppy & 'Love the One' Kyori upgrade dolls

My upgrade membership dolls arrived today- and Poppy 'To the Fair' and 'Love the One' Kyori are gorgeous. I adore this stewardess outfit and thought hmmm, this Poppy looks like she stepped out of an episode of Pan Am (hate the show, loved the clothes ) so maybe she needs an airplane to work in! So started looking and trolling Ebay for one of those vintage airplanes - the ones I remember are from 1971-72 that folded up. That's when people sat at a table on the plane and had room to sit! lol...And I have already started watching auctions for the Country camper to add that to my collection since that was one of my favorite toys as a child. I even remember taking it with me when we went camping as a child- I loved taking it and my malibu barbie Ken, skipper and PJ to the beach. Mom hated lugging that thing since it took so much space! 

Here are some quick snaps of the two dolls since they just arrived today!

They are just incredible. I do not think Kyori will be leaving the town any time soon, she's quite lovely.
Another couple of dolls are expected to arrive soon as well.
I broke down and used my 2nd Barbie collector reward for the Texas male cheerleader because he has the Harley Ken body. I haven't yet bought the AA male home yet, hopefully I can find him on another website. 
On an unexpected note, on the W Club forum they run contests or a game, with a doll from past lines of previous years the prize. And I won for June! I have only ever lucked out one time a few years ago when I won Agnes Von Weiss in Concerto M- a convention doll that turned out to be my main diva who owns Barbietown, and the Manor! The doll I won is Aerodynamic Vanessa Perrin, with this cool gothic /chic looks to her makeup and stunning red hair pulled into a severe ponytail. Looking forward to seeing her when she arrives!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spicey In Spain & Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker

My International Fair Poppies arrived on Thursday....and now it's Sunday, so I have just had a few days to release them from their boxes and take Rebecca of Inside the Fashion Doll Studio says of taking her fabulous photos of her dolls- ' the window!' so Joyful in Japan and Spicey in Spain had their photo shoot on my one of kind prototype Bespaq curio- in the window! I never knew until now how natural light can affect a picture of a doll so much! Thank you Rebecca!!

I missed out on Switzerland and the India Poppy, I wanted wanted wanted all four...what amazes me is people are now selling them!!?? Of all Integrity's dolls, I don't think I could part with Poppies ever again!! These dolls are just adorable, but I have to admit, Joyful in Japan is who I fell for first from the promo pics at the unveiling event. Now for the pics!

The clothing on these dolls is so detailed..and their expressions are so lovely. There is a thread on the W Club board about what it is about Poppy that appeals to us collectors, and I  have to say 1- the dolls are heartbreakingly lovely 2- they are deficient in what I call the regular 'bitch-y' (please excuse my description here, I do not mean to offend) quality some of the W Club dolls have in their face sculpts. Though I like some of the dolls to have that quality or expression- not all the time!! lol...Poppy is innocent looking and reminds me of a time from the 60's as well as the late 50's when the pouty look was in vogue. (I was born in 1965, so the fashions of Poppy are very nostalgic for me as a collector as I remember how my mother and grandmothers dressed back then. ) Poppy for me, reminds me of a time when ladies wore hats, gloves, matching hose and heels and evening wear was worn during the evening, not at the office during the day. Call me old fashioned, nothing very fashionable about stilettoes with a dress far too short worn at the office, or flip flops with a formal. Fashion now seems to be missing that 'special' quality. 
But enough of my fashion faux pas rants- these dolls are so very awesome! I am so in love with Joyful in Japan and I want to create an 1800's ensemble for her with that wondrous updo. First I will have to take some photos of her in the japanese tea ceremony, as well as with my Hinamatsuri Re-ment set, those photos need to be updated.
Spicey in Spain- her gown is so gorgeous! I can hardly believe the details on the purse as well as her hat- but the dress is amazing - the lace is even in scale!
I am still attempting to get my funds together for my W Club upgrade dolls- 'Love the One Kyori' and To the Fair Poppy - the W Club has robbed my wallet with dolls and preorders!! And I just finished placing my deposit for the W club Broadway Magic Jem! (I could not resist that stage!) 
Enjoy the photos- and expect to see more of Joyful in Japan!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Downtown in pics

I have had a hectic week and it is rolling to an end, but still going to be hectic. I have had no doll time for the first two weeks in when Doll Divas decided to have a diorama theme - I decided to make time and took some new pics of Barbietown as it looks right here right now- today! 
What with the W club twisting my arm- yes, I tell you they reached thru the computer screen and forced me to order dolls! The nerve! and my wallet is screaming for mercy--I haven't really had time to even de-box my Out Sass Vanessa. I am hoping to warm up to her. I really like her more than I thought I would. When I de-box, I do not, do not like to be interrupted with catastrophies such as husband looking for his keys, or dinner that needs to be cooked, or phone calls, etc. Usually now when I debox I make sure I am at home by myself, lol. New Poppies should be shipping soon- Spicey IN Spain and Joyful in Japan should be joining me any day now- can hardly wait!
Ok, so onto the pics. I tidied up a bit!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last 1:6 scale Bespaq wingchairs in stock- 3 left!

I have been cleaning out my storage unit that held stock leftover from my shop, Kin g William Miniatures when it was open in 2009 to 2011. Lo and behold, I have found three 1:6 scale wingchairs that I designed with the help of Bespaq, who manufactured them for me.

I have two of the 'Red Dragon' wingchairs click HERE  for this listing on ebay.
I have one of the pink boudoir wingchairs click HERE

Both of these chairs are priced at $99 each, since these are the last of my shop exclusives, no others were manufactured. If all three chairs are purchased at the same time, I will give a combined reduced shipping discount. Add these to your 1:6 scale collection, for a fabulous and elegant look to your dioramas.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

1:6 Food creations for two on my Etsy....

I have been working on more 1:6 scale foods, and decided to create items for two dolls, such as meals. I had to wait to list these items until I received my utensils and plates I had ordered. 
First up is the two turkey subs with pickle spear, and potato chips. click HERE for the Etsy listing in my Etsy shop. $16 plus shipping

The 2nd listing on Etsy is a full 1:6 scale turkey dinner for two- each plate has sliced turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy,& green beans with carrot medallions. A sliced turkey breast is on another plate with two loose slices of turkey for your placement pleasure, as well as a plate of 4 biscuits that are also loose and can be removed from the plate. Glasses, dolls, props utensils are not included in the listing. This meal is $30 plus shipping. Click HERE to go to my Etsy store for this listing.

I am working on some dessert items too, this was the first day in over a month that I have been able to devote myself to working on my 1:6 scale food, which I love. I try to keep prices affordable, so please remember the cost includes the cost of the china plates as well as my skill. One of my pleasures is attempting to reproduce foods that I and my family love, which translates to my dioramas and scenes.