Sunday, September 1, 2013

Poppy, Poppy..................

Today's post has come about from one of my friends on Flicker and Ipernity asking for pics of all my Poppy Parker dolls together. Intriguing, I thought. I only have five, no six, make that seven! Eight if you count Breakfast at Tiffany's but I don't count her. My friend OddMod on Flicker acquired Young Sophisticate- one of my new favorite Poppies- and so these photos were taken on the fly yesterday. I used LaBelle's as a backdrop- having no available space to set up a photo spot! All of my table spaces are taken up with props and scenes!!! So I took a variety of comparison photos.

My count so far is: Pillow Talk, Dream Teen, Lilac Frost, Joyful in Japan, Spicey in Spain, To the Fair, and Young Sophisticate. 

Most all of the Poppies have been re dressed except for Lilac Frost, Spicey in Spain and Young Sophisticate. I am going to start concentrating on getting more clothing for the dolls as my clothing selections are limited. It honestly floored me to see how many Poppies I own and there are MORE dolls in the boutique behind them! Between Mattel and the W club I have been swamped with dolls so it is hard to pay attention to my favorites. And I have different dolls who are favorites for vastly different reasons. Pillow Talk is one of my very first Poppies (I had to sell Summer Magic and Reluctant Debutante to pay bills a couple of years ago, much to my deep regret) and I adore her makeup. To the Fair is close with different makeup. Joyful in Japan is one of my favorites because of her delicate porcelain skin tone and I love the way her hair is done. (She is going to be renamed Nellie and will star unofficially as Nellie Olsen character with my period dolls in my Little House characters - I already have figured out who my teenage Laura and Mary will be- now I just need articulated bodies for those two.) Young Sophisticate is fast becoming a favorite though I haven't redressed her. 
Enjoy OddMod's flicker stream, she has an incredible 1:6 scale dollhouse she and her husband just built, as well as some fun photostories!

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: your collection is fabulous. I really like your dolls and their outfits. Keep in touch