Friday, August 2, 2013

Sock dress for Jade...

It goes without saying if you have and collect fashion dolls, part of the fun is changing their outfits, having them model, walk the runway, etc.  It also goes without saying you may have dolls that sit around in the same outfit until you A) either buy new outfits or B) Run out of money and make your own! (I chose B OPTION) LOL...
My Barbie Basics Jade (please don't ask me what number she is- I just purchased her a few months ago at Walmart when the basics dolls went on sale) was needing a little more love- she is stunning with her skin tone and pastel colors look great on her. 
Another project - was to create dresses and sweaters out of socks. I blame Vanessa of  VansDollTreasures
for enabling me- and it is addicting! Ever since I saw her blog entries on this project I wanted to try it- and it is so much fun. I sat up last night creating this little number out of a onesie sock that was still in my drawer- and the dryer ate the other sock. I have some old favorite golf socks so my dolls may be getting some golf sweaters soon. I need some new ones, and as I haven't had time to play golf as much as I would like, these will look great as sweaters.
Another inspirational person is Julie's Doll Room Inventory on Flicker  who has a flicker album on Repurposing old 'real' clothing she finds at thrift shops into fashion doll clothes- in my book, which equals some of the things doll clothing artisans come up with. She takes a sleeve and with casual draping, or basic sewing, makes an outfit that is not only in style but looks great on the doll! Awesomely amazing for those of us who dislike sewing and get tired of paying exhorbitant prices for decent clothing for our dolls. Julie's link to her amazing dioramas display is on the left under Victorian 1:6 scale links as well, so browse thru her albums, she is a master at repurposing items for her dioramas as well.

I hope to have some more photos to show you later, as this sock is also becoming a sleeveless hoodie as well as a cap! Enjoy the photos!~Lisa


Cat said...

I love the fabric you chose for your sock dress, and I completely agree with you about dressing your dolls. lol Although I tend to store all of my dolls nude. I am always paranoid of staining.

Julie is a good friend of mine. :) She and I know one another offline, and she really enjoys re-purposing and sewing for her 1/6 girls! Her doll room is INCREDIBLE in person. Just so very incredible. <3 And she is an absolutely sweet person! So, stopping by her photo stream is ALWAYS a treat!

Lisa Neault said...

I know ! I first saw your blog posts about her doll room when your doll club visited- it must be truly amazing.

I have pm'd her on Flicker to ask about certain props she had in her antique shops when I was furnishing/collecting for my Little House on the prairie project (which I am still collecting and working on ) and that is how I found my crescent stove on ebay as well as the teacher's schooldesks for the one room schoolhouse diorama I want to do. I

I love her repurposing album, it gives me the courage as there are no mistakes when you are recycling a piece of clothing for doll clothes and it really made my creativity and imagination look at all items in a different way! I envy you being able to visit her and speak with her!

Vanessa said...

Awww, I'm so happy you were inspired to try them. I love the one you made for her. The added arms make it more sophisticated. Thanks for the link to Julie's Flickr. I will check it out.

Lisa Neault said...

hi Vanessa I loved your sweaters and dresses you made a while back but never had the time to buy or put aside socks until I 'cleaned' out my sock drawer of onesies! lol.

Julie's flicker album is AMAZING. you will love it!