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Photostory: Part l When Opportunity Knocks

When last we left Poppy, she was having an in depth discussion about her and Ryan planning on getting married, with her great friend, Cindy Sometime. She still has not approached her parents about meeting Ryan, but that part of the story is for later. Today, opportunity does knock, and it is Cindy with the offer of a new business adventure.

McDonald's diner is busy today when Poppy visited at Lunchtime to have a quick word with Ryan before meeting her friend, Cindy. Cindy had requested to have lunch because she had something important to discuss. Everyone is busy eating, or getting their orders to eat. 

Nicole's face lights up when she sees Becky. 'Hey there Becky! How have you been?"
'Busy- my new part time job feels like jail time!' Becky replies goodnaturedly.

Meanwhile, Poppy catches Ryan at the take out window. 'Hey there!' 
He looks up and stops wiping down the counter. 'hi, didn't think I would see you today!' he said.

                             "Well, Cindy wanted to meet me here for lunch. She has something she wanted to ask me. Don't know why she hasn't asked me when I was at her house the other day.." Poppy says thoughtfully.
Ryan smiles at her, amused. 'you don't know?"
Poppy shakes her head.'Nope, she just said it was something she needed me to think about."

" Well, don't look so down Poppers. Cindy's a great friend. She probably wants you to be her partner.' Ryan jokes..
"Partner?? in what?' Poppy asks astonished..
"Maybe in crime? dont' sweat it.Hey, looks like she has arrived. Better get to lunch, & I'll get back to work" Ryan says, and turns back to the grill.
Hey Poppers, glad you found us a seat!" says Cindy, adjusting her purse as she sits down.
"Oh look, FOOD!" She says cheerfully.
Poppy adjusts her tray.'I had Hannah make up our orders so they would be ready when you got here.'

"You think of everything! No wonder I wanted to talk to you about this!' exclaims Cindy
"About what?' says Poppy astonished. They are only hamburgers!

Cindy looks at Poppy speculatively.'What would you say to going into business with ME- if I asked you?' asked Cindy
Poppy is astonished, and is quite frankly shocked. She was thinking Cindy was probably going to ask her to go shopping, not go into business!

Finally, Poppy speaks. 'Why me? and WHAT kind of business???"
'Don't say anthing yet- just listen!' says Cindy. " I have been long tired of doing commission work without a studio, and I'm a multi-media mixed artist- you know, the dollhouses, the scrapbooking- writing- and you're a photographer working for Her Majesty slavedriver, the Baroness..."
"Cindy..." says Poppy Gravely, "THAT particular slavedriver is my AUNT."

"EXACTLY! I knew you would get it! Why work long hours for her when you could be naming the price, your hours and pocket the profit??" says Cindy
"You're onto something. Ok, I'm listening." Poppy is more interested in spite of herself.

"I can see I have your interest!" Cindy smiles. 'That's great. I want to open an art studio, but also a shop. We would sell supplies, offer craft type art classes, and both you and I would teach. I can get a few artists who do this on the side to teach as well."
Poppy is floored."ME? Teach a class?"
Cindy scoffs.'You act like you've never done it before! You've taught a photography class at the school one time for the high school kids! Remember Ryan's brother Ricky thought he was a world class photographer when you finished!" Cindy reminds her.
"Yeah- but those were high school kids!" Poppy responds.

Cindy nods her head.'Yes and you got alot of private photography sittings out of that didn't you?" Poppy nods yes. "Well, I would be teaching the art, as well as the scrapbook courses. I have my own line of cardstock coming out, designed specifically for the shop."
Poppy is honestly astonished. Cindy had not mentioned all of her plans in the works.
"You're kidding! When were you going to tell me about it?Your very own cardstock line??"

Cindy smiles." Yeah Poppers, I'm tired for working for peanuts. Design, design and more design on a dime. I'm tired of people with champagne taste and a beer and peanuts budget. If I'm going to do this, I have to have something to bring in the regular funds to sustain the studio when business gets slow. That's where you come in. Resident photographer- we could offer photography services, as well as getting our names out there. What do you say?"

Poppy hesitates only for a minute. 'When you put it like that- YES!'
Cindy remains calm. "You won't regret it! We'll go over everything. The studio is in the works right now."
"The studio is being built?You've already into this deal? What about money,
 contracts, and---" Poppy is cut off by Cindy.
"We'll go over that in a bit. I want you to see the studio soon and tell me what you think- then make your decision. This is something you will need to talk over in depth with Ryan, Poppy. If he doesn't want you to, then I won't hold it against you- this is just business."
Poppy looks at her friend with respect , and says with feeling-"Thank you so much Cindy, I would love to see the studio you have picked out."
While Poppy & Cindy finish their meal and get ready to leave, other diners are gathering their orders from Tina & Hannah, who have been working non stop during the lunch rush.
Tina adds up Lisa's order.'There ya go Miss Lisa- 5.95 for the deluxe meal"
"Thank you Tina" says Lisa

Lisa compliments Tina on her work. 'Is this your first job? You do it like a pro!"
Tina Blushes-"Yes, but Mr. Ryan really has trained me well!"

Meanwhile, Hannah laughs and jokes with Charlotte, the new preschool teacher. 
"How is your new class at the new school? I heard it was larger than it was supposed to be." Hannah asks
Charlotte shakes her head.'They hired me an assistant, but Michelle Graham and I have our hands full! She and Evie are doing the middle and high school students. The school is still fairly small, you know." Charlotte avoids speaking of the strange occurances at the school.

                     "well enjoy your lunch Charlotte! And than you!" Hannah says
Poppy and Cindy can hardly contain themselves, giggling and laughing. 

"You know Poppers, this is the start of something BIG!" cINDY says
"You bet it is!" says Poppy
They are so engrossed in their conversation they do not notice Ryan walk up.
"What's up you two- have a nice lunch?"

They look at him in astonishment, so much so poor Ryan feels like he has said something
"What'd I do??" he asks

Poppy gasps, and stutters, realizing she has made a decision without talking to her parents or Ryan! Cindy starts to speak quickly
"I was just telling Poppers here about me starting my own business- I'm going to be opening a shop/art studio!" she said, watching Ryan's reaction

"Hey Cindy- that is awesome!" Ryan exclaims
"YOu think so?" Cindy asks, noticing Poppy is quiet
"Yeah, this town needs more small business. I've been meaning to re-think my business plan, here for the diner. It is alot different than what my dad thought up, that's for sure." Ryan muses. He notices Poppy & Cindy looking at him strangely.
"ok, what gives you two...somethings up!"

Cindy starts, but Poppy interrupts. 'Well Ryan, Cindy has asked me to consider being her partner. I've told her I would think about it" is all Poppy says.
Ryan looks at them both in shock for a minute.
Poppy explains..."Well Ryan, you know I have always meant to go out and expand my photography gig anyways...Cindy is an artist as well as an entreprenuer, and I am going to think long and hard about it. " she looks at RYan and then continues-"But you've never told me you were re-thinking the diner? Are you thinking of closing it?" now it is Poppy's turn to be shocked.
"Closing? Not on your life. But-" he says slowly,'My dad and mom just wanted to open a little diner, and it has turned into a fast food joint. I went to school to be come a chef, not a short order cook on the grill. I have always wanted to open my own fine dining restuarant. That's why I said change is always good, especially for small business."

Seeing their reaction, he continues.'Poppers, you and I spoke about this. If you want to do this, go ahead- I will be with you all the way. You think about it long and hard. Both of these decisions you and I make will take alot of work and alot of dough. We also have to think about our future. I can't send Ricky to college and Hannah has given up going to college and her career and dreams so we could make ends meet. I don't want to do that anymore. If we get married, there will be more than just you and me as well as household expenses too. "
It was a long speech for Ryan, but to his relief, it looks like it was well received.
Poppy turns to Cindy, who is almost suspecting after hearing Ryan's speech, that Poppy will back out. 
"Cindy, call me this afternoon or tomorrow and let me know when I can go with you to inspect the work on the shop. "Cindy smiles with glee.

"I want so much to do this, but I need to think over some things first. "
Ryan smiles, glad he has encouraged Poppy to follow her dreams
Cindy gushes- 'I'll call you tomorrow. The painters and all should be finished by then!"

Ryan chuckles.'You two are something else!' he says
Cindy interrupts.'Oh no you don't Mr. Maturity. "
Ryan looks puzzled" why are you calling me that?"
"Standing there encouraging Poppy while dropping the bomb on her about your dreams for this place! "Cindy exclaims. "Now if you're going to encourage her- you better get started on that business plan to re-vamp this greasey spoon into a fine dining bistro!"
Poppy looks at Ryan and smiles. 'Ryan, I will work in both businesses to make them grow if that is what you want to do. We're in this together!"
The three of them shake on it.

Stay tuned for Part ll, coming soon!

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