Sunday, August 18, 2013

Getting ready for school...

Today is a really rainy, wet soaked day. I have been working on so many different projects, re-arranging LaBelle's, working on tiling the hot tub, scrapbook accessories for the Poppy dolls..I have severely neglected the doll room. Barbietown's boutique window is vacant so I am thinking of doing a Halloween window in readiness for fall/September & October. Or maybe a Back to School window. 

Two of the shelves in the doll room that were supposed to be the classrooms of the towns school were re-arranged. Before I started, seats were empty, teachers were on summer vacation, and the rooms were full of other props and dolls, piled high- these shelves had become a drop point for things I purchased and didn't know where to store. I worked for a couple of hours on these shelves to straighten and organize. Dolly Daily board is already having a themed photo week of Back to School. 

Here are some photos-

When I looked closer for the small children dolls, I finally found Julien with his mom and dad in McDonald's. I have more clone Kelly and Kelly dolls and these little orange Re-ment desks are fragile, Kelly dolls can sit in them- carefully because they are somewhat fragile. I had been collecting alot of student desks like the front two the two Chelsea dolls are sitting in. I got the small desk with the teacher Barbie and the jointed knee Chelsea as well as the blackboard in the Teacher Barbie I can be box set on sale for $6 at Walmart a few months ago. That same set is back up to $22 now! (shakes head) I like the older teacher barbie sets because of the desks for both the students and the teacher. 

This organizing allows me to make a list of items I need to round out my school diorama needs. I purchased the chalkboard from hobby lobby or Michael's and hung it on the wall with t-pins which works. The high school classroom may also double as a diorama shelf for switching out the classroom props for the one room schoolroom I wanted to do for my Victorian/Little House dolls. I have alot of the props I have scoured ebay for which hasn't been easy. I had purchased the slate/chalkboard a long time ago and wish I had purchased some chalk and another one for the elementary school dolls.

My original intention had been to make a school building with hallway with lockers, two or three classrooms, a cafeteria, as well as a playground. (I have some props for a preschool playground.) I was really inspired by Rieckie's Flicker set with her preschool room and playground, as well as Saucy Suwi's The Building of the Priors a doll room I have linked directly back to the school themed photos on both of these links so you don't have to search. When I first began to get into collecting, these two ladies dioramas were the first that entrhalled me with what you could do in 1:6 scale. As soon as I saw these dioramas I was hooked. 
I hope to have more photos and some progress pretty soon on a small photostory. I left off back in February or March as to Poppy and Ryan - Ryan had just asked Poppy to get married. I still haven't finished that storyline to my satisfaction yet. So hopefully I can get that underway soon.


Vanessa said...

Love all of your little classrooms. I always wondered about those little Rement desks. I was never able to get my hands on one. So funny, I have had my kids sitting in a classroom for close to a year now. I still haven't done a story, yet. LOL. I look forward to seeing it when you add your other accessories.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: nice school. I adore the desks and all the furniture. It's a very real school. Great job, as always. Keep in touch

Lisa Neault said...

thank you both.
I originally purchased the Re-ment desks sets on ebay 2 or three years ago, for my 1:12 scale classroom that I had with my tiny bjd's. The tiny bjds fit perfectly in them, and the small Kellies and Tye clone dolls fit as well. But the chelseas are too tall. These shelves have been untidy for months ever since I started the schoolroom project.