Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse!

Merry Christmas from the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse!
I hope everyone has as a wonderful & blessed Christmas morning as my dolls in the window picture.
May your Christmas tree be bright, presents stacked high, and have your self a Merry "Little" Christmas now!
~Lisa ~

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse!

From all of us here at the One Sixth Scale dollhouse- Have a Very Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving 2010

Sincerely, ~Lisa

Monday, November 15, 2010

See the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse in our Shop Window!

As many of you know, I own a shop, called King William Miniatures & Collectibles. Most of the lovely large scale Bespaq you see, I sell from my shop. This year, for the shop window, and an annual event called Holly Jolly Christmas which all of the Lakeside Avenue businesses participate in- we decided our theme would be- "Opening the Presents on Christmas Morning". Two porcelain dolls, 24 inches high, have just woke up and are looking at all of the wonderful presents under the tree, with their dog, and exclaiming over their HUGE dollhouse- which is the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse. Here are some of the pics for your enjoyment!
Full window, with our sign

Our neighbor, Feathernester's did the North Pole
for their window

Closeup of the little girl exclaiming over the dollhouse!

I hope you enjoyed the pics!~Lisa

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Mickey Mouse Re-ment has arrived!

Well, I acquired some more Disney Re-ment. The tiny cups with Donald Duck, Mickey & Minnie Mouse aren't the only little pieces
of Disney Re-ment that arrived the other day. I love the Mickey cup, it looks so adorable with Minuette holding it. I haven't yet taken pics of
the other - it is a set of graduated cake or cupcake plates on stands. The cups were part of Rement broken up, I thought they would be cute on the bakery rack.
I hope to have some more pics of the sweet shop soon- I snapped these yesterday since I finally found some time to play with the tinies. Minuette has acquired help - two Madame Alexander McDonald dolls dressed as Minnie Mouse with the little ear hats! I found them at the recent doll show a couple of weeks ago here in Richmond.
All for now- Lisa

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Tinies set up the Sweet shop...

Well, the tinies after attaining their lease where they have to pay in Candy! decided to rummage through the Re-ment and set up shop today. Minuette is the head honcho since her 'cousin' from Florida (hmm, wonder who that could be?) is backing her. She is carrying their brand in the shop, and is currently planning everyone's uniforms, which must be pink or red.
I had some wonderful mad hatter's tea items I had bought for the Alice diorama I am still collecting for, which looked great on the bakery shelf. I have some more Disney rement items coming as well. The Cheshire cat is from one of those quarter machines you put money in at BJ's...I have had him for a while. Now I need to go through my Fun Meals and Mini Sweets sets and put some doughnutsin the case, and dust...the tinies hate to clean.
I will be doing some more work on this little structure, I never finished the base part, it needs alot of touchup work. I plan to keep the wallpaper I have for it because it looks so soft and like candy. Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The tiny BJD's buy real estate...

So my tiny bjd's have decided a neglected project of mine, a 1:12 scale Houseworks shop, would make a great 'candy' store, seeing as we are collecting all of this adorable Re-ment. I told them to write their business plan, and present it to the realtor, who would meet them there at the property. But first they decided to inspect it without the realtor there.

They all inspected the shop- it even has an old mailbox!

Dixie looked into the dusty dirty windows....

"What do you think Minuette??"

And then they pondered whether the location would bring in the most customers. They also did not like the color,but decided to save money and go with it, and do a combination pastry & candy shop....
Then the realtor appeared, much to their suprise.....

The for sale signs had been placed in the windows, so now they were just waiting for their realtor to arrive.

They were a little surprised that it was the Mad Hatter, with a
briefcase, & the key. They were not exactly pleased, but the hatter explained that he was a new apprentice,
and helping out the realtor for Mini Properties Inc. Evidently since the economy is bad, this little shop is top of the list to be sold. The tinies were pleased, they might be getting a bargain!

The hatter sat down and explained the terms of the lease if they wishedto rent. The tinies wanted to 'rent to own' ...I think they have been watching too many commercials on tv...but the  hatter was agreeable to that. He quite logically, asked how they would pay...and was surprised to be told in candy, of course. He did ask for a co-signer, which Minuette was ready for, her 'cousin' Mickey, who is wintering in Florida, would send the necessary backup candy capitol to their firm. So the Hatter gave Minuette the key, since she would be the primary partner/owner.

Minuette & Dixie & Maizey received the key, and then waved good-bye to Tarrant, the Mad Hatter Realtor.

Good-bye! & THANK YOU!

I can hardly believe now all we have to do is open! said Minuette
Maizey is still reeling from their huge business deal. "and cleaning the shop and repairing it! Look at all the dust!"
"We'll do it together! This will be the best candy pastry shop in the tiny town.!" said Dixie.
"You bet it will be! Let's go inside and plan what we need to do!" said Minuette excitedly.

Stay tuned for more tiny bjd candy shop stories!

~Lisa Behind the camera

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Dolls have arrived...

....and I unfortunately have had no time to blog! This past week in October has been extremely busy, with limited time to enjoy my long awaited arrivals. When the first doll in the Holiday hostess series- Thanksgiving Feast Barbie arrived, I knew she would look great with Mad Men Pete Draper. Here are some scenes I set up using my vintage Sindy kitchen I could not find where I had stored the oven unit. My repro Becky makes a great teenager.
I used a checkerboard placemat I had picked up on sale at Pier 1 imports and used some foamboard around the kitchen scene-
table and chairs are Rement. I am tempted tomake up a Thanksgivng card this year using her- she is so very adorable, and reminds me of how my mother dressed in the late 60's for holidays. Things were more different then.
On another note, Felicitys' Tea table and chairs and her tea gown arricved! I was so glad these did- as it will look wonderful in our dining room at the holidays. I have been watching and collecting up items before her archival, so haven't been making too many purchases as far as my 1:6 scale dollhouse goes because of priorites in my dolly world. lol! Here are some of the pics..

Felicity is somewhat special to me since Williamsburg is my all time favorite place to go ever since I was a kid. I live in King William County which has great historical signifigance, and Felicity would have known of it- we have the oldest still in working condition courthouse in the USA- it was built almost 300 years ago. I live about 40 minutes away from Williamsburg, so it is easy to get there. I hope to take more pics of Felicity andmy other historical, Rebecca soon, and post them here. Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser...Mattel's Mad Hatter has arrived!

Well, some new dolls have arrived this week with the Barbie dream sale once a year at  with my $20 rewards coupon, and an additional 25% off I was able to get the Silkstone Mad Men Don Draper, and the Mad Hatter which I had been wanting for a long time for my Alice in Wonderland diorama I am collecting for. I finally got some time to take pics of my new doll today and the detail on his outfit is very awesome, way to go Mattel. I also love the fact that he is articulated like the W club dolls. Here are a few pics of him along with one of the Moxie girls dolls dressed like Alice, her large head fits that
Alice look or feel that Lewis Carroll tried to get across in the book. My felix Brownie BJD tiny, Dixie, will be dressed as Alice in one of the scenes I am planning when I need a very tiny Alice. The papers behind the Hatter are from Memories Galore scrapbook store, I thought it cool that there would be an Alice in Wonderland halloween paper.
I loved this closeup picture with him holdng
the teapot, it looks so real.The one with the scattered tea things on the web covered tea table is a Bespaq tea table I customized by painting it black and covering it with spider webs.

Those are the pics of the hatter, and boy did I have fun today taking them! I love this doll, he is so wacky and he looks so like Johnny Depp. I would love to do ascene where he is chained to the table and making hats. They really should have done the Red Queen and White Queen like Tonner did.
I had some other wanted dolls arrive as well, like the Don Draper from the Mad Men series. I wasn't too satisfied with the pictures I took, so those will be for another post! But we did have a long awaited younglady arrive, after three long weeks of waiting...A Pleasant Company Felicity Merriman- a win on Ebay!

As you can see, Rebecca, another historical, and Felicity's tea set,and her tea treats, arrived before she did! Though this is the one sixth scale dollhouse, I may soon have a 1:3 scale dollhouse. Gracie, my resident MSD bjd, tolerates the vinyl 'chunky girls' as she refers to them. Rebecca was too good of a deal on QVC to pass up, she came with her accessories, her lunch bag, and her school outfit! I am still trying to gather up enough funds to spare to bring home Elizabeth and some of the clothing items for Felicity as well. These historicals are special to me simply because the story takes place in Williamsburg, which is about forty minutes away from us here in King William County. Our courthouse is one of the oldest courthouses still in use in the nation, it was built in the late 1600's or 1700, thereabouts. Also, Felicity and Rebecca look awesome with the Bespaq in the shop!