Thursday, August 8, 2013

Buenos Aires Victoire Roux...

My Lottery doll Buenos Aires Victoire Roux has arrived. This is actually my first Victoire, I have tried winning her on other lotteries and always lost out. I love the Dior fashions from the early 50's these dolls wear. She also has a unique look to her, very much like the models from that era. I adore this outfit, and the only thing I find wrong with this doll is she had no purse, but did have the gloves, umbrella, and earrings. A small clutch bag would have been nice as well.
So when she came out of her box photos were in order. I also took photos of her in LaBelle's, my favorite diorama.....

I love the packaging of her box, she is so chic. I took photos of her in LaBelle's with Walking Suit Silkstone and I can't help but notice the resemblance...Joyful in Japan looks similar to these two dolls as well- it may be because of their faceups and skin tones, but I see a family forming here. Walking suit could be Aunt so and so, Victoire could be Joyful in Japan's mother- just need a dad in there somewhere that looks equally haughty like the rest of the family, lol. 

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