Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1st Floor kitchen started!!!

I have just started the first floor room stripping....I have kept putting it off because I have to be on my knees to pull the carpet and floor moldings out. Yeah- I got it done today!

Also yesterday= Cruising Control Vanessa arrived in the mail! Now Luchia has a cool friend to go skateboarding with. (My Luchia is a very relaxed doll, and truth to tell wishes Jason would design some sneakers for her. For now, she will make due with Barbie's matching Tee and sneaks. lol.

I finally hung my Unicahome.com chandelier I bought, and may order another for the bedroom and maybe a black one for the kitchen. I want to do the kitchen modern, with a faux tiled floor, the whole works, that will probably take loads of work.

For now, enjoy the pics!