Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm on a roll now...

I'm on a roll with creating sock sweaters and have only made two- a dress and now a sweater from another onesie in my drawer, one of my favorite pair of golf socks I used to wear. Very lightknit , ribbed and comfortable when I used to play a round a golf or two. I now know I am almost to the point of hoarding when I have drawer with more than one sock missing its mate!

So here is another Barbie Jeans basic, Audrey, modeling it for me. I had her play a minor part in a storyline a while back...but still deciding how to use her in Barbietown.

I added tube sleeves to this one too and did not make it quite that tight. The little lady swinging the golf club I put in the middle since she was fairly large, but it would look ok in the middle of the sweater.  When I was in my 20's I had a similar sweater like this I absolutely loved , made out of a ribbed cotton and it was fun to wear, and not a tight sweater either. That was the type of drape I wanted about her waist and hips and still looking a little sexy at the same time. 
All this sock sewing has caused me to unearth some great socks that were my dad's to make sweaters for some of the guys as well. I even found a pair of st. patrick's day socks I had evidently purchased at a dollar store that I never used- they are really cute and I think I can get a nice striped sweater out of them as well as two elf costumes for Christmas. I would like to do some thing different as far as the helpers for Santa so figured no time like the present to do this. 
I sew the sock sweaters just before I go to bed and it really is relaxing that I took the initiative today and went through my fabrics to look for items to create a doll quilt. 
I grew up in a family that quilted alot- that was one of the skills I was taught at my great grandmother's knee- she could sew quilts out of anything -= including drapes. A more heavier and warmer quilt we never had than the one made of drapes. Her quilts were never lined with batting- family members brought her old sheets that she used to line them with and her sewing machine was from the 1880's- you pushed the pedal underneath. One of my items on my 'to-do' 1:6 scale list is to make some doll quilts for the INgalls family but for my modern day members as well. I also want to do a real crazy quilt out of scraps of velvet, satin, etc. with the embroidery on it- those were time consuming and just for show, but a true Victorian must. For my first quilt I am doing a simple block quilt with two different fabrics, no fancy log cabins or pinwheels just yet. For practice sake I used the two I had on hand and have one more strip of blocks to sew before I begin sewing them together. I have been on a roll today as far as projects as well as preparing for Halloween /Fall windows in LaBelle's and Barbietown. So tired of Halloween rolling around and no preparations made!
More pictures later- ENjoy!~Lisa

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love this Barbie. I like the outfit she's wearing. Great creation. Keep in touch