Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Morning shopping at LaBelle's...

So it is Saturday...or what is left of it! I had taken some photos yesterday, of my Lottery W Club Buenos Aires Victoire Roux, and she's gorgeous. Posted them...and then I redressed the doll I won in July from the W Club contest on the W Club forum- Aerodynamic Vanessa. She's truly goth - dark eye makeup, long red hair in a severe ponytail, and those black lips. I normally hate gothic makeup/looks...(forgive me it comes from having a teenage daughter who did not/or would not- understand you mustn't scare people when going out to dinner...)lol... but that is the great thing about fashion dolls. What looks bizarre in public, on the runway or in the mainstream does not on a doll or miniature mannequin! So I can live vicariously on a fashion style I normally would say- yuck to, lol.

I also redressed Joyful in Japan and did some photos of her beside Victoire and she is very similar- it looks like a mother daughter type of thing going on. I just need to take some photos of the two of them with Walking Suit Silkstone. Today we had a severe thunderstorm watch so when I took photos I opened the door to let some light in and used the flash on some of these, which sharpened the picture up a bit. I need to get a tripod but right now this works. I did alot of redressing for me- the dress that Joyful in Japan (she will be known as Antoinette from now on) is by a lady who used to make these doll dresses in our club, I loved the color on this one. To the Fair Poppy is getting her hair gel washed out and I am picking out an outfit for her..

I am severely hurting today because of the sale at Barbie Collector and I am waiting on funds to come in- I very much want Roman Holiday- she will get a new body when she gets here when I get to order her. I also want the club doll, plus want want want the barbie basics look dollls. I am going to pay for my Young Sophisticate Poppy first before giving in to the Mattel hysteria sale.
So here are some photos of LaBelle's and the dolls are shopping on Saturday morning.

Aeroydynamic Vanessa is fast becoming a favorite doll, just like my Agnes in Concerto M, shown here wearing a sheath made by the same lady who made the one Joyful in Japan poppy is wearing. Maybe they are my favorites because I won the dolls on the W club in their contests on the forum. I never expect to win, and it feels so good to win an unexpected surprise, which for me doesn't happen very often. She is wearing her black tank top, High Tide Vanessa's shoes and a skirt I made from a cotton fabric, and Out Sass' Vanessa's hat, with a fashionista purse. I look at her and everytime I see her I want to dress her as the Red  Queen from Alice in Wonderland with a big black bow around the ponytail and an unusual looking crown. 
I have not sewed anymore sweater socks, have been working on a block quilt for the dolls and it is coming along ok. Need to sew some more rows of blocks and I then would need to add some border and back material to it too. It has been so long since I quilted as a child at my great grandmother's knee, I am slowly remembering how she did her daisy stitches and cut the remnants for her quilts. If you learn young, it never leaves you. She used to make her patterns out of cardboard or cereal boxes, anything she had at hand that could stand up to constant use. 
Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend!~Lisa


Vanessa said...

I've been meaning to tell you how wonderful La Belle is. All of your high society women seem to be having a wonderful time. Good luck with the quilt.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Vanessa! My snobby dolls- lol- the W Club ones have to shop in an over the top boutique.

I love creating shops, and wish I had the space to do a hat shop next door to LaBelle's- as well as a craft shop or a scrapbook store! I have a 1:12 scale scrapbook store but have wanted to do one in 1:6 for a while now, as well as a fabric shop. so many dioramas, so little time...