Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tuesday Morning finds....

I am a complete sucker for Tuesday Morning, or Big Lots, or Ross stores simply because their prices on dolls and playsets and diorama goodies are too good to resist! Even when I know I have three, four, dolls incoming, and convention on the horizon, here I go, panting into Tuesday morning as if I'm 12 years old ago with my allowance burning a hole in my pocket. (Back then it was to the miniature shop or the toy store at the mall that sold dollhouse Concord miniature furniture. I used to think that saving up my allowance $3 a week- was torture to acquire a table and chairs or a tiny teapot. lol)

Yesterday as usual I had  aton of places to run and had lunch with hubby. I casually asked if he would like to go to Tuesday Morning nearby and he said yes. I foolishly thought- hubby is coming so I definitely will not find any sort of DOLL...WRONG!

Tuesday Morning has lately been selling Jun Planning or J-Dolls, the small Pullips and I had seen pictures of the J-Dolls on Saucy Suwi's blog (if link doesn't work click on my links to the left) and this little lady really floored me. The back of the box is written in Japanese or Chinese, and what caught my attention was her Victorian outfit. With her pale skin tone though she is a dead ringer friend for Sooki in my haunted doll family. She looks like a little ghostly waif. Her body is similar to a Momoko body in that her arms do not fully move like a FR or Barbie pivatol body, more of an Obitsu type. Her feet are flat and shoes did not stay on, theyare quite loose. Her name on the box is Mariya Loiza (I am guessing either Marie Louisa or Maria Louise??) and the dress is wonderfully, Victorian, detailed. There is even a lace and ribbon accessory pieces but she looks better without them on. At Tuesday Morning you will find a variety of these dolls with accessories for $19.99 !!!! I have seen other collectors use these dolls as young pre teens with the Momokos and Ruroko dolls as sisters or friends. There was another one I would have purchased but her Victorian outfit just took me by surprise- she is lovely. 

Morticia, Gomaz, the Countess and Dracula took to her immediately. She is a little shorter than my Momoko - I would say she is only ten inches high, but her head is slightly larger.

The outfit is a black puffed underskirt that has tulle to plump it out a bit. The overdress is of black gingham, trimmed with red bows and lace on the hem, underskirt, sleeves and collar, it is almost like a wrap dress. There is a large gingham bow or bustle in the back with panels of lace cascading down with red ribbon, it is very lovely if you can get it to pouf out like her skirts should. Her hair is long and wavey and gives a very etheral look. Reminds me a little of how I thought of Jane Eyre looking after coming out of the orphanage. She looks perfect in my haunted room diorama. 
Now what are you waiting for? You know you want one! Go shopping!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Large & small cakes in my Etsy shop!

I have been working hard on items for the Etsy shop and mass producing these 1:6 scale miniature large and small cakes. I will also be selling these at the Fashion Royalty convention this year in Florida in October at the Sales event, so stop by! I will have a large variety of colors and items to choose from. 
My items in my Etsy shop Pumpkin Hill Studios include free shipping in the United States, no matter how many items you purchase. International shipping is not included. 

Large cakes ($14.99) measure about 1 1/2 inch across with 2 cake slices and 1 paper doily, small cakes ($9.99) measure 1 5/8 inch across with 1 cake slice and 1 paper doily included.

Newest colors are red, lavender, and yellow!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Catching up....

I've been really busy lately, but mostly pre-occupied with various things- work, as well as getting ready for the Fashion Royalty convention in late October. I will have a sales table in their sales table room on Halloween night and so I have been working like mad on cakes, breads, and other goodies!
I recently found time to make a dress for my Girl from Integrity Poppy Parker, she is so cute with that short hairstyle.

I used a pattern from Burda and altered it a bit on the ruffle. The fabric is a quilt sample from AC Moore, wanted to try something with stripes. Her slice of cake is one of the many cakes I have made for show prep.

Add to that, the Kumik body came for my Tony Stark Hot Toys head...
 Not pleased with the color variant on his body, but it will do until the Repairman dress set arrives. I adore, simply adore, Ironman movies and have all three....Hot Toys is a serious serious temptation with their spot on lifelike characters. I have not yet acquired the Avengers movie, hoping to get that on dvd as well. I would love to have Bruce Banner and Black Widow and Thor. 

I have been working on and off on my halloween diorama for the vamps and the Addams family, it still needs some tweaking but has come along great. 

I have currently ordered some more vintage Barbie patterns as I want to create some clothing for the dolls for halloween and need some basic patterns- from my research these patterns seem to work well for other dolls like Fashion Royalty too. 
New dolls are incoming too- I just purchased portrait white dress Scarlett with their 25% off celebrity/movie dolls plus my reward, so got her for practically half off not counting shipping- she's been shipped. I also won the Victoire swimsuit doll lottery so she will be arriving soon too. Hoping to get some wonderful pics of these dolls soon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Halloween goodies in my Etsy shop!

I have finished a  few items that I finally managed to upload to my Etsy shop Pumpkin Hill Studios . I have also almost finished the haunted room diorama to showcase all of these wonderful items. Check back to my Etsy store frequently as these items are selling faster than I can upload /make them- and many times I do not make more than one or two, depending on supply. All of my Etsy shop items come with free shipping in the USA.

1:6 scale book, carved jack o' lantern, crystal ball with decorated base, burned out candle with drippings, leather book with aged blank pages, paper book and aged stack of papers tied with black ribbon.

1:6 scale miniature pumpkin carving prep board set. Has hollowed out pumpkin with 'seeds' inside, lid with stalk, pumpkin pulp and seeds are glued to the wooden board, and 1 spoon with pumpkin pulp on it.

1:6 scale Pumpkin Chocolate cake with two slices cut out. Includes round and square golden doilies. Cake is cut and each slice has a chocolate swirl stick on top. Cake is decorated with chocolate pumpkins and swirl sticks. 

More miniature haunted books and other foods will be coming soon as they are finished! Morticia is having fun getting ready for Halloween!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Addams family giftset...

Haven't posted much as I have been working on several things - such as my Halloween/fall foods and a special diorama to showcase them in. I was really influenced by the diorama that Mattel built for the Haunted Beauty Ghost doll. I always regret missing out on that doll, she is so lovely- I love my Haunted beauty vampire . Can hardly wait for Mistress of the Manor!

I have had the Addams family giftset for some time, but never found the time to debox this set. The diorama set is almost done, it has a few more finishing touches. Once I start, I can't stop adding to it on the wall detail. I decided that these two dolls would be perfect to see if I had the proper mood I wanted on the diorama, and I was right. 

Here are some photos-

Right now it is rough, I still need to do some work on the framing of the windows, and adding ragged curtains and some pictures on the walls. Morticia and Gomez are classic and add to the gothic Victorian mood I was going for in the decor.  I customized this Bespaq Victorian tea table a long time ago by aging it and adding the spider webs. The red velvet Blood cake has already been sold in my Etsy shop. I will be adding some more halloween themed foods and prep boards to the shop either tomorrow or this week, after I get those pictures ready. 

*Note- please remember I am no longer selling on Ebay- I have only one miniature food item on auction right now. I have moved most of my selling over to Etsy now and private commission. 

Hope you enjoy the photos, and thank you!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

National Doll Day!

I found out last night while surfing Facebook that August 3rd is National Doll Day! (It is also National Sister's day, go figure)..
Currently taking a break from yard sales, and in general, life , and have been catching up with my family. Here are a few pics from the archives to celebrate National Doll Day!