Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sewing, sewing....

I did two sewing projects last night and need to continue on more. I finally buckled down and did Mrs. Claus' skirt. I cheated on her outfit. Nancy's doll things on Ebay made the little Christmas vest, and the white ruffled blouse was from a Silkstone clothing pack. I got her little glasses at the GLOSS convention. I made her skirt from red fabric in those fabric squares for .97 cents. (You would not believe how hard it is to find approriate scaled Christmas fabric.)
I also buckled down and sewed my Realpuki SoSo (Wren) some Christmas pajamas out of a Christmas sock from Michael's. I still need to add some buttons or pom poms to the front for her. I was surprised that they came out so well, it has been a long time since I sewed something this small. 

For those unaware in the fashion doll world, Wren is a Realpuki ball jointed doll. Their feet have magnets in them as do their hands and she stands on a small metal doll stand without support because of those magnets- I took the wire part out of the back of it. (sorry about the very visible price tag.) Her hair is a wig made of mohair. 

I need to make some pajamas or sweaters for Maizie and Dixie, my Felix Brownies as well. 

Mrs. Claus was busy yesterday with her photo ops with Santa and overseeing the elves working on the assembly line.

Well the elves are pensive and under alot of pressure! That's alot of dollhouses to get ready before Christmas! 
Still waiting on the door component which should arrive today or Monday.
Lastly, here is a display in my dining room created with the rest of the mini trees and one string of lights. The deer are from my mother's vintage Christmas collection.

In my next post I will explain a little more about the storyline of Wren and Finch Express and her role in Santa's workshop. She normally takes care of all the mail for the dolls with Marigold (a tiny sparrow who delivers the mail with the help of Wren) and now has volunteered to help Santa with all of his letters this year. More pics coming up soon!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday shopping in Barbietown...

I am not a devotee of Black Friday shopping, or any type of shopping on a holiday. I do like to travel and see the sights, but I abhor crowds so usuallly I stay put and just shop online- the deals are better, lol. That however doesn't mean my dolls do with such boutiques as LaBelle's nearby. 

Enjoy! I will be working on other diorama projects so more photos will be forthcoming.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! And...a New video!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I have been working on the photos for this video of Christmas shopping in Barbietown , part 1 for a few days now. The video of the shoppers shopping early for Christmas is up and I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Baking for Thanksgiving....

It's the day before Thanksgiving...yummy smells are coming from the kitchen, while Poppy herself is baking. (I'm baking sweet potato pie, but Poppy has a hankering for blueberry pie. )

I hope you have an enjoyable pre baking day just like me! ~Lisa

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sneak Peeks of Santa's workshop....

Here are some sneak peaks of my new diorama in progress. I just received an order from Nancy's doll things on Ebay, who did all of the holiday jumper dresses and overalls for Santa's helpers. Her prices are very reasonable and make the dioramas more themed oriented with the holiday fabrics she used for these pieces. I was so happy with the first two items I ordered I decided to go all out. Here is a photo below. Sooki, my Poppys, and momoko dolls are all ready to help!

They are so adorable! I'm thinking of keeping this workshop up all year round. I have been really pleased how the workshop progress is coming along. For over a year since I built it, this roomscene has sat and collecting dust. I originally built it for a Mickey Mouse diner, with ice cream but it will look so much better as a workshop for Santa. 

There are three patterns, snowmen for the overalls and jumpers, gingerbread men, and little black dresses with wreaths and stockings- their blouses are red. All of the overalls and jumpers simply pull on and the shirts are elastic and fasten with velcro.

ABove, Cookie and Mary Lou are working on the dollhouse assembly line! 

I plan to add many details but wanted to give everyone a sneak peek. The corkboard is going to have lists, and signs. Toys and christmas presents will be everywhere. All the dolls will get their turn on the assembly line, since this is where all the toys are wrapped, and packed and loaded onto the sleigh loading dock. 
I hope you enjoy this little preview of what is to come!~Lisa

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Manor- a fashion doll video!

I have tweaked and finally come up with a great video for the Thanksgiving at the Manor with Agnes and her family. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and more videos & dioramas are coming soon!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Victorian Thanksgiving- photostory

Since I posted the video yesterday, I will post the photostory I did using those photos. I will get to the modern video on those Thanksgiving photos soon. Click on the photos to enlarge them if you have trouble reading the subtitles in the photos. 

I am still working on the photos of upcoming dioramas, and have some items on order for my surprise Christmas diorama. That is really coming along while I wait for a door component. 
Hopefully I will have the modern Thanksgiving diorama tweaked and ready to go up soon, have a Happy Sunday!