Monday, November 30, 2015

What's on my workspace...

Just a couple of quick pics of what's on my workboard. I have begun, finally with Thanksgiving and all of its drama out of the way, I can get back to my creative process once again. It has taken me literally weeks, and I say weeks, to find the time to sit down for the space of two or three hours and do this much work with the clay for my massive project- Santa's candy workshop. I created some rought gingerbread men, some rough candy canes, stick peppermint canes for the jars, and peppermint drops for the jars today. I also started work on the first of the gingerbread houses I wanted to make for this diorama project. 

Alot goes into working in caning in 1:6 scale and getting it correct and creating cookies and cakes, in this scale as it's larger. You cannot fudge as you can when you go smaller. The detailing has to be perfect, the edges have to be cut correctly, perfectly, so sanding sometimes has to be done, finishing on these tiny pieces has to take place before the 'real' decorating takes place. I do a combination of handpainting in 3-D and tiny formation of the face and gumdrop buttons on the gingerbread men in this scale. I actually love doing the Christmas cakes and cookies the most, because of the color.

Hopefully I will have more in the coming weeks as this diorama progresses. 
Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!~Lisa

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A new gown for Agnes...

My new lottery dolls arrived, but I am going to save their de-boxing for another post. Along with them arrived a gown I ordered from Monaedolly on ebay, whose dresses are simply stunning. They make gowns for not only Silkstone & Fashion Royalty, but Tonner sized dolls and all the way up to Iplehouse/SD sized bjd's as well too, as well as Blythe, Momoko and Lati sized dollies too. I have been looking for reasonably priced momoko and Blythe clothing that was artisan and this seller does great work. My great friend Sandra orders two and three dresses at a time from this seller and we were in awe looking at her gowns. Check out my last dolly Fun Four get together. 

So I bought this stunning creation from them. Shipping runs about $8 with an additional $4 for each gown you purchase. I was really pleased with the gown . 



gown- Monaedolly ON Ebay

shoes- High Envy Erin by Integrity Toys
earrings- Victoire- which one escapes me at this moment. 
Table- OOAK Bespaq
poodles- dollhouse miniatures from local dollhouse store
carpet- dollhouse carpet
Christmas tree- dollar general
Eiffel tower statue- Michael's store
package- dollhouse miniature

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish to thank everyone who follows my blog and all of the readers who stumble across this site a Happy Thanksgiving! As well as my International friends who are across the pond!

These pictures are from last year but are some of the best I have ever done on Thanksgiving. There is also a video I did on YouTube:

I hope you enjoy the pictures and video! Enjoy the holiday! From my dolls, and family to you!~Lisa

Monday, November 23, 2015

New Gowns for my girls....

Christmas is coming and I decided a few weeks ago I needed new gowns for my girls. I had been watching several sellers on Ebay but one had caught my eye because of their prices and the work on the dresses were just lovely. This seller was known as Doll Studio by Eaki .

I ordered five dresses, one long and four short sequined strapless gowns. Two or three of them in the same color were meant for Christmas gifts for doll friends. They averaged 16.99- to 21.99 and if you purchased five gowns you got free shipping. I had received a $5 coupon from Ebay (for being such a great spender) so my total came to less than the $84.99 plus free shipping from Thailand. Ordinarily, it is $8 per dress plus $4 per additional item, if ordering less than five. 

The red dress I ordered three of, but he included a green dress for FREE! What an incrediblely generous seller. The gowns are all lined. I have shown the sequined dresses on my Poppy Parkers. They will probably fit Silkstone Barbie or some of the Fashion Royalty dolls like Victoire better. He uses snaps which I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE! (I abhore those dreaded hooks without eyes that Integrity uses. grrrrr...) The long white gown I purchased for my darker skinned gals like Natalia and my Lucky Strike may be tight but it was gorgeous, and had a beading detail that hangs down from the sleeve. 

Here are some photos of the Poppys in their dresses.

The other dress I got was the long white gown and it is very lovely a mermaid gown. The chiffon train on it would make a perfect bridal gown. Eaki's dresses would be great to stock a ladies' boutique or outfit your girls for a evening fashion show or cocktail party for a reasonable price. 

Of course, my playboy Tony Stark cannot keep his eyes off of her in that dress. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!~Lisa

Friday, November 20, 2015

Integrity Convention Style Lab dolls

After Integrity has its annual convention, it usually gives all of its unlucky non- attendees the chance to buy any of the leftovers. Little did we dream of the possibilities this year!

This year, besides the lottery on dolls that were centerpieces or workshop and souvenir dolls- gasp! (which I did win- but that is for another blog post!) They gave us the chance to purchase- gasp! CI STYLE LAB DOLLS AND FASHIONS!

SHHH?!! Shut UP! Did I say that loud enough?? Last year I attended convention, paid the cost and stood in line - my ticket to shop was last last last , and I was lucky enough to get two CI guys but no clothing for them even though Iwas promised and it was my first time in line. I cannot tell you how limited they make these dolls and fashions and what a deal they are. To imagine to be able to get your dolly hands on them AFTER the party is over directly from integrity or the cost of shipping is Heaven in a box. Well, I went crazy. 

First, I purchased Monroe Jillian (the Marilyn Monroe look-alike) . This was the only female CI I wanted as soon as i saw her in the flicker photos. I also had had had to have that gown, Golden Moment. So Yes people I pushed the buyitnow button. 

Second, I bought Sterling Reese (Errol Flynn look-alike) and his outfit, Natural Talent. He was the only CI guy I had had to have, even though I liked them all. 

I had to think a bit on the men's fashions, but I went back the next day and bought the rest of them except for Wild One, which was sold out. My other two CI guys from last year did not have shoes or anything that fit them. So this was my chance to rack up. 

I will take better photos later, but here are the two stars of the moment, Jillian and Reese. I will probably not undress these dolls as those pants are not coming off as they were darn near impossible to put on him!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It was on my to-do list...

...that is., playing with the Comic balloon text  window in PicMonkey . It is one of those 'get-around-to-it' type of things that I have time for on weekends but I never have time for, you know what I mean? It takes time to configure and sometimes it is more fun to just post the pics than doodle with them. Just getting the little 'Good Morning, have a great day!' to fit perfectly in this balloon was fiddley. 

I have always loved Comic books- as a kid my favorites were the Archies, especially Betty & Veronica some of which I still have , but my especial favorites as a youngster were Richie Rich and his one of a kind Dollarmation ( which had dollar signs on it instead of spots). I still have stacks of those old comic books that were purchased for a quarter at the local 7-11 with a slurpee when I was a kid. Creating my own 'comics' now with dolls and props is kind of cool in a way, and much more elegant and 'richie-rich' like with the kind of props I use now and makes me smile. I guess that is why I identify with the show Big Bang Theory and when the guys talk about Mint IN box and Sheldon opens Leonard's Mego Transformer after his breaks because he knows Leonard will never opens his. I adored it when he said-'That is what 1974 smells like...' because that is exactly what I said when I opened my Country camper I purchased off of Ebay, only substitute  Mint in box. 

Long story short I hope to do more pics with these little balloons /conversations in them and maybe develop a real looking photostory. 
All for now- Lisa

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pray for Paris....

In light of the massacre that happened on November 13th, many dolly pictures have been making the rounds on Facebook groups and Flicker. It is hard to ignore and as my husband is 2nd generation French, his father came from Lorraine, France as a child. I decided to share my own custom Louis XVl by Dawn of One Sixth Sense & my custom Lilac Frost Marie Antoinette Poppy.  

Praying for Paris....or En Francais, ...
Prier pour Paris.... Vive Le France!  


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Santa's workshop & new Prop item alert...

I have been distracted by my plans for decorating the Gothic mansion for Christmas  and working on its second half,  Set B with the staircase, as well as dusting off Santa's workshop from last year and doing some more dioramas with it this year. 

If you remember, last year this was Santa's workshop with a dollhouse assembly line. Santa's workshop will be in full swing this year, but with another added addition to his I am working on that too. 

So....prop alert. Yesterday I went to Michael's to begin to get the needed wallpaper and scrapbook papers for the added addition to the set for the staircase and stumbled across these 2 ft trees with snow and lights. They take 3 AA batteries. 

On the box it stated they were 19.99 each, but were 40% off until today which made them 11.99 each. I grabbed three of them. They also had four ft. ones as well which really would have rounded out the mansion, and they were more. Ugh. I hate sales sometimes especially when doll sales are going on! Especially since the  W Club is doing lotteries and sales at the same time! 

Ok, now that my financial woe rant is over, is what the trees look like with dolls. I did not have batteries to fully test them out yet. 

I think these trees look stunning. I can think of so many scenes with so many dolls they will look great my Queen of the dark forest, my vampire dolls, etc. I am going to try to get two four ft trees too. 

I de-boxed my new Christmas 2007 Barbie and took photos of her with these trees and she looks stunning. So glad I picked her up at the doll show. 

Hopefully I will have more on the mansion, but it is slow going. I have been distracted with some rather distressing and depressing family members this week, which has wreaked a little havoc. It is hard to focus with negative people and drama in your life. Hopefully that will be over with soon. 

All for now- Lisa