Monday, January 22, 2018

Marvellueisse Agnes von Weiss

Marvellueisse Agnes von Weiss has been de-boxed and I am struck at how much  her outfit and her hairstyle, make her look so much like the Woolworth Heiress Barbara Woolworth Hutton.  It really is astonishing. 

This gown is breath taking, and so 1930's elegant. The jewelry is chic too. 

Here is a comparison photo of Barbara Hutton with Agnes , side by side.

They look similar, don't they? Here Barbara is faintly smiling, usually she does look like Agnes, pouting or sad. 

Here are a couple of other photos of her, with that beautiful hair done up in swirls and curls so fabulous in the thirties and the forties. 

Here is the link to my board on Pinterest Barbara Woolworth Hutton

Barbara WoolWorth Hutton- Wiki 

She was born on November 14, 1912 in New York city and lived a tragic life. Her mother committed suicide and Barbara was just four years old when she found her.  Mostly raised by her Grandfather and grandmother, she was distant from her  father and stepmother and always felt used for her money.  She not only inherited the Woolworth fortune but her father's Hutton fortune, as her father was a co-founder of E.F. Hutton and Company, a brokerage firm. 

The doll's purse is an eye popping leopard clutch with a long tassel and a zipper on top. The skirt is a see through lace affair with train, making the white top with the Gibson girl sleeves more striking with the Turquoise jewelry, she has earrings, necklace and a ring.  I did not get a photo of her shoes but thank goodness they are easier to get on than some of the other shoes they have been giving us- they are lace up stilettos which look nice when put on, I was surprised. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this doll! So my new Agnes will now be called all I need is her rival, Doris Duke. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dolls from Integrity finally arrived!

After many delays, my dolls and the egg chairs finally arrived. Instead of doing one post of one doll, I am going to show all of the dolls and some pictures of the egg chair and Poppy set up. I will go on to show more later of the other dolls. One of the reasons my dolls were delayed were because of snow /weather interfering with the post office being able to deliver.

On to the dolls!

Poppy Parker swinging in London with her Egg Chair. I actually purchased two. This chair sits on a base, comes in two pieces and has a small screw that you need a Phillips screwdriver to put the screw in. Quite simple but I couldn't find the proper size screwdriver laying around so right now the chair is just sitting on the base for this photo shoot. 

Poppy does not have her earrings or ring on, I have her here modeling her 'gloved' hands on. I hope to take better photos of her in that Union Jack dress. 

Poppy's box and the Egg chairs' boxes have some of the same similar graphics! That made a real pleasant surprise. I am wondering if a neat Carnaby street room/apartment diorama could come about using these boxes. I am really seriously thinking. Something MOD/Groovy/   A LA Andy Warhol comes to mind. 
Something VERY 1960's...

Next up are the other dolls.........

Seduisante Elyse Jolie..She has interchangeable legs/feet. She is lovely and slowly growing on me.  She looks so melancholy , or sad. Maybe that is what it is. I just hate dolls with interchangeable legs and extra parts. Hands are about all that I can handle. If I have extra heads, I just get an extra body, lol. 

Marvellueisse  Agnes Von Weiss . I think this was our Online Event doll from last year, and I can never resist an Agnes. I had to sell some of my Agnes collection over a year ago and it really broke my heart, so I have been building my Agnes army back up again, LOL. I am hoping I will like that lace skirt more when I get her out of the box. I adore the blouse. 

Here are photos of the loot altogether. It was like Christmas in January!

The above photo is with the three dolls and two chairs, boxed and the one below is with the three dolls and one chair boxed, and the other egg chair, de-boxed and assembled. I couldn't resist getting two egg chairs, since I haven't purchased one of the Barbie Convention egg chairs. Those are taller and pinker inside than these, these egg chairs appear to be more MOD and rounder, and heavier. 

Enjoy! ~Lisa

Saturday, January 6, 2018

UFDC 2010 Alice Leverett Petite Marie Terese

In an earlier post when I talked about goals for 2018, one of my goals to work on in this year was acquiring some 'grail' dolls. I had already begun on one of those, which was this little lovely which I acquired on Ebay-
 Marie Terese 10.5 jointed Doll Alice Leverett UFDC Convention doll

Well, she arrived today, lovingly wrapped and packaged. Many of you know I collect not just Integrity toys/Fashion Royalty dolls, Poppy Parker, & Barbie, but I also love other dolls, such as Tonner, American Girl, Madame Alexander, action figures such as Dragon and Sideshow, GI Joe, and one of my favorites, are the earlier antique French fashion lady dolls. Alice Leverett is a reproduction doll artist par excellent and she created for the United Federation of Doll Convention this little lady. I have yet to join the UFDC as a member at large, but I belong to several groups. I love the antiques and can't afford one but I satisfy myself with reproductions, which are expensive enough, lol. Marie Terese is meant to represent a little girl, of perhaps 10-12 years old in the 1850-1860's. 

She came in her chemise, with her little blue slippers and her bloomers. Originally at convention she came with some other items, like her box and some favors. You could buy at the convention in 2010  a number of dresses and take a class or two with Alice to make her outfits. I plan to start sewing for her as I have some fabric in my stash. Here is a diorama with her and Annabelle, my Francois Gaultier reproduction 12 inch lady doll, who will be her older sister. 

She wears a beautiful blonde wig that is braided in the back, in a chignon bun.

The trunk is a trunk that is doll sized for a diorama, that I picked up a few years ago at Michael's on sale. I have yet to find a suitable one that is similar that satisfies me to be their trunk to hold Annabelle and her clothing. 

Marie Terese rummages through her trunk, looking for her beloved bear so she can sleep for the night. 

I hope someday to have an antique looking dollhouse for these two to house my collection of Bespaq. It would be a huge dollhouse to be 1:6 but I think it would be interesting and have thought what it would take to build. I already have a dollhouse but it only has three rooms and a garage and I want their house to be more antique looking.  I have many favorite dolls for different reasons and the french fashion dolls are my favorites because I used to study the encyclopedia of doll clothing as a kid, my mother purchased it for me one Christmas and I always wanted a french fashion doll, and I always wanted a Huret doll. Don't ask me why. The next doll on my list is a Huret /reproduction.  

Enjoy the pictures! Hopefully she will have some lovely new dresses when you see Marie Terese next!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome 2018!

Welcome to the New Year of 2018! 

As promised I have dolls that haven't been shown here yet. So I dug this little beauty out from when I purchased her from my friend Leslie who attended the Fashion Fairytale Convention in October. I had purchased Rainbow Poppy from her but I also got to purchase one of the Style Lab Poppys from her as well. 

She is lovely isn't she? These Style Lab Poppy Parkers had high heel feet. 

Her dress is by Monaedolly on Ebay 
Stole is from Starlight Poppy
Shoes are from Concerto in M Agnes Von Weiss

I am not sure Monaedolly may still be selling these gowns on Ebay any more, you may want to try Etsy in a search for her. At one time she was also making them for Tonner, and BJD's, now it seems she is only making Lati bjd's and Blythe clothing and no more evening gowns. My friends Karon and Sandra and I were mad for her evening gowns and would buy them as they ran about $25-35 each and were very good quality and less expensive than some of the artists. 

All for now, and one more picture of this lovely wishing you a Happy New year in 2018!