Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Top of the morning to ye! And I hope you have all the luck of the Irish come your way....
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
PJ, SKipper, GI Joe, and the Poppys are enjoying wearing the green and eating cake and Shamrock cookies!

Annabelle and Marie Terese are also having a St. Patrick's day tea , and like Skipper and the Poppys, have acquired some new St. Patrick's day attire...
Marie Terese's dress was inspired by Queen Victoria's 'Shamrock' dress from the Masterpiece episode when she visited Ireland on 'Victoria' (one of my favorite shows. ) I must admit I expected more shamrocks on the dress than just the edging.
Marie Terese's dress is suited more to a young girl in her time, and I made the skirt a little longer than usual. Sort of garden dress for walking on the hills and dales, lol. 

If you look closely, you can see Marie Terese is holding her new lapdog, Pugdog. (this is a barbie beauty secrets dog that I just took the crown off of.)

The various pets of Annabelle and Marie Terese. the Famous 'Mops' in the basket, Pugdog and newest, the brindle bulldog, Jack. I found him at AC Moore.
Annabelle's poodles. The standing grey poodle was also found at AC Moore, haven't yet named him. 

Happy St. Patrick's day!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Happy Birthday Barbie!


                      Happy Birthday Barbie!     

Today is March 9th, the day Barbie first debuted in 1959 , 60 years ago.  What an iconic day for an iconic toy that has brought so much joy for all of us down through the years. Here are some birthday pics of my dolls celebrating the big day. 

Friday, February 22, 2019

New Easter Cakes in 1:6 scale listed!

I have finally finished St. Patrick's Day cakes and cookies- they are listed! I have already sold 5 of them and more are listed in my Doll Food catagory of my ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios .

These are the cakes altogether on the table, to show size comparisons with Barbie (Grandma Barbie) GI Joe, and Poppy Parker and SKipper. 

I have put the listing links here above, without pictures and if you wish, you can click on them to see the individual cakes- all are different. Each cake has at least one Easter egg cookie on top. 2 cakes have 2 Easter egg cookies on them, the other four cakes only have one cookie on top. There is only one yellow triple layer cake in this whole bunch- the rest are pink. 

I don't mind telling you these cakes took a while to make because of the cookies which took so long to decorate. I am currently working now on bunny cookies which are taking longer to make, with the extra details like eyes and whiskers. lol 


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

St. Patrick's Day cake sets listed on Ebay

I have been busily working on getting my St. Patrick's day cakes ready to be listed and so far, I have four listed. I have already sold three sets before listing what I had made, just from my sneak peek preview! Whew! I have another whole slew I am working on icing now. As well as getting my dolls ready for the header photos. 

So here is what is listed so far...

French Fashion Doll 1:6 scale St. Patrick's day cake set $12

1:6 scale St. Patrick's day cake set #B   $12

1:6 St. Patrick's day double layer chocolate cake set #1  $10

1:6 scale St. Patrick's day cake set #A  $12

All four are currently listed on ebay and are available. I will be listing more. These items are shipped in a box, not bubble mailers.