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The 1:6 scale dollhouse blog...

I have loved dolls and dollhouses and miniatures, all my life. 1:6 scale is an exciting scale and challenge since there is so little out there in the way of this 'playscale' to make our dioramas and scenes look 'real'. Since I love a challenge, my 1:6 scale world has become one of my most favorite to work in, though from time to time I do showcase my 1:12 scale miniature collection here as well.

I hope you enjoy my endeavors into 1:6 scale and will follow my blog and the projects I work on with my fashion dolls in my collection. Please follow us & enjoy the pictures- tell your friends as well!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Joyous Celebration Poppy Parker...

...has arrived, and she is exquisite! This doll is so retro vintage 60's, the era I grew up in, can't get enough of her. Finally got things set up for a photo shoot and instead of the same old same old props, added splash of teal and pink and gold to pick up that dress and fuschia pink crinoline.

Lovely isn't she? I can't get over that braided updo. And the jewelry is glam, and simple- too much jewelry would take away from the gown.

The first set I did with her is the chair is Jim Coates Miniatures/ Bespaq, the hutch is a vintage Pricepessa Italian piece from Ebay, rug is a glitzy little placemat from my stash, and the portraits are from the $1 bins at Michaels, the portraits themselves are pictures of Whistler's women cut out of Victoria magazine.

2nd set shows a walnut Bespaq table with a floral arrangement and the back and sides of her gown. Simply lovely.

** Now a little behind the scenes on 'how I do it!'

My temp diorama sets are on 4 ft tables, side by side. Here is the backdrop with foamcore covered in marble contact paper for the floor. There is another set beside this for another photo shoot with wood grained contact paper on foamcore for flooring for that. My lights are clamped to the side of the dollhouse walls. This room is quite small so I have very limited space on setting up my photo shoots. At the most I can sometimes fit three on these two table surfaces. The dollhouse sits in the middle of the wall to the right, and behind that, the 6 ft table that holds the bakery and LaBelle's and the faux boutique. In another corner is the two shelves filled with props and a close also filled. For this photo shoot I wanted to do a mix of new with old and the 60's were all about those pastel loud colors with antique furniture and modern furniture. Enjoy the pics!~Lisa

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rainy days....

It was a very muggy, rainy day yesterday.  Had alot to do to get ready for the FR Convention, but instead decided to do some sewing so pulled out some items from my stash. I am still working on the frock coat jacket for this, but the fit on the skirt was fabulous. I altered the pattern a bit to fit Royal Monaco Vanessa...

I have more work to do on this outfit, it was amazing how quickly it went along. I literally made the blouse from scratch and used the embroidered part as a frontal decor- with the open back which is not period correct but looks pretty cool...Ihad to redraft alot  of the patterns that I had in my stash. Have been wanting to do another Victorian ensemble, hopefully can do more. Enjoy!~Lisa

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fredericksburg doll show and more sightseeing...

Yesterday I attended the Fredericksburg doll show which is put on by the Fredericksburg doll club...small but has alot of great stuff. Mostly lots of antique dolls and my Barbie club members had a show table there too. I purchased some inexpensive items outfits mostly, for the dolls as autumn is coming and they needed some new outfits. I also found the perfect Tommy doll to complete the French royal family for the French Chateau project. He will make a great Louis Charles, the Dauphin. 

I also purchased four stands from the local stand guy. They are nothing fancy, but I prefer these as the stand pole does not come out of a pole and I can lift the doll from the back without having to use two hands to balance her, since she is firmly held onto the stand, unlike the fashion royalty stands. 

Here are some photos of Young Sophisticate and Pillow Talk, my two favorites, wearing some new autumn fashions. 

The coat, two skirts and sweater were purchased from one of the bargain bins for less than $3 altogether! Young Sophisticate is wearing the new leopard Poppy Parker boots from this year's shoe pack. 

here are some more of the outfits and stands I purchased, as well as the Tommy doll. He was the most expensive item I purchased for $10 with his little sailboat and shirt...but I would have spent that much on ebay for him with shipping. He matches Marie Therese and his parents quite well. 

After the doll show, went to lunch in the historic part of Fredericksburg, and walked around to the shops and antique shops. I didn't have my camera, and really regret it. Here are a few pics of the amazing stuff we saw. I promise next time to take my camera like I did to Williamsburg. Chris and I love taking a Saturday to just go for a day trip now and then and walk and see the sights. 

In one of the shops, which was quite large with individual booths, this antique doll display.

turn of the century settee, reupholstered it looked like, and some reproduction Napoleonic /Empire swan chairs. They looked reproduction to me because of the way they appeared to be made. Price was too cheap as well...would have loved to bought them and had them reupholstered. Look at the swan detail!

Bonnet Highboy, lovely and very similar to the ones Pitt Ginsburg did in 1:6 scale Bespaq I used to sell. 

Gorgeous goose-necked canopy antique bed....

Shop windows in a shabby chic shop, just loved the mix of white with cream, taupe, and goldtones in this display. I would love to reproduce this in 1:6 scale. 
Sorry to bore everyone with full size decor pics on a doll blog, but this is where I get inspired- from real life. Then it's to the diorama drawing board, so to speak.lol...

cute shop and sign...downtown Historic Fredericksburg is quite artsy and eclectic, you NEVER know what type of shop you will find. It abounds with every type of gourmet cuisine!

The historic Hugh Mercer's apothecary shop with its garden in back, they weren't open yesterday...

and a shop with Halloween decor...hopefully we'll be able to get back up and peruse it more. It is so much fun! We ate at an Italian bistro that had been there for years, then visited Ahlman's jewelry store where Chris' mother used to order her china and crystal. Goolrick's pharmacy, which has the best ice cream, was already beginning to close. They have the best ice cream sodas!

We also stopped by an old bakery Chris used to go to as a kid and got cookies and some sweets like he remembered. Chris grew up in Stafford and went to alot of the shops that are still open when he was growing up. 
Enjoy the pics! Happy Sunday!~Lisa

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Finished haunted hallway diorama....

So yesterday I was premature in posting the photos of the diorama. I found time to finish the curtains I had been wanting to do.  Since I don't have room to do a whole dollhouse in a haunted theme, I have to satisfy my building cravings with 'temp' diorama walls. :( not the same thing..but it will have to do. It is amazing what a difference the curtains/drapes make on those windows.

Really looks great in this perspective. The curtains are done with cheesecloth from Joann's, simply hot glued and molded 'puffs' at the top with my fingers into the hot glue. At strategic points they are hot glued so it appears the wind is 'billowing' them and making them 'float' in the air. It's easy if you try it. I used scissors and split the length into strips so they look a little tattered. I had thought of using chiffon but it is too nylon, and doesn't respond well to hot glue. The cheesecloth stuff holds its shape well and still looks ethereal. 

Some single pics of the props. The statue is a 1:12 scale miniature for a garden that I aged with a acrylic brown wash to simulate dust; the french table is Bespaq; The portrait from the Williamsburg bookstore. 
The book comes with Mistress of the Manor and is fake, it does not open but looks very cool. 
The cat is one of those Schleik figures you can buy in any craft store, the rug is a dollhouse miniature and the victorian table is Bespaq, aged and customized by me. I wanted everything to have a look of abandoned home but cared for by a single caretaker such as the Mistress of the Manor- similar to Mrs. Danvers from the book Rebecca.  One thing that has always grabbed me in B rated horror flicks and old black and white horror flicks from the 30's and 40's is the huge old mansion with all the furniture still intact with webbing in the corners, and only one old housekeeper or caretaker live there. I have a board on Pinterest - look to the left for my link to my Pinterest boards- called Abandoned homes and it is interesting. 

Here are some of the more updated pics of her in her natural surroundings. I am really pleased with this dio, it turned out better than expected. I am hoping to do a series of haunted photos with her- as she is the lone caretaker , stuck in time of a very haunted mansion....but what else or...who else does she care for???  As she glides through the mansion, it is kept in readiness for its owner whenever they choose to visit....

I'm enjoying the creepfest storyline so hope I can keep up!

Friday, October 10, 2014

More Mistress of the Manor....

Yesterday I did some more photos of the Mistress of the Manor in her actual diorama I had built a couple of months ago for her and my spooky dolls. The inspiration came from Barbie Collector's diorama they had built for Haunted Beauty Ghost. Click above for Behind the scenes with Haunted Beauty Ghost video. I did not succeed in fully doing the dimensions I figured from looking at it, nor the roof, which was ingenious in its design to allow for the curtains to be extra long over the windows and allow for them to be softly wafting in the breeze. (I still need to make the curtains for the windows in my diorama walls.) Sometimes I wish Mattel would offer a week to build with the artist who builds their dioramas- I would love this!

I am just in love with this doll...she is so beautiful!

The doll really makes the overdramatic effect of the room.I am hoping to find time to put the drapes on the windows, because it will really add to the effect. The portrait of the little boy in black is from the Williamsburg visitor center bookstore and is exactly what I was looking for- primitive Early American colonial artists do have a style that works with this scene. 
How I did it- The Barbie Collector artist did pretty large dimensions and also a few backdrops such as steps to create the illusion of depth in their scene, I estimate they used about four feet to make that diorama. Mine is a little smaller and compact- the base is a piece of birch plywood 20 x 20 stained golden oak and I 'scored' the planks of wood flooring in it with an exacto knife, and then went over it with a black acrylic paint wash to get the paint into the cracks and crevices so you could see the 'joints' in the wood flooring. The wallpaper is scrapbook paper from Michael's and so is the wood trim. The bottom half of the walls is spray painted a dark grey and the windows are very thin stripwood cut to size and painted white and glued into the window openings. The roof is 1/2 inch thick foamcore that has also been spray painted grey with a smattering of brown to give it age. The back wall is styrofoam carved with my dremel to look like stone and spray painted grey. The table is a damaged Bespaq piece I repaired and weathered.