Sunday, December 9, 2018

Pixie Faire Fun and Festive Holiday Sweater contest!

Pixie Faire  a website that offers patterns for dolls, from Barbie to American Girl , Ellowyne, Tonner, and other dolls, is having another Fun and Festive Holiday Sweater contest. 

Besides Barbie, Fashion Royalty- Integrity Toys, Poppy Parker, and other dolls, I have a soft spot in my heart for American girl dolls and similar sized dolls like Our Generation and My Life dolls. There is something fun and pleasing about sewing and creating for them. Pixie Faire has free patterns on Freebie Friday if you sign up you get their newsletter and it is great fun to see what free 18 inch doll pattern they might offer, sometimes one for the Wellie Wisher dolls , or even one for Ellowyne. They also offer a variety of patterns from other artists. I have quite a collection of patterns for free in my files that are on my bucket list to make. 

SO I have finally entered the sweater contest this year! I am so excited because I finally did something on my bucket list this year. This year has been very very hectic for me, as well as trying as my time has been taken up with work and business and I have not had time to devote to the dolls like I wanted to. 
Here is the link to the Sweater Contest-
Fun and Festive Sweater Contest

My entry if you are generous enough to take the time to vote for me, is #35 and the name of my entry is 'Snow Much Bear Fun' Below are photos of Laura, my number #55 who is my custom Laura Ingalls, wearing my creation created out of Christmas socks. 
Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Annabelle's correspondence..

I have not written very much lately. Annabelle received some lovely Christmas cards from her pen pal, Arlette that I wanted to share with you. 

The cards are sized for a 16 inch sized Huret or Jumeau doll, since Annabelle's pen pal is one of these elegant dolls. (Hopefully we will be having a very elegant Huret lady join our doll family soon, if her body can arrive. Her head is packed carefully away. ) 
I belong to a French Fashion doll group that recently moved its group away from Yahoo message groups onto IOS Message boards. It is located here- 
French Fashion Doll Sewing Group  but you would have to request to join.
Mostly the members own reproduction or antique french fashion dolls, of all sizes, from 12 inches to 25 inches and bigger. My Annabelle is 12 inches high which is 1:6 scale and a manageable scale. Huret dolls were originally meant to be child dolls, or pre-teen dolls or adolescents, and I have always always wanted one since researching them as a teenager myself and seeing them in the Encyclopedia of Dolls Clothes. 

But back to my little scene. There are some wonderful miniatures I recently acquired in this little scene. 

I found this miniature painting with another of a saint in the same size at the Goodwill, each was 1.25

This miniature painting has writing on the back and was signed! I am having a difficult time deciphering the writing on the back, but I think it is by a miniaturist. I cannot be more sure until I make out the writing. It was in a lot of miniatures, china teasets, and other items in a table lot I bid on.

The most intriguing miniature in the table lot, in box of items. A tiny daguerrotype photo of what appears to be a soldier from the Civil war era, which side I do not know. I decided he could be Annabelle's young beau. 

All the letters Annabelle has received from her doll friend pen pal, Arlette. 
Happy December! Lisa

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of you and your family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving!

Shown in the above photos are Fashion Fairytale Rainbow Poppy Parker dressed in Pilgrim Barbie's outfit, with a vintage visiting Johnny Marx Geronimo I recently acquired several months ago at an auction with a couple of headdresses. I knew he would be perfect for this Thanksgiving photo. 

Various animals were put into the photo such as the chicken, the bunny and some dogs and a cat as well. 

Have a blessed and yummy Thanksgiving!  ~Lisa

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy Halloween and All Soul's Day!

I was so busy yesterday taking photos of the dolls I completely forgot to do a Halloween blog post.  With all the social media to keep up with- Facebook, Flicker , Twitter, Instagram, etc. gah. 

So here are some new photos of 2018 !

Dorothy came by to visit with Toto, but they made a run for it when the witch wanted to do a shoe swap...

It's alright, her kitty woke up and needed some attention after taking a nap on the chair near the warm cauldron on the stove...

 Harry & Ron are visiting the Mistress of the Manor , Mrs. Danvers, a well known witch, and her parlor.  She tutors only one day of the year, Halloween and they really need it before the big exam at Hogwarts. She has skeleton dogs that guard her cauldrons. However, Ron and Harry don't see her walking up behind them! Look out Harry- look out Ron! oh well....

The cauldrons, pumpkins came from Walmart, the skeleton dogs & the retriever dog came from the dollar tree. The plants, & signs  on the wall came from Michael's. The table is Bespaq. The stove is a vintage Crescent salesman sample I had for sale in my ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios, and is recently sold. 

All for now.Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Richmond, Va Doll Show and New Dolls

Yesterday I attended the Richmond Doll and Teddy bear show and it was great! Only I did not get many photos like I usually do. I did alot of socializing with friends at the show but boy was it fun! The dolls there at this show were really really amazing. There was a huge variety of dolls from Barbie, vintage Barbie, to Integrity dolls, to antique dolls, Madame Alexander, Cissy, Cissette, to Jumeau, Bebe, to Kestner, to Steiff bears, modern and antique, to Patti Playpal and PETER Playpal dolls! The choices were amazing. 

Here were some wonderful Madame Alexanders at a booth...and of course Sylvia Butler's booth as well

I was also able to finally get my Huret head from to just order the body...from Dollspart  I have been wanting this doll for ages and now they have just debuted the Jumeau. (sob) But I would really rather have a 12 inch Smiling bru . Before any of those ladies come home, Annabelle needs a beau. 

Before I went to the show, I was feverishly working on two dolls for my friends Karon and Marina. Karon stated she would be sharing a table with one of our doll club friends Anna and selling some of her Integrity and Barbie dolls . We have not been able to get together for lunch on our birthdays, in May, so I went all out and created dolls for Halloween- their favorite holiday- and brought the dolls to the show for them. 

I used Fashionista Kens I had on hand or had purchased at yard sales. Their outfits were made with Halloween socks and ribbon  from Dollar General. I painted their faces. 

Marina's doll is the Scaredy- Cat Ken clown, I thought this one turned out pretty well, especially his face paint. 

This one I did for Karon. I received the socks in my pumpkin treat at the halloween party from Jodi and she instantly recognized them. The doll I got in my raffle from Scarlett. The ladies at our Barbie club booth went nuts and asked if I could teach them at a club meeting how to do a sock tuturial and I said sure .. It 's fun and easy and you just really take the sock and cut to fit the ken doll since he is basically a figure. The pom poms were from  Hobby Lobby. 

It was so much fun I was thinking of looking for more weird looking Fashionistas and doing more clown dolls since I have some more socks to use up. 

I also got some dolls at the show. The first picture shows ALL of my loot, including my Huret head from Sylvia. 
I got the two Donny Osmond Look alike dolls for $3 each at one booth, and the Malibu Francie from Arnoldo who is selling off his stash for $5 , and the BMR outfit from a friend, Linda for $20. One of my Poppy's doesn't have enough If I had had unlimited money I would have brought home more dolls. I need to look up my two guys. But they really look like Donny Osmond.