Monday, January 27, 2020

Va Fashion Doll Club Meeting- Valentine's day

I haven't posted for a long time- since the beginning of the year! But I have lots of Barbie related things to post. My Fashion doll club had a meeting this past Sunday. We celebrated Valentine's day. The meeting was held at our Club President, Debbie's house. She decorates the stair railing with tiny Chelsea's or Kellys all decked out in holiday themed dress. We of course take pictures of the delicious food!I did the cupcakes with hearts and candy hearts in the pink bowl. 
We exchanged valentine's in the bags you see below- everyone was to bring some handmade valentines to share. 

Our theme this time for display was couples that broke up= and what a wild  theme that was! Here are some of the displays below-

I forgot who won, but they were all good. Our characters and Barbie had a tumultuous love life! 

Since this is the beginning of the planning for the club year and its activties, we had a lively business meeting, but it was fun. Lots to catch up and talk about since the holidays. And after business- there was always sales to do and a tour of Debbie's doll room! And this was only ONE of the doll rooms, I did not get into all of them, lol. 

Enjoy the pics!