Friday, August 28, 2015

The progress on the Crate bed

The progress on the crate bed has been coming along. I glued it together today and finished the mattress and the cover for it. Finding the right fabric was hard, required two trips to Hobby Lobby!

The coffee table is coming along nicely too, I have the handles on the sides of it as well. The legs are still drying from the stain.  

The bed is unique in that it comes apart, the headboard is not glued in place. This allows for easy storage. I am going for a steampunk world traveler look.

Here are some fabrics that I picked for the linens. 

The mattress stripe and the middle one, the map, are Tim Holtz fabrics. I picked out the polka dot one to be the backing for the world map and add interest. The black calico with roses will be an accent. 

I kind of cheated on the mattress for this bed, it is not sewn, but glued and pinned, which looks much more neater than sewing it. It is two pieces of 1/2 inch insulation foam glued together with the material glued and pinned and tucked onto it neatly. This gives it a much more uniform appearance than sewing it with having to draft a pattern which would take more time than I wish to spend. I have one whole side of my back that is sore as well, so sewing wasn't going to work today and I wanted to get this part of the bed done before I begin on the linens. 

The headboard is removeable, so the bed is in two pieces for easy storage. The little scale pump thingy is a pencil sharpner and the bowl is a miniature purchased at a miniature show. I used Tim Holz scrapbook embellishment handles to glue on the ends of the crate coffee table which is still waiting for its legs to dry from staining. 

All for now, hope to have more pictures up soon! Lisa

Annabelle Celebrates Tasha Tudor's 100th birthday!

I haven't posted for a while, as I have been working on a many new projects. Annabelle got a new skirt, which she is wearing today in this post. There are two posts on the blog today, so be sure to read them both. 

Annabelle is celebrating Tasha Tudor's birthday ~ if she were alive, she would have turned 100 years old! She was a famous author and illustrator of such books as A is for Annabelle, Pumpkin Moonshine, Corgiville Fair, and illustrate many books such as Rumor Godden's The Dolls' House and The Little Princess and The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgeson Burnett.  She was also a great animal and bird lover, so today Annabelle is gathering up her sketchbook and binoculars and basket and preparing to go outside birdwatching. 

I found her skirt on ebay and have had the basket for a while now. Her little binoculars were a charm that came with the little globe from hobby Lobby, I will probably put them on a chain so they can hang on her neck. This skirt will look cute at Christmas with a red shawl and some red shoes, and a snood at Christmas time. Perhaps a pinafore for Christmas baking too. Hopefully her wig will arrive soon, and I will have some more pics up. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Annabelle answers her letters......

I pulled out some of my other props of Bespaq including my Queen Anne desk so Annabelle could answer some of her letters. A long time ago I made her a set of cards, sealed letters with wax, cards and envelope sets with tied silk ribbons, and envelopes with letters inside. I had read that some fashion dolls came with stationary sets that even included inkwells and writing pens, so I decided to make my own stationary set for Annabelle, which was easy. 

Here she is settling down to an afternoon of writing, with a cup of tea.

The desk is a little out of scale- it is actually 1:4 scale and sized to fit Tonner dolls, Sybarites, and 16-17  inch dolls. But that is the great thing about playing with scale- and French fashion dolls- you can fool the eye. The chair is a Bespaq chair given to me by my mentor, Pitt Ginsburg many years ago and a gift I treasure very much. It works pretty seamlessly in this scene. Because she is so chunky she works with this desk pretty well and it just looks like an over elaborate piece of furniture. 

Here are some better photos of the chair and Annabelle at the desk.
The lamp on the desk is a pencil sharpner off of Ebay; you can get these in lots, I believe they were put out under the name of Holly Hobbie? I purchased a bunch of them in a lot for dirt cheap and got such things as this lamp, a coffee grinder, a scale, and other Victorian items I was looking for. They are quite useful in period scenes and Western scenes. The keys are a dollhouse miniature item, I think. 
Enjoy the pics!~Lisa

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Annabelle at tea...

After doing a little post on Annabelle yesterday, I decided to show you a little hat I had made her quite by accident. I had made it with one of the Poppy's in mind and was looking at her outfit and decided she needed a hat. Flipping through my antique reference doll costume books, I noticed some of the hats were big and sat on the head and had alot of flowers, feathers, ribbons on them like this one I had made and so I tried it on her. Voila! To my surprise, it fit her head! And here I was thinking I needed a complicated pattern, straw, etc. LOL...

 photo IMG_0929_zps1kgtnmyc.jpg  photo IMG_0927_zpstkw15bnq.jpg

Here she is in the previous dio that I did for Haunted beauty, Mistress of the Manor. I used the walls and a different floor, like an entrance hallway. Annabelle's hat matches her visiting attire. Now all she needs is a reticule. She is pouring tea for her hostess who has stepped out of the room. 

 photo IMG_0930_zpsndh7rggn.jpg

Tea and cakes are served!

 photo IMG_0918_zpscpnshocg.jpg

Uh-oh, is that a carriage outside I hear?

 photo IMG_0937_zpsyklgvjlk.jpg

Annabelle goes over to the window to take a look...

 photo IMG_0935_zps8asmirga.jpg

She doesn't know who on earth it could be, or who is keeping the lady of the house...

 photo IMG_0934_zpsfdr8cvdn.jpg  photo IMG_0940_zpsxt2r4yze.jpg

It could be more guests to tea!

 photo IMG_0913_zpsbzxlz7a7.jpg

....and the back of Annabelle's gown, with the smart little flounce.

Back in the Victorian and Edwardian era, and around the early turn of the centuryin the early 1900's,  women kept 'calling' hours, or receiving hours usually from 3 pm to 5 pm. in the afternoons. Ladies had 'visiting' attire, with hats, usually a suit or in the late 1800's full corseted dress, bustle, parasol, gloves, reticule, and calling cards.  Your maid took your calling card and put it on a silver tray in the hallway if you were not at home or could not receive for some reason, and you returned the visit promptly on the ladies' day she received visitors, usually the lady would write on her card what day she received. A lady usually carried her calling cards in her reticule. They were also called Name cards, and printed up with lovely script, flowers and birds. I was thinking it might be neat to get a miniature silver platter and make up some calling cards for Annabelle to have. 

I have a picture of the book that my doll is based on, written by Tasha Tudor. I got my book off of PaperbackSwap

 photo IMG_20150818_161151_142_zpsip44as45.jpg

I attempted first go to make the dress on the doll on the cover, and even found the perfect fabric, but never made the bonnet. 

Here is one of the photos of the interior of the book, it is for the letter D, for the Dresses we like her to wear-

 photo IMG_20150818_161225_832_zps6bj5duth.jpg

Tasha really had a way with her drawings and illustrations, the book is lovely and inspirational. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Lisa

Monday, August 17, 2015

Multiple projects....

I have a few projects in the works. Did some work on the crate coffee table and its centerpiece, but it needs feet. Still needs a little something. 

 photo IMG_0815_zpsl7b4gowj.jpg

The bowl with big ornate decorate beads give it some color and pop. Debating on whether to use flat wood pieces or matching pieces like for the sofa. Don't want to make this too big and bulky. Might put a piece of glass on top too. Still playing around with it. I've changed it a bit so that is why it isn't finished.

On another note, another 1:6 scale doll is having some camera reproduction Francois Gaultier French fashion doll, Annabelle. 

 photo IMG_0821_zpssclso2mq.jpg

She was purchased from Sylvia Butler of Tarheel Creations.Sylvia comes to the Richmond , Va doll shows every year so I buy shoes and accessories from her and other doll sewers. The lady who made Annabelle's jacket and skirt I cannot remember her name but I have also purchased other dresses fromher too.  Annabelle got her name from the book by Tasha Tudor, 'A is for Annabelle' where it is an alphabet book based on an antique doll called Melissa Shakespeare that belonged to Tasha that was a French Fashion doll, and Tasha used it as a teaching tool for the letters of the alphabet for a children's book.Many doll collectors use it to recreate beloved fashion dolls as I have, and some even use American Girl dolls. I plan to buckle down and get a new wig for Annabelle so she more closely resembles the Annabelle of the book, whose hair was plaited. 

 photo IMG_0818_zpsaiarlgha.jpg

Here she is looking at a fashion book I made with fabric swatches surrounded by a Bombay grandfather clock and some Bespaq furniture. I want to eventually fix her her own dollhouse, get her a trunk like the 1880's fashion dolls had, where she and her clothing could fit into it, and sew her more clothes. That's on my to do list this year, as well as taking her for pictures at the Park and the botanical gardens too. I really want to interact with my dolls, not just have them sit pretty on the shelf. What's the point in having them if you don't use, and enjoy them and photograph them? So I hope to take some more pics of her having tea, shopping, etc. 

Oh, and I updated Pumpkin Hill Studios blog today as well! That will be more active as well with the 'bigger' dolls too. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

For the 'Haunted' Doll collector...

For the record, I spend way too much time on Pinterest. That's my story and I'm sticking to it on the topic of this post. But when I stumbled across this, I just couldn't pass up blogging about it. It will give you a chuckle. Or a Chuckie...

Everybody remembers that creepy doll movie, right?

I stumbled across this recent site called Ghosts and Ghouls from a picture on Pinterest from someone's paranormal board. And from one picture and link it came to creepy haunted dolls. 

Like this-
That pic right there is a haunted dolly 'house cam' where you can see the paranormal activity of the dollies The Haunted Doll Cam
Click Here It streams video 24/7 and gives viewers a chance to see the haunted dollies in action, though it might take some imagination to see the action. In March 2009, the cam captured what appears to be a child’s ghost lurking at the bottom of the stairs. So it could be 'real' all in the belief of 'ghosts'. 

For the devoted to Haunted dolly collector, never fear, there are dealers out there for you. The Haunted Doll Store caters to all price ranges from $20-$1000 and is run by owner AJ. This is an interesting site and as she is Native American, it is worth cruising and browsing through it. 

David's Haunted Dolls is another interesting site. He does not actually sell anything but gives alot of information if you think you have a haunted or possessed doll or other object. Site is informative as there is a difference between a 'haunted' doll and a 'host' doll. Weird, isn't it?

And here is a Direct Link to all the creepy sites and haunted doll books, places, and on the right side bar there are creepy haunted doll stories. 

I thought everyone might get a jolt out of this, I am always fascinated by the stories of the possessed Annabelle doll and haunted dollhouses. One project I've wanted to do in 1:6 scale is a haunted dollhouse but I have no room. 

And yes, I've been watching too many classic horror flicks on
Enjoy the links!~Lisa