Sunday, March 19, 2017

American Horror Story - Coven Dolls

I should have given you a post long ago when the dolls began to trickle in, but I was pre-occupied with other things. I had expected Fiona Goode to arrive when Myrtle Snow came in. Turns out Fiona Goode wanted to make an entrance two months later than Myrtle. Fiona finally arrived this week. And she was well worth the wait. 

I have to admit to having never watched the show Coven or even clips of it. But I do find the box cover graphics of it and what I have read of it intriguing. I especially like the photos of the actress who played Myrtle Snow and thought the doll they did of her very striking, which is why I purchased her. I like unique and eccentric dolls that do not fit the 'Supermodel' look. I especially liked the photos of Myrtle looking out the window with her cigarette. It looked provocative and refreshing. I grew up with women who smoked. No I don't smoke, but I don't get offended when others do. lol. 

I was disappointed when her box didn't include a long cigarette holder. It would have been elegant with those yellow gloves and that outfit. Reminds me a bit of the Phyllis Diller look with that wild hair. 

I used my haunted diorama Victorian walls for the backdrop on these two and a white foamcore wall on the backwall.  Thought an elegant black and white look would go well since Fiona is into 'black' and looking youthful and it would compliment both of their outfits. I will make more of a diorama for them.

I can say that Fiona's umbrella rocks! Her outfit , the only thing that bothers me is the shoes do not fit well over those seamed stockings. The only complaint of the whole doll I have. Her face is lovely, I love the outfit. Very chic. She really does look like the actress. I am tempted to buy more of the dolls from Integrity if they have more of them left, and if my wallet will allow.  Like her daughter Zoe, if they aren't sold out. Oh well. 

Enjoy the photos. Hopefully I will have a complete diorama set up with these two. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope ya wearing of the green! Here are some fun photos from the archives. Enjoy!

These are from my 2015 Barbie fashion doll club meeting where we celebrated St. Patrick's day with dolls dressed in green and also had a diorama competition of anything Ireland, so I did a diorama with an Irish Croft/cottage and Irish couple eating an Irish breakfast.  I won first place and the little Irish shamrock teaset shown in one of the photos. 

And of course, Cate Blanchette dressed in her fabulous green....

And a fabulous shamrock cake or two...

Friday, March 10, 2017

Barbie's Birthday continued....

I somewhat commandeered the post yesterday on Barbie's birthday and used an old photo from my archives, since I hadn't done any new set ups for her.  Later in the evening after I had finished celebrating my anniversary, I pulled my new Barbie The Look articulated dolls out and did a little scene where Barbie is celebrating with her friends. 

I have been following @barbiestyle  on Instagram and really love how they use these dolls and variations of them. They are sneaky and use one of a kinds that are never manufactured and sometimes dolls they are going to debut on Barbie Collector, like the new Russian Model doll that has been unveiled. When I saw this Barbie Look Barbie on instagram, I knew I wanted her, especially when she was re-dressed. She is really cute. 

Click on the pictures to enlarge them, I used my cell phone to take these. 

I used all four of the Barbie Look articulated dolls, I won the one standing in the back in the tulle skirt at my Barbie club meeting last year's raffle. The other three I purchased by great good luck at Tuesday Morning for 14.99 or less! I three in a new Fashionista curvy girl to give contrast in body and face mold and interest to the party. 

I am looking forward to getting the two new Basics that have been debuted as well, just have not got around to it as I am waiting on Barbie Collector to get their act together.  I will probably join again this year, if there is a club- but it is already going around that there will not be a first reward, and many are speculating that there will not be any reward perks this year, if any. I only join the club because of the silkstones, and the fantasy Forest series, and the rewards perks off of the pricey dolls. Hopefully the club will be giving us some news soon. 

Enjoy the pics!Lisa

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Today is Barbie's birthday- she is a whopping 58 years old. I hope I look that good when I get to be her age. I'm only 6 years behind her. 

On another note, Today, March 9th, is my 15th year anniversary of being married to my wonderful husband, Chris. 

It was a whirlwind day that day, we were married in a little historic country church about 2 miles right down the road from our home. After the ceremony 
I changed into overalls and gingham sneakers with my tiara still pinned into my head to do 'cleanup' like Cinderalla. I still remember the church ladies laughing about it. 

That's me, packing up all the glassware, crystal, and china at 8 pm after the reception to take home that evening. lol. We used alot of our own items for the reception to make it more beautiful, and save money. 

Happy Birthday to Barbie! 
Enjoy the photos.....Lisa

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Happy Hinamatsuri! (The Japanese Dolls' Festival)

I am a day late and a dollar short but I was far too busy yesterday to post on the actual day of Hinamatsuri, March 3rd, so I will post today. Here are some photos of the dolls enjoying the ceremonial dolls. 

Here is a link to Hinamatsuri 2014 blog post and you can go through my other 2015 and 2016 blog posts as well. This is a link to my Japanese room tutorial
on Flicker, if you follow the pictures and the description, it is really simple to create the walls shown above in the photos with your own variations. With a little ingeniuity  you could probably make real shoiji working doors. 

I hope enjoyed the pics, and Happy Hinamatsuri!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

More Shopping Deals at Tuesday Morning!

I made a trek into another local Tuesday Morning yesterday after going to the post office and hit paydirt. This was better than expected. I was able to get all Barbie the Look articulated dolls for $14.99!  Barbie The Look tea party has severe cuts on her box so I asked at the register about that and they gave me 10% off. It was about 1.39 off, but the box was damaged and looked like someone mangled it. They were not going to sell it for full price at any price looking like that anyway. I plan to debox her anyway. She is running $29.95 at Barbie Collector , I figure I got her for 13.60 with the damage to the box.Score!

The next one was Barbie The Look In the Jungle? I think, she is the one used alot on Barbiestyle on Instagram and is just adorable.

She's really cute re-dressed. I can't believe I got her for this price without having to pay shipping from Barbie Collector. She is still pretty high there. She is running on sale at $27.99 at Barbie Collector. 

She has some cool accessories and her face really is so cute and not sappy looking. I really like her! In fact I love of all of them. I think Mattel hit it out of the part with these look dolls that are articulated. 
the back of the box...

A closeup of the damage on the left of Tea's box and her accessories. She is so lovely. 

I also purchased Barbie The Look AA Night out. Her accessories and her dress, the whole ensemble, are stunning. This is one gorgeous little lady! At Barbie Collector she is running $29.95. I paid $14.99

Her face is really lovely with the updo, very elegant too. And the makeup accessories are wonderful. I love that dress!

After these three beauties, I found more basics the Look City Shine for $9.99. At Barbie Collector these little ladies are running $19.95

I don't have the blonde in my stash. She is lovely. I probably won't de-box her just yet. She may make a great gift for someone this Christmas or for my collection. 

I love the makeup on her face , she is really lovely. 

Back of the box. So far I have all four now...

Barbie the Look City Shine the Asian. I already have one of these but I purchased another as a possible gift for my friend Karon who loves everything Japanese. I might possibly make her into a custom doll for Karon with a Japanese flair gown. She loves anything like that and this doll has a lovely face. Karon collects mainly Fashion Royalty , Poppy Parker and Misaki but does love the occasional OOAK too. 

So that is what is waiting for you at Tuesday Morning! So get out there and get those deals!