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I have loved dolls and dollhouses and miniatures, all my life. 1:6 scale is an exciting scale and challenge since there is so little out there in the way of this 'playscale' to make our dioramas and scenes look 'real'. Since I love a challenge, my 1:6 scale world has become one of my most favorite to work in, though from time to time I do showcase my 1:12 scale miniature collection here as well.

I hope you enjoy my endeavors into 1:6 scale and will follow my blog and the projects I work on with my fashion dolls in my collection. Please follow us & enjoy the pictures- tell your friends as well!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Miniature Hats...

I promised pics of miniature hats and so yesterday I got some pictures taken of some of my ladies. I am currently working on a Ken Convention commission as someone saw my pink hat creation and wanted 10 of them! My commission pieces are in the works and will be much better than that prototype but here are the current ones I have finished. 

This all began because I recently had some rather horrid oral surgery I am recovering from and have been bored so I between icing down my mouth and surfing the internet and looking at pretty dolly pics and Pinterest, and eating soup, I decided to take some materials I had and try my hand at making some miniature hats. 

This is the pink hat that was commissioned by my client for her table gifts for Ken Convention. It has a gather around the edge that I am doing away with and it will be lined underneath. The tulle is vintage.  I already have two of these done, just need to finish the other eight. 

This is a 20's styled cloche hat with a jeweled hand beaded detail on the side. It molds to the head but you can use a pin to hold it on the doll's hair. 

Agnes wearing a red feathered creation with black silk bow detail on the upturned brim on the side. I think she does look smart in it. Especiallywith the black gloves and red purse.

Victoire is wearing a sporty little pheasant hat, perfect for those sporting events at the polo club or at the hunt club. I didn't have time to redress her in some equestrian togs. She looks spiffy enough to go hunting pheasant under glass, wouldn't you say? lol.

I think this looks so totally Dasha. Someone on facebook said it looks Prada...I was thinking Ralph Lauren. Oh Well, shows how much my fashion sense is dated, LOL...I am so 80's, LOL... anyhoo, she looks so snotty and sloane  ranger. See, see I am an 80's girl I betcha that term hasn't been used in America or the UK since the 80s or since Princess Di has been alive. 

I will take some pics of the finished commission hats on some of my ladies when I get time. Off to get some more materials today and do some errands! Enjoy the pics!~Lisa

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Interesting links and video- doll and train related

I have been working on some doll hats! I will have pics of those up after today, but I wanted to share some links here for today. 

First up is an incredible video my husband ran across. He belongs to several European and American train collector boards on Google and facebook. No, he doesn't collect trains (we don't have the space) but he loves them and so do I. We have always toyed with the idea of building a garden railroad for the dolls and action figures but because of cats and others who let their dogs wander, we scrapped the idea. 

He stumbled across this incredible ridable train for sale! with the property in Oregan that was advertised on facebook and google. I can only surmise it is 1:6 judging by the size of the train- the gentleman is riding on it but that would make it sized to fit GI Joe and our ladies too. I have seen pics of one like this at shows like Joelanta.

There is music with it, that makes it better, I have watched it so many times. It is on my facebook page too. I tell you, if this was in my back yard, and I had my own mini train station, I would never leave it, much less sell it. I would have my food delivered by Amazon, lol. Especially if I could afford to have this! lol. 

The second video goes in depth with more photos explaining about the interior of the estate and who owns it and built it and why. The owner is a master builder of trains and works for the publishing company of modeling railroad magazine of what I can gather, but he has had people from all over the world visit the estate. In the above second video you can see people riding the train.  His wife created all the foliage in the indoor train set which is O scale I believe. The estate comes with a machine shop (which would make my husband salivate right now) where he builds the trains. 

Me. I would just happily commission him to make passenger cars for my Fashion Royalty dolls before buying it and become the private reclusive doll hoarder I have always wanted to be, LOL..sort of like Hugeuette Clark. Only with this estate, you would have everything you would need. Privacy, transportation for the dolls, lots of trees, your own private railroad to get you to the doll room. It is nice to dream fantastical dreams. LOL...I thought all of my doll friends would enjoy these videos and the possibilities. 

I also have some new Pinterest boards, that might interest you.

My newest one is my most interesting one, I think. Entitled

It is all about historic and modern pics of children and their dolls or toys. Woefully, I have found few, if any pics of modern children and their dolls to add to this board. I might make a seperate board of 1970 and up to see if I can find children and their toys. I know I would find kids my age and up but I have found few pics of children from now 'playing' with toys or dolls. It is a sad commentary I think of how technology has taken over and imagination has lost.

I have many other Pinterest boards relating to dolls and miniatures, dollhouses, and 1:6 dioramas, as told in another blog entry-
Who Loves Pinterest? from May 8th of this year, and that lists ALL of my 1:6 scale diorama Pinterest boards if you have not already found them by subject, living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom & closet, garage, great outdoors, stage and theatre, boutique & shopping, etc. I constantly find great pics on the dolly boards, flicker, my own pics, etc. and do not mind if you pin from my boards, that is what Pinterest is all about- Sharing. I do not block people if they share- only if they claim my work is theirs. I've only had to block ONE person on Pinterest who persisted in doing this and that was a big name miniature company, of all things. ?? lol. 

Anyway, Happy Sunday and have a Happy idle day of Pinning. I will be taking pics of my miniature hats and getting those pictures up and and a blog post to follow!~Lisa

Friday, July 31, 2015

Part ll of Hippy Dippy Poppy Parker & the Model Scene

Part ll of the Hippy Dippy Poppy Parker saga. Sometimes I think a doll's attraction does not grab us until we hold her in our hands, or see her.The promo pics do not really do her justice. (another doll that comes to mind is the newest Haunted Beauty - the zombie , whose pics from the Barbie convention are floating about. Her promo pics were bleh. Too pink, too unfinished, lacking. But the attendees pics of the actual doll show something that the promos did not.) And so it was with Hippy Dippy or Athena. I think the same came be said with her predecessor, Groovy Galore, our registration doll. I am so glad I went ahead and got this lovely. Though she is very basic, she is what I consider the first in the model scene with the makeup they are using on all of these dolls, the blue eye shadown, the heavy applied eyelashes, the pink lips. 

The appeal of Hippy Dippy is she came with an extra outfit, that cute boater/ evening gown with little flower sequins all over it and black stockings to go with her boots. Gave her a Nancy Sinatra/These Boots are gonna walk all over you type of look. That's the song that kept going thru my head as I did these shots. I decided to pair up Groovy Galore with her in a little black dress with her gold earrings and gold shoes, sort of a la Goldfinger from that era of the 60's versus the 70's and go from there. 

Here they are....

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hippy Dippy Poppy Parker

My lottery doll, Hippy Dippy Poppy Parker, has been here for a while, and laying about forlornly while I debated about to debox to not de-box? When I first unpacked her I wasn't taken with her. I had Starlight Poppy from convention and I thought one redhead was enough...and put the top back on the box. But then I began to see pics of her. I thought about selling her, after all she was a lottery doll and there were only 700 of her...and we all know how Integrity keeps their word on that...just check Ebay on those ultra limited dolls ...(insert evil giggle here) . ....Which, after seeing this lovely doll go for less than $200 I wasn't going to give her away, so decided to de-box and enjoy the Poppy goodness. 

I must have been out of my mind to think of selling this lovely siren. Today I decided to debox her. But I also wanted to take my time to do the right photoshoot. I am so tired of doing quickie pictures. Since slowing my schedule down I like taking my time..and getting the perfect shot. The boxes the Model scene Poppys are coming in gave me the idea of a model shoot. So I got out a few a props and began to experiment. 

I didn't show my new Poppy's little black dress today, that will be another blog entry. For today, she's hip, she's happening, she's my new model 

Enjoy the photos! ~ Lisa