Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Haunted Beauty Zombie Barbie...the last in the series

She finally arrived today! After having the most hectic day in the last three weeks of work, work and more work and not very much time for dolls, she brought a smile to my face.

Haunted Beauty  Zombie Barbie. This doll is the last in the Haunted Beauty series of four dolls- Ghost, Vampire, Mistress of the Manor, and now Zombie. Many people did not like the photos they saw when they debuted. I know I did not- they were ugly, and looked thrown together, like...ho hum it's the last one, darling they'll buy anything. Her skin tone is grey, the dress is a muted pink/grey and will change color depending on your background. So be careful with your lighting- I recommend natural light all the way. It looks spectacular on that grey skin, grey hair, and eyes with those pink/red lips. Pretty awesome. Otherwise, just auto adjust your pics. 

The dress is very nicely and well made and there is alot of tulle on the veil which I didn't expect. Her flowers are scimpy but I guess you'd expect that from a zombie. My doll was fastened into her box with superglue and extra strength ties, so don't be shy about using some strength to get her out of that box! She poses nicely. Expect her to have a little crazed look in her eyes, but hey, all zombies are crazed with hunger, right? 


Saturday, October 3, 2015

OOAK Steampunk Butterfly Barbie unveiled...

I have finally come to a point after working on this project for a few weeks that I have taken photos and I am satisfied with it. Introducing- my OOAK
Steampunk Butterfly Barbie!

"Steampunk Butterfly" is an unusual doll. Her coat is a design based off of a revolutionary jacket design, lined with green taffeta, using a Tim Holtz world map fabric, and heavily beaded on the world map lines using gold and steel grey beads. The seams are finished and edged with cream lace inside and out. Her grey taffeta bloomers are also beaded with the same color beaded design. A leather corset accents her waist and a jaunty cream lace jabot is secure at her neck with a jeweled butterfly toned accent, that matches the one in her black tricone hat accented with paper roses and huge white feathers. 

This doll just came about as I started sewing the outfit and the outfit 'morphed' into what you see now. The jacket and the pants took the longest to do because of the beading, I would say the jacket did as I had to cut out two pieces and re-bead them because they were cut incorrectly from my draft. I have long wanted to try my hand at working on one of kind dolls and this isn't bad for a first time, though I am still stuck on her earrings. I was thinking of pearls but wondering if that is too formal and maybe gold hoops or chains would be more 'edgy' ...I'm not good at edgy. lol. I was also thinking some sort of walking stick with a butterfly on the end of it might be a great finishing touch and some bling on her boots. I can never just do something but must always keep 'tweaking'....

So those are the only tweaks on this doll I would do and possibly paint her fingernails and lips a darker color , like bronze to match the coat. I already have the next OOAK project I want to do, it is a duo/set of dolls and it will be a little more in depth and quite fun. I am having fun doing this, who knows where it might lead. I also have the next custom doll projects in hand as well. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Haunted Beauty "Zombie Bride" Barbie is finally on her way home...

Well, the last doll in the Haunted Beauty series is FINALLY on her way home. Mattel deigned to finally unveil her before our third quarter rewards (for those of us who had hung on and not used them- I was one who was determined to use it on the Haunted Beauty doll or an Elf doll, whichever came first.) She was unveiled on the 28th with two days to go in September. Really Mattel? After the Scavenger Hunt TokiDoki escapade debacle???

Here are some stock photos of her. From what I understand, and photos I have seen of her at the Arlington convention attendees, she is more stunning in person. This is the last doll in the series. Zombies are not my thing, but I think she will be a great addition to my spooky dolls, and go with my vampire W club dolls great. I want so much to have a 1:6 scale haunted mansion, if I ever have room. 

She is an Aphrodite sculpt with a grey skin pallor. The dress has pink tones but I think I can do alot diorama wise with this doll as I have a church diorama already built in storage along with a tomb that fits Dracula and some of those dollar tree headstones. If I can find a table big enough I might be able to stage a Halloween monster mash type of diorama. One of my problems is being so limited on time- work has taken up a HUGE amount of my time lately with the business and dolls have just not figured into it. I have also in my very spare time been working on a one of a kind project...that I hope to finish and unveil soon. I've been sewing alot lately and it's fun. That is one reason I haven't been blogging much as my time has been devoted to this doll project. Though I have had bunches of dolly stuff and dolls arriving I haven't had much more than just a few pictures and back to work. So I hope to 'WOW' you when I am finished with this project, and then begin work on the next one. 

Barbie Collector has finally posted their video of this doll though it does not seem to be as in depth as ghost, vampire and mistress of the manor were. But it is interesting. I can see where they might have used some dollhouse miniature window castings in the background wall. Frankly, the video is kind of short and a let down for as long as they dragged out the debut on this doll. You would expect something more than just a minute or 2 minute video. They showed the sidewall scenery more than the doll. sigh. And no free shipping. 

However, one good thing- no delays or backorders on her- I got my shipping confirmation and she has been shipped so I should be receiving her by next week! So I should have some photos up in time for Halloween!
Enjoy- Lisa

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Camera Loves her Poppy Parker...

I had received my payment notice and shipping confirmation a few days ago on this Poppy and she and she is lovely. She just arrived yesterday and I just de-boxed her this morning, as I wasn't feeling well yesterday but she really brightened my day. It has been hectic here and my dryer has pooped out, luckily we have another one in the garage we use that can put in the regular dryer's place in the utility room. My doll room is still a MESS, so I set up a photo shoot on my dining room table and I thought these pics came out great.

This Poppy brings to mind for me, the late 60's and early 70's when Doris Duke was collecting Islamic art for her Shangri-la estate out in Hawaii and bringing these outlandish outfits into vogue. Of course, she and Barbara Hutton who had an estate in Morrocco could afford it. Here are some photos of Poppy.

Aren't those earrings just amazing? And the ring and bracelet are just wonderful.
I can't decide what I like better, her amazing shoes, hairdo, sequined outfit, or jewelry. I love it all. I love the makeup matching her hair and gold on the jumpsuit too. She looks so exotic. Someone on one of the boards said she would look great in the Barbie jeannie outfit and I think she would, I am tempted to get a nude one to play with. Or make a jeannie outfit for her. 

I mentioned this doll reminded me of one of American's richest heiresses and her over the top outfits. Here are a few of them playing dress up on the world stage...

First up is Doris Duke at her estate Shangri-La, 2nd is CZ Guest, a well known socialite back in the day, and then, Barbara Hutton, the Woolworth heiress, wearing one of her famous tiaras. This Poppy brings back those times of excessive partying, shopping, over the top outfits- where else would you wear a gold moo-moo with an emerald tiara except at an excessive party at your house?? I think the same would be said for Poppy's hair- where would you go with 2 or 3 inch high hair?? probably only at a photo shoot or a party at- your house! With a miniature Truman Capote in tow and lots of booze...lol.

By the way, if you'd like to see more photos of the above excessive heiresses, my Pinterest boards on Debutantes, Heiresses & Haute society  &
 Doris Duke are clickable.. 

More on this Poppy, she is so lovely-

I hope you have enjoyed the pics!~Lisa

*And the Camera certainly does love her....

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Through the Garden Gate Antiques Open House finds...

I had a great morning antique/yardsaling/thrifting this morning. The hubcap needed to buy some batteries- REALLY expensive batteries for his big worktruck, (not ordinary batteries mind you, since this is a heavy duty worktruck for LeoPaul & Associates and he needed two of them amongst other items. We then had breakfast and were off to the church yard sale which had a slew of stuff and people. Our church has a huge yard sale this time of year for the support of the Haiti people and it takes up several rooms of the church. I found a couple of items. 

First up was this cute little baker's rack for .50 cents. I knew it would work in one of my dioramas, especially with some of my foods on it. 

Next up was this wreath for $5 ...it is a little large for the front door, and in good condition. I might hang it over the fireplace instead as it is a tight fit when we shut the door between the storm door and inside door. Thinking of adding a bow of some sort or maybe some feathers for Thanksgiving. 

Next up was Through the Garden Gate Antiques . I have given the link to their facebook page here. They were having open house today with refreshments. Garden Gate is a conglomerent of shops/booths and one main artist shop and the whole building is owned and operated by either a group or one lady who is a designer, kind of boho. Through the Garden Gate is the main shop where all the action was happening and she was there signing white pumpkins if you purchased one. You don't always see her there. She is known for her what I refer to as 'grunge' boho jewelry and clothing but the shop is just fantastic. The women were fighting over spray painted furniture, skeletons, upcycled clothing, you name it. And elegant-upcycled Halloween always brings out the crazy buyers! LOL..I am one too. lol. Here are some photos of her back room...

This was a cute table, painted white strewn with glitter painted spiders and owls and tea stained books tied with twine...

A side chest also distressed white and done really spooky halloween. 

Two mannequins were dressed in tulle as ghostly witches, everything in the room was white, beige with soft shades of cream and then black.

This was the bed, with backdrops of tree branches nailed up on the wall, and shutters and you can't see it in the photo but angel wings made out of tin roofing and rusted with a heart in the middle . The pillows are made out of burlap! and she sells them. I think these are new ones she just sewed up. It's a hoot how these people from D.C. and Maryland and New Jersey and Charlottesville come to this store and snatch this stuff up. 

This was on one of the night tables..the old photo, crucifix I guess she thought looks creepy, which it does. She tea stained an old lace tablecloth and draped it over the lampshade rim.

I thought it was really cool what she did with these old vintage pics- she photo copied them and then cut the shapes out on wood. They were going for 14.95

I loved this sign, in rust above the antique baby clothes..

The chairs on the walls with the ancient teddy bears and the old dolls were some of my favorites. She doesn't use old dolls much and sometimes when she does she tears them up and uses their body parts in weird ways like using the arms on a piece of jewelry or something. 

So I didn't buy anything in this shop...but I did get something in another booth in the consignment part. I found American Girl Felicty's bed, which had been retired about five or six years ago, and it was cheap!

I remember seeing the lady bring it into her booth about two weeks ago when I had absolutely no money for extra stuff. I thought for sure someone would snatch it up. She had put $75 on it at that time and it was a steal. It has never been played with, of if it has, it might only be missing its tie backs, but I'm not sure. It has its mattress, pillow, the ties on the canopy appear to have its original bows from the factory! Nothing broken or damaged! I was told she came in and marked it down to $65 so I paid $68 when you figure in sales tax. I was so bummed when they retired Felicity I purchased as much as I could of her collection. I could not afford Elizabeth and her garments or the horse or this bed. When I saw it was still there today, I snatched it up. Some other doll furniture I had wanted for Annabelle had already been purchased so I wasn't leaving this lovely. 

I set up a little diorama for her...it looks awesome with my bjd Gracie as well. I know it isn't 1:6 scale, but hey they're dolls. 

And here it is with Gracie...

Since these props are so incredibly big, I keep them stored for obvious reasons and I can't keep my big displays up which hopefully will be rectified when the barn studio is done. Then my big girls will have shelf displays or I hope to have some shelf display in my new doll room. This bed is HUGE. I know now why I lusted after it. The toile and gingham are gorgeous. I would have loved to have had something like this as a little girl, now I can indulge myself as an adult. Gracie looks beautiful beside this bed. Her dress is a little slip shod but this was a quick photo shoot. Right now this was set up on my dining room table which is folded down to its smallest size and I set up my largest foamcore sheeting around it, with my Bespaq pieces. Enjoy!