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The 1:6 scale dollhouse blog...

I have loved dolls and dollhouses and miniatures, all my life. 1:6 scale is an exciting scale and challenge since there is so little out there in the way of this 'playscale' to make our dioramas and scenes look 'real'. Since I love a challenge, my 1:6 scale world has become one of my most favorite to work in, though from time to time I do showcase my 1:12 scale miniature collection here as well.

I hope you enjoy my endeavors into 1:6 scale and will follow my blog and the projects I work on with my fashion dolls in my collection. Please follow us & enjoy the pictures- tell your friends as well!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tiny cars....

With the holiday season there are so many cute photos of dolls, doing holiday things.
One of my friends on Facebook and Flicker had purchased these Hallmark Kiddie car classics for her tiny bjd's. Of course, Wren had to have the happy jingle bells firetruck. 

She is sickenly cute in it, it matches her little pj's I made for her. I'm thinking of taking off her wig and putting a little green cap on that I made, and then she would match it. 
It also fits Tommy and Kelly, Liddle Kiddles and Felix Brownies or Puki Pukis.

Tommy didn't fit all the way in because of his shoes. The other Kiddie Classics fit the tiny dolls better. Here is an example of Amelia Thimble in kiddie classic 
Just too cute for words. Hallmark ornaments make great props for the tinies and also make great toys for a 1:6 scale toy shop.  I would love to do a 1:6 scale dollhouse/miniature shop in my town. sigh, so many dioramas to build, so little room!! 
Been very busy so it's been hard to take many Christmas photos, and I am reluctant to take down Santa's library/study just yet. I have wanted to do another video but during the week it will be tough. All for now-

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Decorating the Tree at the Manor...

I have been very busy, but finally found time to take the pictures of the Baroness and the family decorating the tree. The children have arrived, and a cozy evening around the tree with Uncle Giles helping the children. My dramatic Living vintage Skipper got a new dress for the occasion, and visited Santa with my vintage Buffy.

I am sorry for a lull in the blogging, as I have been distracted with work and waiting for this Skipper's dress to come in. I wanted to dress ALL of the Skippers and Tutti in holiday finery, but it is difficult to find handmade artists who use pleasing fabrics in a holiday pattern like Nancy's doll things that are in scale. Some of the fabrics of the handmade items are too big in their patterns and looks like the doll would be wrapped in wrapping paper versus wearing a cute holiday dress. I hope this artist lists some more as her work is very good and looks lovely on Skipper, especially the vintage girls. I have been meaning myself to buy some vintage Skipper patterns and make some dresses for them.My very first Skipper was Malibu Skipper, who I adored , then Growin' Up SKipper- (considered so very controversial back in the 70's!) who I loved even more. I also have a Fluff in her original outfit that I would love to dress up and need to add Scooter and Ricky to my collection too. 
More to come!~Lisa

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Now selling on the Doll Pages!

As many of you may know, I have stopped selling on Ebay. I am not going to be listing my dolls on The Doll Pages . Click on the link and it will take you to my About me page and my listings. 

For right now, I have reduced the price on some of these convention dolls-
Le Smoking Adele, $150, Chrome Noir Erin , $150, Zing! & Oomph! Basic ITBE dolls $110.  I will combine shipping if purchasing more than one doll, and insure the dolls. 

I will be adding more convention dolls as soon as those photos are taken and processed. If you are looking for a GLOSS convention Fashion Royalty Intimate Reveal Agnes, Nuface Sensuous Affair Giselle, or Elise Jolie please let me know. You can Email me with your inquiries on price.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Toys for Tots....

This is one diorama that I have been wanting to incorporate for a while into my doll town scenes- the Toys for Tots charity that the Marines do every year for needy children at Christmas. This is dear to my heart as my daughter Amanda has just enlisted in the Marines and is away this year at Christmas. She is a third generation, as her father was a Marine and her grandfather was as well. 


The toy bin was made from a Sun-maid raisin package, covered with contact paper and stuffed with paper, gifts and toys. The Toys for Tots graphics were copied from the internet and printed off and taped onto the easel and bin. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Elf on the Shelf couture....

My Cruz now has a new outfit thanks to Elf on the Shelf . Today I was in Target and ended up spending money, something I didn't want to do, but Target has so much in the way of diorama and doll candy I can't resist. I had seen Elf on the Shelf last year and didn't really pay attention. But it is a cute idea I am thinking of doing- the cuteness of the website has sucked me into Christmas-cuteness-sweet factor here. 
It is a little short on his arms, but it might fit the Mattel boys better. It matches his ski hat I made him out of the leftover Christmas socks- I need more of these with the black, it is a really cool pattern. The elf on the shelf items come in either boy or girl and apparently you can dress your elf up. There is a cool bomber jacket that I am going to go back and get as well as a football jersey that I think my Santa might need to have too. 

Johnny isn't impressed, lol. I might try the blouse on him if his arms are shorter. 
While at Target I also found ONE Christmas Chelsea left at my Target. 
She is very cute, I am not surprised that I can't find the rest of them- her little shoes are elf shoes!

While I was making Johnny's sweater, I also made my mini american girl Kirsten a little hat similar to the retired set.

All this elf on the shelf stuff has given me some ideas of how to add fun to the dioramas for Christmas! Elf on the shelf items can also be found at Hallmark, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other places that carry it. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sweater Boys...

So last night since plans changed, I worked on some sock sweaters for Johnny and my Dynamite boy Auden. I have never really bonded with him because A) His weird hair started standing up like a bad Adam Ant night mare B) His shoes are impossible to get off unless you unless them completely.
But- I loved his little heart tattoo, his outfit, and blonde hair. I need to do a boil on his hair and just restyle it. But for now- he has been renamed in the interests of diorama purposes as Kris Kringle, Santa's grown son. I blame it on sweater socks...

Auden (Kris Kringle) has a cute little hat and I made Johnny a hat to match but it is going to end up on my Cruz aka Barry Gibb. Johnny's hair is just a mess and all over the place. His sweater turned out more bohemian than fair isle like I wanted. Of course, I couldn't resist some pics of them shopping and decorating the tree. 

Kris helping mom and dad in the study...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Santa's study...

I have worked on Santa's study where he and Mrs. Claus relax, and he attends to his correspondence and works on the naughty and nice lists. 
*If the pics seem a little off, I apologize. At the last minute I decided to go with these green foamcore walls as the red seemed to bright and garish. The dark color is hard to light without glare, I may get some clear film to tone down the lights on other photos.

Santa's desk, leather chair and red dragon chair and tea table are all Bespaq. The large chair in the corner is from Cotswold collectibles and fits him better. The fireplace and screen are by Jim Coates Miniatures on Ebay. 
I resized photos and put them in the frames of Santa and Mrs. Claus also a picture of an English thatched cottage over the mantel. The buck trophy is a Christmas ornament. Mrs. Claus sits with Wren (a Realpuki SoSo ball jointed doll by Fairyland bjd) telling her a story before bedtime. Most of the little items are hallmark or rement ornaments and other miniatures I collected. 

Hope youenjoythe photos!~Lisa