Thursday, June 14, 2018

Barbie Find of the Week: The Barbie Ferrari

I attended an auction last weekend and was lucky enough to score the hard to find 1990 Barbie Ferrari. It was in a table lot of other doll items, and is the one item I am keeping for myself. The most wonderful part of the 'score' is that it came with its original box! I am over the moon on this part of the score , as I have my vintage country camper that I had to pay almost top dollar on ebay to acquire the original vintage box. I acquired a whole table of dolls and doll items for a small amount and this lovely vintage item, as well as some other 1990's Barbies that I am selling on my EBAY CURRENT AUCTIONS starting at 9.99, one of which includes Wedding Day Midge. 

The car is missing its windshield, and some of its stickers. The box has dents and scuffs from storage, but the graphics are bright. I am hoping I can perhaps find a windshield on ebay. The gearshift, amazingly, the most fragile piece, is still intact on the interior! So is the steering wheel. This item has apparently been enjoyed by some little girl , and stored somewhere hot, as the stickers are lifting on the seats and lights. Some restoration may be in order. I am just glad I was able to get this beauty for pennies on the dollar in a table lot!


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Happy World Doll Day!

Happy World Doll Day! 

History of World Doll Day: 

The First World Doll Day was established on June 14th, 1986 with a letter by Mildred Seeley. It was created to spread the universal message of happiness and love.

So today I did my part and went out, and saved some dolls at a local auction that had great stuff to bid on. A few of those items were some table lots with tons of dolls and doll items, 2 table lots which I won! And some doll items which I lost- 😠 and then a bunch of other items which I was pleased to win- which had nothing to do with dolls. 

I had planned to have some wonderful beautiful picturesque photos of dollies having tea and doing dolly things, but maybe I should just show you the dollies I 'saved' in honor of World Doll Day. Some will stay, some will go. Here are a couple of the table lots. 

The Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls were damaged, their hands were broken. They are porcelain dolls and I didn't notice this until I got them into the car. The Barbies are Christmas dolls and their boxes are damaged but the GOLD is the Barbie Ferrari that comes with its BOX- it is sitting on its original box. That has been hard to find for me and I have been looking for items with their original box without paying a fortune. I purchased the whole table for what I what would have paid for one item on ebay. I am not particularly excited about the generic grandma porcelain dolls but I may be able to move some of them in my ebay store or mercari. The table cost me very little. The other table lot gave me some Christmas barbies as well so I scooped up some great products. There are some great dolls that are really beautiful actually - as well as some angel toppers in this lot. 

So I leave you with some photos of my not seen so often Vintage Cissy having Tea...

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Golden Holiday Poppy Parker

I have had this doll for a couple of months now, maybe since March? and also the Evelyn Cinderalla Fashion Fairytale doll who I haven't deboxed yet. I have been really slow to debox my dolls.  I haven't even got around to doing decent photos of my Dorothy Poppy Parker who I have had since last year and is sitting forlornly on my shelf de-boxed but no photo time. 

I also had ordered two of the plastic trees that went with this doll , you could order this Poppy as a set with a tree, and then additional trees. I ordered another tree to have two trees to make it even in case I wanted to do a store/shop scene with that incredible Egyptian pyramid dress she had going on there. I haven't set up the trees, they are still in their box as I just don't have the getty-up and go to do much with my dolls lately.  I have been trying to work on my dollhouse for Annabelle and Marie Terese and it has been hard. 

This doll came with ALOT of accessories- like overload. She came with jewelry, a purse, earrings, a ring, really cute shoes, pluse the Tree, as well as Christmas present boxes with intricate package detailing. One box was triangular and had three ornaments in it! So it was a real plus on this doll. She would be cool in an Andy Warhol scene from his famous foil room, with the clashing gold. Reminds me a bit of the famous Stetthemeir dollhouse in New York from the 1920's. 

I am going to try to pick up and blog a bit more to motivate myself more on the projects or craft things I do, and my progress once more. Even it is some piddle craft thing I do, to get back into the swing of my creativity which has been so lacking & lacklustre. 
All for now- Lisa

Monday, June 4, 2018

Update on the vintage dollhouse

It has been so long since I blogged here. And when I checked, it has been an even longer time since I blogged about my vintage thrift find, the dollhouse I am going to be decorating for Annabelle and Marie Terese, my French Fashion reproduction dolls. 

So here are some photos I took over the weekend, with my camera. 

The whole house

Annabelle & Marie Terese in the kitchen

Marie Terese in the kitchen

Kitchen & dining room

Annabelle in the parlor

Marie Terese in her bedroom

Annabelle in her bedroom.

I have found two beds on ebay that I am currently hoping to get, just have to save up the funds for them right now. My problem in finding suitable beds was size for the dolls and to fit the rooms, and also period correct. 

I have had alot of inspiration on my backstory of this house. 
Marie-Terese is the little sister of Annabelle. I haven't decided on their last name as of yet. Since I live in the South, I am thinking of making them live in their family home/plantation farm named Queensfield, after a plantation near me here in King William County. It received a charter from King William and Queen Mary ll and looks like a large brick farmhouse with dairy barns, etc. I think I might have the story they inherited the home from their parents who died during the war of fever or perhaps their mother died when Marie Terese was small and Father died just recently after being an invalid. 

I have been neglecting the house lately, I purchased it about two or three months ago. It sits in my garage since it is so large, on a table behind my desk. Since it is beginning to get warmer now I will be able to add furniture and pictures on the walls. Suitable chairs for the dining room will be difficult, but I have a couple in mind. The rooms are small so I cannot put too much in them. 

I am hoping to get in the future, a beau/gentleman doll that will be Annabelle's beau or husband and possibly a doll that can be a maid or housekeeper. You can't have too many french fashion dolls! lol. Right now I am attempting to find the time to sew some new clothes for them for a picnic challenge for the French Fashion Doll group I belong to. We are creating picnic outfits and doing scenes with our dolls for them. I would love to do an adorable red and white striped dress for Mare Terese with a butterfly net and a nice white lace dress for Annabelle with a straw hat. So much sewing!!!

I am currently working on a small quilt, just for fun. Lately it takes forever for me to finish projects, so hopefully it will be done in time. 

We are having some very bad weather- it has been pouring here in the county where I live so I was unable to go to my fashion doll club meeting yesterday. The roads were so flooded it was unsafe. 

Hopefully that will clear up soon. Enjoy the pics! Lisa

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Mattel has come out with some adorable Despicable Me! Minion outfits for Barbie which fit Poppy. 

I also collect those adorable little minion minis. I decided this past weekend to get one of the Poppy's dressed up , my favorite- Pillow Talk, and the only item that I could get on her was the tank top, because of her hands. She is not on the handspeak body making it difficult to put tight armed clothing on her. 

You know your minion collection is out of control, lol....

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Happy Birthday to me...

Today is my birthday, and I celebrated it with my husband. The doll in the photo is my oldest Barbie from my childhood collection, a busy live action walking Barbie. I have her original walking stand, which still works. I love this doll. 

Sometimes having a great dinner at home cooked by your husband is the ticket, a steak, a baked potato, a salad, and cake- delicious wonderful cake. 

Enjoy the pics!
Happy May Day!