Saturday, March 19, 2011

Annabelle getting ready for bed....

After bringing home the furniture from the store out of the one sixth scale dollhouse, I couldn't resist setting up a small photo op with Annabelle and my gorgeous Bespaq bed. As you can see, it suits her to a tee. I know now that Annabelle may need a sister or cousin....(just another excuse for another doll!) and more sewing! I have purchased the fabric- two kinds of pink checked gingham and am torn...there was a silky gingham with gold threads running through it that would at first I thought do well for that dress that the doll wears on the cover of the book, but I also purchased a smaller check in same colors in seersucker and I think that may be what the dress will be made of. Yeah Joann's sale. I have ordered a back issue of Gildebrief magazine from Dollbooksandmore on ebay, so one of the patterns I need for Annabelle's first dress may be int here. I may work on her petticoat and pantalets this weekend, if I have time.
You may want to browse my Flickr album as I am involved with doing what is called A Doll a Day project for 365 days...Annabelle is featured in some of the photos. This group is more fun than some of the other project groups on flicker, who require dates on your pics, restrictions up the yazoo, so it isn't fun. Many people use the same doll in different poses every day, which is comical. I look at it as my thing I do every morning, and it helps me to focus more on my dolls, especially my fashion dolls.
A Quick Note on the Bespaq Bedroom suite:   This is no longer manufactured, and is sold out. Though I appreciate your kind comments, please do not ask me if I will sell this- I will not as it is part of my private collection, and I post pics for the enjoyment of everyone. I do sell 1:6 scale Bespaq, which you can find on my Ebay site Pumpkin Hill Studios & also my website King William Miniatures & Collectibles .
 Thank you again..


Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost ready for the move...

Well, the divas have moved out and the one sixth scale dollhouse (otherwise known as Maison de la Royale) is ready for moving. While we were at our shop, over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, the dollhouse graced our window and I was glad to say, gave a great deal of enjoyment to passersbys and children, young & old. The dolls had a good time being the divas & devos they are, and they enjoyed the attention.
This morning I went over to the shop early to move the furniture, since most of it is quite fragile, and rare. Hopefully now the dollhouse will be gracing the den and more adventures of the dolls will be coming soon. I hope during this transition tha tis so wacky to have time to take some photos of the individual pieces for a few photo shots, so everyone can see the detail on some of the pieces.
Happy Friday!~Lisa

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Poppy Parker- Fun with Ribbon!

It has been so busy about here, but was experimenting with some ribbon the other day. I got the idea partially from the newest CDDC challenge, which is to make an outfit out of ribbon, and thought hmmm, that is so cool. I am addicted to ribbon myself, and usually buy it to decorate for parties, presents, etc. vs. buying alot of the plastic nylon stuff to decorate with. Shopping in Joann's, I found the most marvelous striped ribbon that reminded me a bit of Poppy Parker and her modish 60's style. The enitre dress is made of ribbon, the only trim is her daisys on the top of the bodice and her headband, also made of ribbon matching her straps.
I wish to make clear that though I am following the CDDC closely, I am doing the challenges on my own- I am not a contestant. Sewing for my dolls has been one of my goals in the new year, especially since acquiring my sweet French Fashion doll Annabelle, shown below.
I was also excited while at Joann's because I found the most wonderful pink checked gingham like material, only like silk/satin tha twill be perfect for Annabelle's dress as it looks in the book by Tasha Tudor. Right now all I have been able to finish on this is her negligee. I would love to have her in a lovely dress by Easter- so I had better step up to it!
Update on the 1:6 scale dollhouse- she is almost packed up and ready to move. The big deal was moving the furniture out of the dollhouse- I am hoping to bring that home today in my spare time. he furniture is so delicate and each has to be packed so it doesn't get damaged.  This will be my oppurtunity to get the kitchen floor redone- as I could not put my Sindy kitchen oven range that matched the sink and stove.
I hope you have enjoyed the pics of Poppy all ready for Easter!~Lisa

Sunday, March 13, 2011

East Meets West design finished...

Instead of altering my former post, I decided to just add an updated post with the finished design. The only thing I did not finish was her fan accessory, which I wanted to handpaint- Ihad finished the handle, but not the fan part itself. I was very pleased with my very first design for a fashion doll, my husband loved it after I showed him the doll staged & ready for pics. Here she is- Agnes in 'East Meets West' .....

Shown here with my Red Dragon Bespaq wingchair, my design, manufactured for my company King William Miniatures & Collectibles,  by the Bespaq international.

Enjoy the pics! I am off to the next design!~Lisa

Couture Doll Design Challenge!

The Couture Doll Design Challenge, otherwise known as CDDC , has started a spring season. I have always wanted to do this challenge, since watching my friend Em'lia do the challenge and win about two years ago with her blog Creazione= creations in miniature & her flicker albums as well. Her designs were so inspiring, and the other contestants as well. The first challenge has been posted to the CDDC Website and yahoo group, and it is all about ribbons- the judge who came up with 'Tie one on!' is the owner of Masterstroke Canada- Dressmaker Details, Steven Fraser.  A few days ago when I saw the tentative schedule & contestants up for the challenge, I decided now was the time to challenge myself. I wished to complete the outfit before CDDC's 1st challenge was up- but I only have one piece to sew and the jewelry to finish- and I am done with my East Meets West challenge.  The entire outfit is handcrafted, no patterns used, handsewn, and even the shoes are made. My purpose in challenging myself was to spur on my creativity, and force myself to try new things- such as sewing, and see if I have what it takes to work with fabrics in clothing for dolls.

First I started with the sketches I had come to mind...and looked through my stash of fabrics.
I had already created the forms for the shoes, now I needed to pick out the color of paint to match the two contrasting fabrics. I finally settled on Tuscan Red.

In my design of East Meets West, I was designing for a young urbanite western (American ) woman who has made her home & life in Japan, and is married to a wealthy  business man. She loves the new fashion in Japan, and has an edgy, elegant style. My design was a sheath style with seperate bodice, skirt, and a sash that attaches in the back that resembles teh Obi sash on a kimono. The shoes are meant to resemble the torturous clogs/shoes that aristacratic Oriental woman wore to make their feet smaller, and these heels must be torturous to my Agnes Von Weiss model.  Shoes were handsculpted out of paperclay. inside soles are red leather, with floss ties.
           I will be posting more pics later when her jewelry and other part of the outfit is finished...

Though I admit my design is far from finished, and does not equal some of the contestants who are competing in this awesome doll courture challenge, I was pleased with my 1st try. I actually also enjoyed sewing the outfit, which surprised me. I shopped for the beads and supplies to make the dolls jewelry to match this. the lacings on her bodice also tie around the Obi sash. I finished her hairpiece items and still have to complete her fan accessory as well. I hope to be updating this entry later with the finished pictures, so stay tuned, and enjoy the new CDDC challenge site! I am trying to figure out a design using ribbons!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Annabelle in the mirror...

I couldn't resist posting these pics here on the, the one sixth scale dollhouse has not yet come home yet, but I had some fun the other day posing Annabelle with Bespaq's 1:6 cheval mirror and some props..she loves her new negligee & I am working on a new dress for her as well...sigh, more sewing. But I have to admit sewing for these dolls is such fun! I am working on replicating Blondinette's stationary set for her, which is almost done, and might soon appear on Pumpkin Hill Studios on Etsy. I have been working on some artisan items & selling thru Etsy, so keep a watch onour new site.
I am still looking for matching fabricx to replicate the first dress in pink stripes/checks in Tasha's book A is for Annabelle. I am also looking for a similar pattern. The pattern for her negligee is from Gildebrief's summer 2010 issue, modified a bit - I used lace that was more in scale for Annabelle.
Enjoy the pics- more to come soon!~Lisa

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project finished!

Project finished! Annabelle finally now has a deshabille' or negligee. I started with a pattern from Gildebrief, and went from there. I modified it a bit, because the pattern called for a more thinner fabric than the muslin I used. I also did away with the wide ruffle of the original pattern, which looked rather awkward to me for such a delicate doll. I used a very narrow transparent white lace to edge her collar, cuffs, hem and down the front and a blue silk ribbon for the bow. Simplicity in my mind always speaks louder for elegance than garish lace that is not real lace. The original pattern had used a lace that was too out of scale for this delicate lady, I am pleased with my first attempt at her deshabille. I am thinking of working on a more ambitious project after I finish the rest of her underpinnings, if I can get the patterns for teh gowns. It will be a while before I begin the first of the dresses from A is for Annabelle, still looking forthe appropriate fabric for the pink dress on the cover of the book.
All for now- Enjoy the pics! Annabelle is standing with a Bespaq Louis XV embroidered armchair, and a OOAK prototype china cabinet behind her, also Bespaq.