Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some new Residents of Barbietown....

Some new residents have arrived in Barbietown, some by design, and one, by happenstance like this action figure guy. He was picked up on sale at Big Lots while I was browsing one day killing time. This realistic guy was purchased on a markdown at $6 but was actually $5.48 when the purchase was done at the register. He also came with cool accessories- bullet proof body armour vest, a knife that came with case that can be strapped onto his suit, walkie talkie, extra ammo case, and handgun with silencer and case- plus his M-16 as well. Only thing I do not like about him is his hands, which appear to be gloved and permanent. Don't know what this guy's name will be, but I am thinking it is super top secret- and he may join my  security forces team in Barbietown. Yeah, I'm hooked on action figures!

I was fortunate enough to enter the lottery for the W club's IT exclusives...and win both!The one in pink is called 'Spring' and the one that has just arrived this week is 'Summer'. Summer takes my breath away. They both use the Evie face sculpt. I have shown them here together and the clothes and shoes are incredible...for dolls that are supposed to be 'playline' (if there is such a thing as playline in the W club-) I would love to see more of them! Summer's face sculpt has a very Asian look to it, now this is an excuse for me to look for a Takeo so I can have an Asian family in Barbietown...oh the diorama possibilities! Spring, in pink, I simply call Evie right now as it seems to fit her...but Summer may need a more Japanese sounding name-- Summer-San??
I will be going to my Va. Fashion doll club meeting this afternoon, and hopefully will have tons of pictures of the meeting and our central focus- 'Parade of Cars' which looks at the different Barbie vehicles thru the years.Our theme is we bring a doll or dolls and a vehicles, with a display idea of where the dolls are going, on a trip, errand, etc and dressed appropriately. Hopefully will have tons of pictures.
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