Saturday, June 2, 2012

Progress made...primed & furniture placement

Yesterday I made some progress on priming the builder's foam structure.
Tip* don't use a solvent spray paint, it likes to eat the foam. :) Use a latex paint to prime and cover the pink or blue colors of the foam. Here are some progress photos.

The bottom picture is what happens to the foam when you add a solvent spray paint. Also, builder's foam comes with a protective plastic sheeting, peel this off when you cut your walls, it won't allow the foam to absorb the paint or glue. The solvent paint creates a cool crumbling plaster effect, This would be really cool to do with war dioramas or a haunted mansion, or wall.
Haven't decided what this will be yet. Still thinking of going with a bakery, but I did think
of a cute Mickey Mouse themed sweet shop, since I have all of the Disney Re-ment all about. For some reason, I am drawn to Mickey & Minnie Mouse! Plus I have the Disney Mouseketeer barbie I got at the show in February cheap.
Here is some furniture placement-

Before I primed, I used a  few pieces just to see if it would be too crowded. The purple counter with the register I picked up with its side counter cheap for .50 at a yard sale! I have had the Rement counter and the Mickey Mouse Rement table & chairs for a while. It might work with one of the counters and maybe two sets of tables and chairs. Has to be room for bread and cakes and pies, oh my! I originally began building this as an experiment to see if it would work, but I think this will be a cool addition to Barbietown. Trying to decide on the exterior, should I do stucco, brick, stone,?? So many decisions! Enjoy, more to come when I get time.

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