Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the Queen's Diamond Jubilee diorama in Barbietown!

I have always loved the Royals, especially Princess Diana, when she was alive. So watching Prince William marry Kate Middleton last year was extremely awesome, since I have watched him in the press with his family every since he was born. As a result, I now own two Royal wedding giftsets from Mattel- one in their costumes/bridal attire, as well as winning the dolls on Ebay nude in seperate auctions. I warn you- they go for exhorbitant prices, but are well worth it to redress. I am probably going to convert my nude Kate recently won on Ebay to a pivatol body, since her model muse feet do not fit the shoes available!

But onto the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration- and what a celebration! I have started this ongoing diorama for this year, so pictures will be posted as I complete each segment. I am currently working on the doll that will represent the Queen- re-rooting her now. Her white dress and coat, and hat will be approached when the doll herself is done. I have saved pics of Kate's outfits that are so lovely, and will probably begin work on them- simple sheaths and her looks is lovely.

For now, though, I have some quick pictures of the happy couple on a simple 'walkabout' in Barbietown. I have not yet lined up the residents for a parade, the Duke & Duchess are on a tour of the town they are visiting, while staying at Baroness Von Weiss' mansion which she has graciously loaned them.

The dress Kate is wearing is from a Silkstone outfit pack; her hat is from Walking Suit Silkstone, purse is from Silkstone Mad Men Betty Draper, shoes- The Dolls' Cobbler- her link is on the side of favorite links).
The Display boutique window is dressed with 1996 Special Edition Winter Fantasy gown and shoes - currently on Ebay auction NOW. (I also have the Winter Fantasy Barbie Nude, on auction too.)The crown is from a Disney Barbie? I think. Chandelier is a Michael's Christmas ornament, and table is a OOAK Bespaq tea table from my collection. The little knight is from a candy machine and the picture of Queen Victoria is a dollhouse miniature. I made the topiary tree as well.
I hope you enjoy the pictures, as much as I have putting them together so quickly. I will be critiquing this , but wanted to get something up today in honor of the Queen's Jubilee Celebration!
Long Live the Queen!

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