Saturday, June 9, 2012

Agnes Von Weiss' 'real' obsession...

Everyone has it wrong, Agnes Von WEiss didn't start the model empire to get attention- she started it for her secret obsession- dolls, dollhouses, antique dolls, Barbie dolls, etc. Both Agnes & 'Agatha' her cousin, are fighting over Grandmother's dollhouse, which Agnes 'stole'... LOL...Enjoy! Photobucket I cannot believe you Agnes...stealing the other models from the other agencies is low, but GRANDMOTHER'S DOLLHOUSE! Agnes: Yes I know, but you were too busy 'dating' to the dollhouse is MINE.. Photobucket Agatha- '...And this chair- you told me YOU broke it!' Photobucket AGnes: 'well, yes I did. But I bought an exact replica from the original miniaturist artisan who created it FOR ME.' Agatha: Agnes! tHE maid approaches with an antique doll in her arms... Photobucket Maid: 'Madame, this just arrived from that auction house...where shall I put her?' Agatha- UP YOURS AGNES! Agnes- thank you Lucia, yes, put her in my bedroom....and just for that Agatha, I won't give you the Barbie Dollhouse! Photobucket One of the gorgeous male models, visiting today at Agnes' behest, arrives with a dollhouse in his arms... 'Uhm, Miss Von Weiss, where should I put this one?' Photobucket Agnes;' Oh thank you dear, my you look smashing in that outfit. Please put the 1965 Marx tin dollhouse down carefully..." Romain thinking, 'wow, this is one weird modeling gig...dressing up and moving dollhouses!' Agatha- '...and one of our most GORGEOUS models is moving dollhouses around- no wonder the company is going south! and no wonder they're drinking! ' Agnes: ' Do you honestly think I - MOI, am going to pickup that heavy dollhouse??? Besides, what is better- a gorgeous man at your beck and call moving the dollhouses and dolls around...I can't do it all!' Photobucket

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