Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Parade of Cars...Va. Fashion DOll club

I didn't have much time yesterday to write the blog post about my Barbie club meeting- I belong to the Va. Fashion Doll club in Richmond, Va. Our doll club is originally mostly collectors interested in Vintage Barbie and Silkstones, but there are alot of us who collect other dolls as well- Tonner, Madame Alexanders, Cissy, BJD's, Fashion Royalty, just to name a few of the fashion dolls that might pop up at one of our meetings. Mostly, the focus is on Barbie. This meeting this month central focus was on Barbie's mode of transportation- vehicles, boats, airplanes, bikes, campers, cars, you name it. Our theme was 'Parade of Car's. ....Here are a few picks to get you started!

We had so many neat ideas on our displays! The club members really did outdid themselves, especially one of our club ladies, Jodie who brought her entire? collection of Irwin cards, from Ken's roadster to Skippper/Alan's mercedes as well as the Austin Healey. The pink rolls royce, an off brand car, was hers as well as the beach buggy and Barbie orange and yellow camper! So vintage! As a child, I had both the beach buggy and the yellow camper and so regret my mother giving them away....which Is why I am now haunting Ebay for them!lol
My idea since I didn't have a regular Mattel brand name car-- simply the Bratz corvette, I decided that I would have it as though Queen of the Parade would be my theme- and Miss Barbietown- Retro Becky would be driven by Grandpa Sunshine- these are the only dolls that would fit as this vehicle was made for small dolls- mainly the Bratz series. I had two mini American Girl dolls dressed as cheerleaders as if they were walking in the parade.
Surprisingly- I won the display contest! I was stunned- I usually don't win that
 many contests! Here is a photo of what I won- a scarf from Mattel!

 I was really pleased, and had loads of fun at the meeting. Plus one of my Wu cohorts in club brought Sabrina Most Sophisticated gift set and Baby It's You Poppy Parker giftset-- which has me trolling everywhere for these two items--- I was so broke in Jan. I couldn't preorder them.
Enjoy the pics!

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