Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More progress on diorama...

Progress! More has been done to the structure I was experimenting? with, and it is taking on a
king of retro diner vibe. I was racking my brains as to the outside exterior- brick? Stone? stucco? exposed brick?? and was trying to keep within the budget of supplies already on hand. Unfortunately, I was out of Magic Brick, which is what I used for the faux brick wall for my skateboard and which you can see in Barbietown occasionally.
Instead, I searched for pics of diners on the internet and came up with stone, or cement poured, or a silver paneled wall on the outside, very 50's diner-ish feel. Which I liked, more so because of the silver contact shelf paper I had in my stash! I had just enough to do the outside walls left on the roll! I had long ago purchased this border paper from Sherwin Williams- it is actual wallpaper, but used for borders on real walls or a kitchen. The squares are the perfect scale for 1:6 scale tile. On the exterior, I am thinking of finishing it with molding painted silver so the upper half looks like white concrete walls, with maybe coke adds or Disney adds on the outside. As to what the diner/ bakery/ will actually be, that remains to be seen, since it is rather small. I was at first thinking of a bakery , which I still may do, or a fountain like it was called in the old days- a soda fountain maybe? Dunno, but I'm having fun. More to come when I get the interior done, and further along on the exterior!

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