Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6 AM in Mickey D's...

The staff at Barbietown's Local McDonald's has woken up very early and are trudging into work.  The usual staff is Ryan, Ryan's younger brother Ricky, and Hannah.

Ricky, unfortunately, is running a trifle late as he has started dating Brie. Brie is a year older, and has her own car 'Daddy' purchased for her when she turned 16 two years ago. The two have been an 'item' about Barbietown lately, cruising in Brie's Jag.

Ricky: Last night was so much fun...but I'm going to be in trouble. I know Ryan is going to be on me like ...well, he's gonna be mad.
Brie: But we had so much fun! Don't you like going to the all night movies? All of us had a blast!
Ricky: yeah, I had loads of fun! But didn't get any sleep, and I am pulling a long shift today...
Brie: Well, sorry I kept you out so late. But I can pick you up if you want me to!
Ricky: I dunno. Depends alot on today's workload...and Ryan is a slave driver sometimes.
But thanks so much for letting me drive your car---this car is smooth!
Brie: Just don't let Daddy find out. He would KILL me...or cut off my allowance..
(Ricky doesn't know what to say to that, so he prepares to get out of the car...)
Ricky: 'Brie, you'll give me a call today, right?
(nervous and apprehensive about how he feels for her- yep, he has fallen for her a bit!)
Brie: Well of course silly! I've got some shopping to do. Do you want me to come by for lunch?
Ricky- Sure!
Brie: Hey silly, aren't you going to kiss me good morning/ or is it goodbye??
Ricky: (tongue tied-) Well, yeah!
Ricky leans over the car door and kisses Brie...

Meanwhile, at McDonald's, Ryan and Hannah have opened up the restuarant and are coming in to set up for the breakfast crowd....
It is very early....6 am, and Hannah and Ryan are coming in for the morning. Ryan is not happy as Ricky did not call last night.
Hannah, calls: Morning Ryan! How are you?
Ryan doesn't answer, as he is lost deep in thought...hoping Ricky was just out late, and nothing is wrong...also, what to do about today...
Hannah shakes her head, puts down her purse and prepares to put on her apron and hat to get started with the day...when Ricky comes in late...
Ricky: HI HANNAH! HOW ARE YOU! (he almost shouts, since he had a great time with Brie last night and cannot hide it...)
Hannah, grinning: No need to shout! Good morning !
Ricky, grinning back- 'GOOD MORNING!
Hannah gestures to the back where Ryan is, and Ricky catches on quickly.
'Ricky: Hey Ryan- Sorry I'm late! (he waves to the back of the kitchen, but Ryan only mumbles back
Hannah whispers: He's a tad didn't call last night or check in Ricky!
Ricky(whispering back) I know...but man, did I have a blast! I've never been to that all night movie thing!
Hannah is still struggling into her apron, taking it all in.
Hannah: Did you and Brie have a good time?
Ricky- You bet! She's so ...the bomb, you know?
Hannah, smilling to herself: Yeah, I do. But you know she's used to doing alot Ricky, she doesn't have to work.
Ricky: (oblivious to the warning) I know! She has one audacious car!
Hannah: Yeah....well you better go make it up to Ryan. He will be riding you hard today since you stayed out over curfew and haven't had any sleep.
Ricky: Man, I am so pumped about today! Who needs sleep?
Hannah, (muttering to herself) You will eventually....
Meanwhile, Ryan has been in the kitchen getting coffee going for himself after his late night with worrying...and for the morning Breakfast customers who are due to come in...
He checks the fridge to see if the apple pies were made last night for this morning...

They were...Ryan decides he will do the takeout window today...that Ricky will not be able to keep up with the rush..
He turns back to the coffee pot as Ricky comes in hesitantly ....
Ricky: Hey Bro! How are you doing?
Ryan: Fine....why didn't you call?
Ricky: I'm sorry......but..
Ryan: You should be! Don't you know I worry? I don't have a problem with you staying out late, but I need you to keep in touch with me. And I'm your guardian, since Mom & Dad passed, so I DO worry...
Ricky...I'm sorry dude...
Ryan: (Cuts Ricky off mid-sentence) Where were you?
Ricky leans against the counter, knowing another argument is coming on.
Ricky: I was out with Brie- at this cool all night movie place! You should have been there, we were able to see the Avengers, Twilight..---"
Ryan: RICK! Why didn't you call???
Ricky: Well, I couldn't let Brie think--
Ryan: Brie? Not Brie Gallagher??? She's 18!
Ryan: sighs..........'alright Rick, you're grounded, plain and simple. I don't have time for this at 6 am before the rush.
Ricky- That's not fair. All I did was stay out---
Ryan: ALL left home last night at 8 pm, and you're dragging in to work at 6 phone calls, nothing. How can I trust you if you aren't going to act responsible??? RIcky does not know what to say and they stand and stare at each other...
Ryan: Ok, we've got a big day. I'll take the takeout window, you work the front with Hannah, if you're tired, just take the day slow.
Ricky (mumbles) thanks Ryan.

Ryan, stunned, stares into space trying to collect his thoughts as Ricky goes up front. Meanwhile, while the two have been arguing, Hannah has been cleaning the dining area and counters, trying not to hear..or listen to the too loud argument at 6 am in the morning....

Ryan comes up front and begins to sort thru drink carriers and is silent. Hannah wisely goes on wiping down the counters when the door opens and the first customer of the day comes in, as always. Mr. Sunshine is an elderly customer who comes in as soon as McDonald's opens.
Hannah: Well Hello Mr. Sunshine- how are you this morning?
Ricky: Hey Mr. S. how are ya?
Mr. Sunshine: Fine, how are you two young ones doing this early morning?
Meanwhile, in the back, Ryan begins to get the kitchen and takeout window into full swing...

He finishes the coffee after it's brewed, puts his headpiece on, and begins the first order of the day- sausage patties with cheese for the egg McMuffins. Mr. Sunshine, usually has an egg McMuffin with his senior coffee. Ryan grins with relief at being able to plunge into work and forget about his brother Ricky.

Hannah: Are you having the same Mr. S? Ryan's probably getting your egg McMuffin ready now, I hear him frying up the sausage.
Mr. Sunshine: Yah, yah, if I could have coffee right now while I wait!
Ricky: Sure Mr. S! Ryan pours a cup of coffee)
Mr. Sunshine: Thank ye Sonny. I saw you last night.
Ricky, puzzled: You did? where?
Mr. Sunshine: (winks) getting out of that fancy sports car with that cute little lady you went out with! Pretty young to be staying out late, aren't ya sonny?
Ricky(stunned) er, Mr. S.  I-
Mr. Sunshine: Did it me self once or twice when I was yer age...but I was older then, I could drive.
Ricky- I can drive!
Mr. Sunshine: So I saw! Drivin' that pretty little lady's car weren't ya?
Hannah, who is standing nearby and listening, is quietly laughing to herself as she knows Mr. Sunshine knows all the gossip in Barbietown...
Ricky (recovering his composure) Well, she let me drive her car, yeah. We went to the all night movies!
Mr. Sunshine(knowingly shakes his head and grins) Don't make it a habit sonny. Can't work with no sleep!
And so the morning rush has begun in Barbietown with the staff of McDonald's....

This is my first photostory involving the characters as I evolve them. Like I said in my previous post on organizing the dolls, I am attempting to create a town with real characters, families, etc. This was a first attempt at bringing in the McDonald's as a 'hangout' place for the younger college /professional crowd, like any McDonald's in any small town in the USA. I made Ricky (high school musical doll) Ryan's younger brother since they look a little alike, and their parents have passed away. Brie (reproduction Becky doll) Gallagher was a character made up in the midst of this photostory- but more on her later. Hannah may fall into the singles with no family catagory, until I can think more on her profile as well.
I hope you enjoyed the story, it was fun to do and is making me to enjoy the dolls more.

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