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Part ll: Lunch at McDonald's, & Broken Promises...

Alot has been going on in Barbietown since Ricky and Brie had their big date, where Ricky got into trouble for staying out all night, and not calling Ryan. Ricky  & Brie had agreed that after the lunch rush, they would have a late lunch together.

Here is where the story gets ....a little deeper...Ricky has forgotten that his best friend at school, Willow, had agreed to tutor him on Saturdays on his lunch hour, and after work for an hour, in preparation for an entrance exam he needs to take at school next year. Willow has agreed to take time out on Saturdays, her only free time, and tutor him thru the summer while school is out so he can qualify for the entrance exams this coming August.  Dating Brie, all thoughts of anything else have flown out of Ricky's head, including work and school.

The lunch rush has ended at McDonald's....only a few customers are eating a late lunch...
Becky Green, seated at a table with Baby Steven, is having a late lunch with Agnes Von Weiss' assistant, Evie, who is giving Becky the list for Monday's errands she will have to run for Evie . Becky is really Evie's assistant, since Agnes is so demanding.

Evie: ".... Don't get me wrong, I like Agnes, she's a go getter! Everyone says she has no taste, but she is PHENOMENAL......Anyone would kill to have our jobs!By the way, why did you bring the baby??
Becky, wondering what she has gotten herself into, clears her throat and speaks."If you remember, I was only hired part time to do the errands, filing, etc. that you needed me to do. One of the conditions was I would be able to bring Steven with me, as I cannot afford a babysitter..."
Evie pauses as if trying to remember if she had agreed to that..."Oh, sorry about that. Anyways, the errands for next week...I have a list right here in my purse...Dry cleaners for the evening wear, go to the Office supply store and pick up paper, and the list here, but drop by the bakery and pick up a dozen of those croissants FIRST THING as Agnes likes them super fresh....blah, blah, blah.."
Evie continues her horrendous list that has to be done on Monday, while Becky listens in shock....
Meanwhile, in Barbietown, Willow, Ricky's friend is hurrying to McDonald's ...
She runs into Poppy Parker, one of her friends in front of the bakery. Poppy is also on her way to McDonald's to see Ryan, Ricky's brother. Since the picnic at the Greens' house, Poppy and Ryan have been becoming 'an item'....
They stop, by great coincidence, in front of Brie Gallagher's car. Poppy notices, but Willow doesn't.
Willow: Hi Poppy!
Poppy: Hi Willow- are you on your way to McDonald's too?
Willow- Yeah! How'd you know?
Poppy glances nervously at the car.'no reason, what are the books for?
Willow: Oh, it's so great really. Ricky asked me to tutor him for those entrance exams for the classes he needs next year! I told him a couple of hours on Saturdays and he should be good. We usually have a late lunch, go over the basics, then I come back later in the evening ...
Poppy: Wow Willow, that is giving up alot of time on Saturdays for this dude..
Willow- (blushing ) Oh, I know- but what are friends for?
Poppy wisely decides not to point out the trouble Ricky recently got into with Brie Gallagher...
Willow- wow, look at the time! I have to run! I have an errand to do before I meet Ricky!(blushes again)
Poppy thinks to herself, Wow, she has a crush on him bad....this is not good. Poppy rushes to get to McDonald's before Willow does....
Brie, true to her word, has met Ricky at the exact time and is buying the Super Deluxe meal for lunch. Ricky is tongue tied while Brie goes on about the fun they had the previous night, oblivious to the fact that Ricky might be grounded or tired from staying up all night.
Ricky: I've got your burger, drink, fries you got the expensive Deluxe!
Brie, puzzled: Expensive? It's only $7! It's just lunch!
Ricky, laughing, 'Yeah! Just lunch! Hey, I need to ask my brother if it is ok to take MY lunch now with my favorite girl!
Brie: Really????you have to ASK? Doesn't your family own the place?
Ricky, ' Well, yeah, but c'mon Brie. It's just me, Ryan and Hannah running the place- this is all we have.
Brie, Touches Ricky's hand as he hands her the tray...
Their hands linger a bit...and so does their look. Ricky thinks he is beginning to fall for Brie...
Brie: I understand Ricky, I'm sorry I was so insensitive. Want me to get a seat while I wait for you to finish up? I don't mind waiting....
Ricky, smiles with relief...'Gee thanks! I'll just be a minute or two...
Ricky goes to the kitchen to find Ryan, who is working on some quick prep.
Ricky: Hey Ryan! I'm going to take my lunch now- is that ok??
Ryan, looking up distracted; 'Hey what time is it? Is it one o'clock already! GO ahead!
Ricky hesitantly hangs back.
'Dude, are we ok? I'm sorry about last night...but I'm having lunch with Brie here, if that's ok...:"
Ryan: Rick, I told you. You ARE grounded, but I don't care if you have lunch with your friends, that's cool.
Ricky's smile beams. Thanks Ryan!
He gets his lunch tray and goes to sit with Brie...
..who continues to entertain Ricky with stories of her dad, and shopping. Ricky pretends interest, but some of the people Brie talks about Ricky does not know.
Meanwhile, Poppy has raced to McDonald's hoping to get there before Willow...
She comes in just as Brie and Ricky are going to their table for lunch, but Willow is nowhere in sight.Poppy breathes a sigh of relief..and heads to the take out window where Ryan is working...
He sees her wave, and nods to her to come to the back, while he is fixing an order..
Ryan: Hey tornado! He stops when he sees she looks upset. What's the matter?
Poppy: Has Willow come in yet?
Ryan: Willow? Ricky's friend from school? No..
Poppy: I saw Willow on my way over here. You did know that she's tutoring him for his entrance exams that he is taking in August, right?
Ryan: I think so. So?
Poppy: Well, it's more to it than that. I saw her and I think she has a crush on your brother.
Ryan: OH Crap...
Ryan looks at Poppy in disbelief.

Ryan sighs. 'So what do I do? He's lost his head over this girl, Poppy.
Poppy: I know...but Willow thinks that Ricky likes her like she likes him...
Poppy: I saw her downtown, she had an errand to run. Evidently Ricky promised to study on his lunch hour with her and for another hour in the evening , here. I'm guessing he thinks it's just Willow...being a friend, and nothing more. But Willow isn't going to think that.
Ryan interrupts...and I just gave him permission to have lunch now...he said he was having Lunch with Brie and asked if it was ok....
Poppy..(now mad for her friend) That little snake! He promised Willow!
Ryan: ...sighs again....Look Poppers, I can't do much...this is something Ricky is going to have to figure out for himself...

At that time, Willow has just arrived at McDonald's and sees Ricky sitting with Brie, and Hannah speaking with the jogger who comes in for lunch. She looks hesitantly around, since Ricky and Brie are engrossed in their conversation and do not notice her...
Poppy looks and sees Willow come in, at the door.
Poppy: Uh-oh, she's here. Shhh! don't let on you know.
Ryan: sighing again...Ok..
 Willow comes up to the takeout window. 'Hi Guys! Fancy meeting you here!
Poppy and Ryan respond back Hey Willow!
Ryan: Hi Willow, Ricky is on lunch now.
Poppy avoids looking at Willow...who is oblivious to everything.
Willow: Thank you Ryan! I noticed he was eating with Brie...if he finishes up quick, then we can go over the geometry he was having problems with, then move onto the formulas.
Ryan: Uh, sure. Is this for his entrance exams? He didn't mention it to indepth to me.
Willow: Oh yes! Ricky wanted to take the harder classes next year, so since I'm one of the math tutors during the summer, this was the only way he could get up to speed to take the entrance exams at the end of August for placement.
Ryan...thinking to himself, Oh boy.

                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~TO BE CONTINUED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Note: This is such a long part 2 that I have had to divide it up a bit. The blog moves slower when alot of pics are uploaded. I want to make the stories into a comic /cartoon type of format, but that software is on my mainframe pc and not my Hopefully, I will be able to get the rest of teh story up by tomorrow after I finish going thru all of the pictures. Seems like the story in Barbietown is really heatin up!
Enjoy- Lisa

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