Monday, June 11, 2012

Mickey's so far- adding the Re-ment

Yesterday on Sunday I had the most relaxing day...I did some work  getting ready for the week by packing orders, and listing a couple of items, but for the most part, had a great day working on the diorama 'Mickey's ....which is still undecided as to whether it should be a soda fountain, bakery, etc. So to help me make the decisions, I went and got most of the Mickey Mouse Re-ment I had bought occasionally and did some placement with a couple of dolls.

Here you can see the furniture placement. The structure is only 15 inches deep, and 24 inches wide. I am beginning to think it is too small for a diner per se, maybe a bakery of cakes, pies and all with little cafe tables for coffee, ice cream, etc. Seeing what works for now. Mickey Mouse Disney Barbie is in ecstasy with her new little business. I am hoping when the big switcheroo happens in our home and the bigger room can be for my dioramas that this will be the first in the shops on Barbie Row in Barbietown....The plan was originally from my sketches to have a street & sidewalk - big enough for the cars to be parked in front of the shops, and the shops to be full structures with businesses inside with the wares, etc. instead of just the faux storefronts like I have now. All I have now is really a faux coffee shop and boutique. This would be a great little bakery or Disney inspired coffee shop. There is also the McDonald's to rebuild when I get to that point as well, it is much bigger than this structure right now.
I had originally thought of creating a booth set of two booths to go under the windows, but that will cut into counter space and cake space and cafe table I'm thinking of going with the cafe tables for this one- I found some more on Ebay which I will probably order. I have some black wire shelves that I will put up behind Barbie at the counter- the counter is so cute with the register but I hate the color- red or black or silver would be better, so since it was only .50 cents at a yard sale, I might alter it a bit to match the decor. I have the other matching counter to this with the window, but it takes up so much room in this diorama. Not much for the dolls to come in and have a bit to eat!
Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I am having so much fun building this. I still have some touchups to do, such as framing in the windows on the interior and making the signage for this little piece.
Another option I came up with was an ice cream /cake store- which would be cool too. I love making miniature cakes and pies, so maybe create some instead of buying them all Re-ment, which can get expensive.
Enjoy the pics!~Lisa

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