Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mickey's Diner diorama...progess made!

I have made alot of progress on my Mickey's diner...the ideas are beginning to come together, which is a relief. I had thought my skill at building was down to nil...since it has been so long since I built anything for Barbietown, much less a custom in 1:12 scale.  I have been so busy with the business and various other things that building anything in depth has been out of the question.
So today I decided not to pay attention to email, phones, etc. and finish this little structure. I almost have- and it took less time than I thought. Mickey's diner is beginning to take on a life of its own and it looks great! Here are some pics of the progress made today:

Now for the skinny on how I did it:
Structure- builder's foam cut down from 4 ft x 8ft sheet at Home Depot, adhered with LIquid Nails clear adhesive
Exterior & interior was primed with white latex paint. I used pins to hold it together while the glue cured.
Exterior- silver contact paper with 'rivets' or 'riveted' with silver straight pins
Wallpapers: striped paper was from Michael's in 12 x 12 sheets
black and cream tiled floor- Full size border wallpaper purchased in a roll & ordered from Sherwin Williams wallpaper section
Black wainscotting- black shelf contact paper that looks marbelized, but you can't see very clearly in these photos
Windows- long or slim 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature windows. These are made by either Houseworks, or Classics and were from my building 1:12 scale component stash.Painted deep rouge red with folk art acrylic paints
Door: - on order right now.
Doll- Disney Mickey Mouse Barbie, forget what year.
Furniture: Re-ment

I have alot more touchups to do, but for the most part, the main work that I thought would be hard is done, such as the wallpapering, etc. I am going to take some time this afternoon and see what will work best for this- a bakery or sweet shop? A cafe or diner? I have thought of making some booths for under the windows with the builder's foam, as I do have some red leather from Tandy Leather, but that may be for later. I am thinking of just working with what I tems I have in my prop stash- I do have alot of Mickey and Minnie Rement foods and items that would look cute in this scene. I definitely think I want another Mickey & Minnie bistro set.
All for now- enjoy the pics!

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