Thursday, June 30, 2011

More progress on the 1:6 scale dollhouse... far as the bedroom suite goes. Today I took some pictures of it, with some of my Fashion Royalty divas- Concerto in M Agnes Von Weiss - I simply love this doll, I won her by chance on the W club forum in a answer/question contest they have sometimes. Also with Moods Veronique and High Tide Vanessa, and of course, Regal Solstice Anja, who is the newest W club gal. So here are some more furniture placement pics of the bedroom, I am liking what I see so far. Still needs the plasterwork moldings and pictures, I am searching for the right pics to resize and frame for the bedroom.

I used to really not like this Bespaq fireplace I had repaired and repainted, but now, with the bedroom suite, I really really am. I am wondering if the fireplace couldn't be made in white with ormalu which would be simply stunning. I hope to make this bedroom a la Marie Antoinette - like it was her bedroom at the Petite Trianon, which was done in pastels and light airy colors with the gold trimwork.After all, the Baroness' villa is called Maison de la Royale, (the name of the dollhouse, owned by my Agnes Von Weiss, sitting regally in the pink wingchair. Only the best for her Highness...)lol.
Enjoy the pictures!~Lisa

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