Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sindy fridge arrived! More on Sindy kitchen diorama...

Yippee! My Sindy fridge won on Ebay arrived yesterday ! I couldn't believe how great it was, and at such a great price.  Sindy items are generally hard to find in the US, but they were more intricately detailed than Mattel, which was the cardboard king. Sindy items are generally from the United Kingdom.

The fridge came with ice cube tray w/ removeable ice cubes! plastic shelves for each side, not all were there, but there were enough to make it look believeable. 3 boxes of green beans, Pepsi, water pitcher, ham, chocolate milk, and pizza box with pizza completed the set. I am really really pleased with this item. If you cannot get a Kenmore kitchen, Sindy is the next best thing- and there were alot of color variations out there, including the dreaded pink.
The diorama roombox scene for this kitchen is not as permanent as my Skipper bedroom I posted about yesterday. I will probably make this into a good roombox for the shelf as well, since the Skipper bedroom went together so quickly. I originally purchased this set for the one sixth scale dollhouse- but may collect more Sindy kitchen items for that dollhouse room itself.
When the roombox is finished, I will put the rest of the wallpapers up, and then the fun will begin. This room needs a nice window and a good door as well, to make it look as true to life as I would like.
All for now- enjoy the photos!

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