Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skipper bedroom diorama- almost done!

I am pleased that I finally got most of this diorama's major work finished -- today! Nothing like having a holiday weekend to make the creative juices flow and get some hurdles finished! Today, I completed the coverlets and decorative pillows on the bunkbeds, as well as the closet for Skipper's bedroom. This was a real milestone...the only other things left are to add a window and interior door into the bedroom, as well as 70's posters, and other little accessories. This diorama will sit on top of hte One Sixth Scale dollhouses' rooftop, as there isn't enough room to have a really nice bedroom for the younger dolls.
First, the bed- I chose two coordinating quilt square fabric pieces from Ben Franklin, and made reversible coverlets.

As you can see, the patterns are basically the same color coordination as the wallpaper. The bedroom will have posters of Donny Osmond and the Osmonds, the Partidge family, perhaps the Brady bunch, and maybe Scooby Doo, since those were some of my favorite pop culture things when I was small and played with Barbie & Skipper in the early 70's. This diorama will hold a mixture of today's SKipper, Stacie, and Chelsea- ugh, I don't like that they did away with Kelly- as well as Tutti, Buffy, Kelly and Scooter and Todd.
The closet doors were from Ebay, from a vintage Barbie dreamhouse, and they were perfect for the closet I had planned. I made the closet a removeable box/structure so if I wished, I could alter the placement of the room. Usually in homes back in the 70's, the closet was stuck near the door to the room, in a corner so it was not taking up most of the room.
I have finished or made so much headway- not just on the Skipper bedroom but I am currently still working on my custom Shriner dolls, in two larger scales, as well as a custom male figure with tattoos. I worked on him yesterday-- this is the first time I have ever fully customized a doll, so will have more pictures together when he has his outfit and accessories finished. More later!

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