Saturday, June 4, 2011

Door exterior finished..More dollhouse Restoration!

I got alot done this morning on the dollhouse. I finished wallpapering the 2nd floor bedrooms, and did some on the parlor as well- except for the stairway wall. Kitchen baseboards are stained and installed. But mainly, the thing that was stumping me a bit was the front door- it would have to be built up with stripwood, which I did as you can see here. I will probably get a curved pediment and glue it over the door, but for now, I am thinking it looks pretty good. I used golden oak miniwax  for that and the baseboards in the kitchen, and it turned out nice.

Here is the upper right hand bedroom finished with its paper, and the closet door framed in. I decided on this because it is such an oddball height- 8 inches and 1 7/8 inches wide!! My dad wasn't too exact on convenience for the dolls back in So I used stripwood stained and framed in the doorway. The borrowers will probably move into that Here you can also see the Kitchen finished as well with its baseboard trim. Sorry my pictures are so bright, but I work outside in the cool of the morning on two large tables in my yard, near the garage office, and it is convenient to move about in.

April Mae and Mini Emily loved the new renovations, and April Mae said ''s about time! This is alot more space and I can't be cooped up with all those OTHER dolls!' She made herself right at home upstairs. I didn't have the heart to tell her that ALL of the tiny dolls would be living there...
I stopped work on the house attic rooms because though I had purchased wallpaper for them, I had an idea that I might do something a little different..........more updates later!

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