Thursday, June 9, 2011

More 1:6 scale fun with vintage Sindy furniture....

After the loads of pics of Mini Emily and my tiny bjd's with the whole dollhouse restoration project going on, I have been working on making enough room in the 'display' room for the actual One Sixth Scale Dollhouse- my fashion dolls have been languishing on shelves and tubs, only being taken out to take a quick snap with a piece of furniture that I'm listing for sale, or just for my own fun. Since moving from the shop, the dollhouse has been stored in the barn. I know when I finally do get things arranged and the dollhouse moved in, it will need loads of touchup. In the midst of the sorting in the display room, I decided to make full use of the shelves, and display other furniture sets that usually are stored in containers. I originally purchased this Sindy kitchen set on Ebay last year for the dollhouse. I have decided to look for a Kenmore kitchen set or another Sindy kitchen set, for the dollhouse and have a vintage kitchen set up like one of my friend Riekie, whose album is on Flicker. I loved the way she did this display using the Sindy furniture, not impossible to find in the UK, hard to find on Ebay in the USA.
Here are the pics of what I have so far constructed for the shelf display, using foamcore and posterboard.

As you can see, the whole setup looks nice but the laptop cabinet will probably disappear, since it appears to be too modern and not as in scale as the Sindy furniture with the Rement! Holiday Thanksgiving Feast Barbie and Mini American Girl Emily look right in place with the miniatures I did for placement. I am thinking of taking the pieces which are simply taped together right now and making them into an actual roombox that fits into the shelf space, but the foamcore pieces adhered/glued together for a more permanent and stronger structure. I was really pleased at how well the scrapbook papers matched this color of the Sindy items.
Mini Emily is ready for breakfast, lunch and dinner with Barbie standing nearby ready to provide turkey if that isn't enough to satisfy the Rement appetite.

More on this diorama later, and more photos can be found in my Flicker album.

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