Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Re-decorating The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse...

Actually, re-furbishing the One Sixth Scale dollhouse is more like it. Storing the dollhouse in our large barn, which is partially unfinished, had me shudder. the most damage happened to the bedroom, so the wallpapers and partition were damaged, the wallpaper buckled and also had to be removed. So I started from scratch with that room, and decided to do away with the windows-and the partition- they make the lovely Bespaq furniture look cluttered. I decided on a new look and making the top floor just the bedroom in the French Louis XV style.

I used foamcore for the faux walls, alot more will be done to them- but here it is with furniture placement and Anja modeling for us.

In the midst of items that were packed, and unpacked, I decided to add a few items such as the faux marble painted Bespaq fireplace and the fabulous Jim Coates mirrors. (Jim sells on Ebay as Jim Coates Miniatures and also carries the large scale Bespaq- we are the only two sellers of the large scale items.I highly recommend Jim's mirrors, he does lovely plasterwork as well.) I thought his mirrors would make an excellent focal point on the bed by hanging a long mirror on each side. I am going to stick to this placement, and Anja loves it as well.
The Bespaq fireplace was originally mahogany finish, but was so broken I decided to play with a faux finish on it to see if it was possible. It was spray painted white and then marbelized and gilded. I may add a darker gilding to this later. I still have the chest, the vanity and chair, and the white embroidered Louis XV chair to add as well.
The living room/salon/dining room was unharmed, the curtains were intact! I set up what furniture was in the box, here it is.

I still have some work to do on this room as well. The lower room will be the kitchen with the Sindy furniture in it.
Enjoy the pics!Lisa

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