Friday, June 3, 2011

More Dollhouse Restoration continued...

Well, more dollhouse restoration is continued on my old dollhouse. Working on this house brings back tons of memories, good ones, when I played with it as a kid. I remember about this time loving that school was going to be out so I could play with it even more and create more items for the dolls, such as clothes, food out of polymer clay, and so on. This old house is special to me, and it feels good again to be making it beautiful again, after so much neglect.
I purchased the wallpapers for all the rooms and am pleased with the colors. I got one of the upper bedrooms papered today, and the kitchen as well as all of the floors done too. When the house is totally papered I can being to work on cornices and floorboards, and then the windows.

Also, today a surprise came in the mail- Mini American Girl Emily! She came in her box with her small book. The mini american girl dolls stand about 6 inches high, and are perfect for the dollhouse, since its scale is so wacky. I took a few pics to see how she would look in the dollhouse, and she will work out fine. The tinies haven't met her yet, but Big American Girl Kit has...
I am hoping to do some more work on the dollhouse tomorrow, which will make wonderful new memories for its history.....out with the old, in with the new!

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