Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vintage Skipper bed project...

Today I had some time to myself and decided to work some more on my diorama projects I had started. Months ago, I won this wonderful vintage Skipper bunk bed for a whopping $16 including shipping on Ebay. It did not have some of its original bedding, just the frame. I had long wanted to put it into the One Sixth Scale dollhouse, but it would not fit. So I am going in my travels to look for more foamcore to make a Skipper scene, as I simply love this bed.
Unlike some Barbie collectors, I have always loved Francie, Stacey, Tutti, Skipper, Scooter, Todd, & Kelly far more than Barbie herself. I think as a child PJ (not really known to exist anymore) was more appealing to me because of her ponytails and hair ornaments. My Malibu PJ lies in my Barbie case as testament to this, since she was actually one of my favorites.
Today I made mattresses and pillows with pillow cases for the beds. It was actually quick, easy and fun, just the sort of project I like. I have a vintage Skipper, but couldn't locate her in time for this photo. So Growing Up Skipper, Tutti, Kelly and Mini American Girl Emily are all in the pic. I've always thought Skipper's bedroom would be more fun to do, with pre adolescent toys, bunk beds, pillow fights, sleep overs that remind me of my own teenage years. Especially with that Brady Bunch color scheme, moddish yellows and pinks, it will look really great. For now, I used the kitchen set up on the shelf to take the pics of the bedding. I will probably make a trip to Joann's for some mod fabrics to go with the bedding. Also, some posters of Donny Osmond, Shawn Cassidy, and so on and Skipper's bedroom should be cool looking.
UPDATE ON the Vintage Sindy Kitchen project: This project is coming along. I won a vintage Sindy side by side fridge and it's being shipped- what a great price for a vintage piece- $15!!Her cabinets are harder to get ahold of, but am working on it.
UPDATE ON THE Tinies' dollhouse restoration-This is coming along as well. The attic rooms will be made to look like Kit's bedroom in the historical series- Mini Kit is coming to live here, as well as Mini Rebecca! So soon the dollhouse will be overrun with Mini AG's...and I need to start sewing. lol . Today am cutting the stripwood to make the rafters/timbers in Kit's bedroom. I'm working from one of the older Pleasant company American Girl catalogs and it is really coming along.Hopefully will be able to find a mniature bed similar to Kits that can be painted green and go into that room.

Enjoy the pictures! Here Tutti is having fun climbing on the ladder and mini Emily is enjoying the top bunk!

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