Saturday, June 25, 2011

Moving the Playscale dollhouse....

I had alot of fun today.....most of you know the One Sixth Scale dollhouse originally resided at my shop when it was open, but because we closed the shop, the dollhouse had to come home. Temporarily, it was housed on its back in our large barn/garage....since March. Working my way through boxes of stock, I have finally cleared out a space in my small doll/dollhouse room for the dollhouse! Yeah! Cleaning out and downsizing your collection makes room for more!lol...the lament of all doll collectors!
However, storage in the garage caused a little bit of repair work that is needed. The room most in need of repair is the bedroom and small room that was Luchia's office. I had to rip out some of the wallpaper since it bubbled badly due to the heat and humidity in the barn and also rip out the partition wall. I will probably leave out the partition wall and just have this whole room a will give for better photography and able to store or display more of the W club girls....and the Silkstones as well. Skipper's bedroom diorama can go on top of the dollhouse, or I might find another space if possible for it to reside. Still downsizing the collection- so some roomboxes may go up on to make shelf space.
I had some great wins on Ebay....amongst them was this wonderful rare set on Ebay from 2005 that usually goes for alot more than my small bid!

Also won on Ebay were these two barbie McDonald's happy meal trays...I'm still collecting items from Ebay for the resturarant/diner called-- what else? 'Mac Donald's Restuarant'  (rhymes with Alice's Restuarant....remember that cool song on the radio at Thanksgiving?? 80's!)
I did some prop placements with what I have collected so far-- and here are the pics...

I know I have more items, but was using the skipper bedroom scene box to look at placement. This placement won't work- I need to incorporate a kitchen with grill for the burgers, and also a cafe/dining room area. I have one counter that needs to have its picture cardboard insert replaced....this might be bashed to be a countertop space in the kitchen with take out bags on it.I am figuring my dimensions will have to be at least 24-28 inches deep, it will be rough to find a place for a permanet roomscene set up like I want. I am going to be focusing more on my 1:6 scale collection than my 1:12 -- which is why I am downsizing so many things such as magazines, etc. I have already got rid of three dollhouses in that scale so far. I will keep Strawberry Hill Manor, Tara, of course and Minnie's Little Sweet shop. And of course my very first dollhouse I am also refurbishing for the tiny bjd' many big dollhouses, so little
Hopefully tomorrow will have more pictures to put up, I am going to try and work on both dollhouses depending on weather and time...

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