Monday, June 20, 2011

The mini body snatcher...

I had some fun this weekend with my 'Grandma' Barbie. For a long time I haven't done much with her except use her in diorams with the Kellys and family themes. One frustration with this doll was her mature body- hello Mattel, older chubby lady here make clothes for her! So this weekend after looking at some pics of friends on Flicker, I swapped out her body for one of the new LIV dolls.

Grandma Barbie received LIV Sophie's articulated body, shown here. I was so amazed at how easy it is to pop off their heads and do this, just with a little heat from the blowdryer, no special tools involved were used to harm these!  I also stole Sophie's bathing suit and her wig. Here are some more photos of Grandma with her new articulated body and with the kids....Kelly and the Mini American Girl dolls, Emily & Kit.

Here she is sitting and standing with Kelly and a cup of coffee. Pretty amazing. Grandma likes her new body.
I am thinking of looking for a head for Grandma's old body, and experimenting with re-rooting. I would like another older lady doll as there would be some neat dioramas I could do with Grandma- also, she reminds me alot with the slimmer body of one of the characters from the Good Wife, I can't remember her name, the other lawyer who heads the firm. (love that show.) It would be cool to put her in a suit. I have long wanted to do my own custom dolls and repaints. Looking at all of the amazing artists on the web, I think I am going to start. '
Enjoy the pics!

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