Tuesday, June 21, 2011

McDonald's diorama....

For a while, off and on, I have been collecting with the intention of doing a 1:6 scale resturant or diner, and not able to afford to win one of the cool Coca-Cola diners made in the 1990's for Barbie, I decided to do a fast food resturant such as McDonald's. Barbie playsets abound on Ebay, and I collected two at different auctions on Ebay. I was also able to acquire McDonald's Kelly and Barbies, with the aprons and hats. Last night I began going thru the items to see what I had and playing with them. I had thought of putting them on auction since I haven't used them much, but no such luck on me parting with these!
One backdrop has all of the stations on it, the fry station, the food cooler/warmer, the drink machine. My other one does have teh golden arches, and the fry station, but not any of the others, I was thinking of space constraints that one could be used for the back cook/kitchen set up. I do have two counters, one does not have the cardboard insert but I can copy that from the other more complete. I do have two registers and a couple of trays of foods. I have two? chairs and one of the tables. I am thinking if space is limited for this to just make it small or the same dimensions as the Skipper bedroom, which is where I haveit set up now. Some of the Rement tables could be used, I could probably find more of the tables that goes with this set on Ebay...and of course, plenty of rement food. One of the things I was thinking of doing was making this my own diner- such as calling it McDuffy's or something like that...so it could be a diner or cafe.....similar to what Hershey did with her City Circlez Coca-Cola diner on her Flicker album. Hershey has a website but couldn't find the link. Since I collect so much Rement and other 1:6 scale items I thought this would be neat for the storylines. Right now I was just doing placement to figure out the scene box dimensions. I have thought I could make the front small and concentrate on the serving counters and kitchen area, and use the same dimensions as I did with SKipper's roombox. Enjoy the pics!

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