Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's beginning to look alot like...Christmas.

Before I took off for Convention I had gone surfing on ebay. I had seen another Flicker member had similar little outfits, which make the Poppys quite adorable. The two little Christmas jumpers with seperate red blouses are made by the Ebay seller Nancy's Doll Things  I also purchased a matching vest in this fabric for one of my Kens. I plan on purchasing some more for the shop worker dolls for the bakery, candy store and so on as I have some cute Christmas scenes planned. 

I also deboxed my registration doll Erin...she is so lovely and adorable. I think she is one of my favorite dolls from convention.

Her shoes are so amazing! We also received an accessory pack for her which I have to go thru the boxes and find, I will take more photos when I get that out. I spent part of yesterday sorting and looking for Christmas trees for the dollhouse, LaBelle's where I had stored them. I also set up our own Christmas tree, aired it out and got the lights on it. My husband and  I  decided to just put up the four foot tree on a pedestal versus the large one, and do a scene with the dolls and small trees in another window. That way I can have all of the dolls out. And of course, there is a Thanksgiving scene to do, as well as the dolls' Christmas pageant to put on, which I would really really like to do again. 
Enjoy, more to come soon!~Lisa


Phyllis said...

Erin is beautiful! Wish I could have gone to the convention this year. There were so many nice dolls! I am still trying to win one on ebay. I have been going after the Asian Color Infusion guy and I just love Ayumi. So far, too expensive for my pocketbook though. I checked out "Nancy's Doll Things" on eBay. She has some really great stuff at very reasonable prices. I will definitely order something from her. Can't wait to see your doll Christmas line up! I am sure it will be spectacular.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous dolls. I really like cooking aprons. Indeed, Christmas comes early. Keep in touch

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, the Christmas dresses are adorable, I've got to start working at Christmas and New Year's Eve outfits!
And Erin is simply stunning. You're a lucky girl!

Lisa Neault said...

Phyllis, Marta, and Billa- thank you!
I have held off deboxing the Agnes and the Elise Jolie simply because- they are worth so much NRFB...I am a little afraid to be honest to debox those two dolls as you never know when you might need extra cash quickly. Though I do not want to part withthem- they are wearing miniature versions of Jason Wu's runway designs.

For some odd reason, I bond closer with the dolls that are not as expensive like Erin, and the ITBE dolls. Though I have a couple of them for sale I really like them and the CI guys. The asian guy went or sold out first I was lucky to get Callum Windsor and Ace McFly. Callum I want so badly to dress in a historic kilt it is killing me not to go fabric shopping!
Nancy's dolls things has some really great items and she doesn't charge an arm and a leg on shipping- much more reasonable for cute little themed outfits than etsy!