Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 4 NuFace Luncheon Part 1

Today is the last day of the Fashion Royalty convention experience and it is drawing to a close. Today we had the NuFace Luncheon, and for most who have been vying for more NuFace eye candy, we were NOT disappointed.

The table centerpiece was 'Sensuous Affair' Giselle Diefendorf. Wow what a name. 
The next surprise Carol gave us-
EVERYONE at the table who didn't win the centerpiece doll could buy her!
Yep, you betcha I caved! She is so lovely!
But we weren't done yet!
Vaughan came out and gave us what is in store for NuFace.

Right now I will just post the pics because it is hard to remember ALL of them. But here is the skinny- NuFace is back!

The doll above is Dominque, she is evidently the workshop doll you had to order that was stuck on the slow boat from China, lol.

Bad photo on my phone, hopefully I will have a better photo of her later. This is Ayumi, and ...drumroll....we get the option to buy this super limited secret edition doll tonight! (Forgive the humor here, but I have been overwhelmed by being pelted with dolls.) Yeah, I will probably cave and get her too. 

Next up, was our free dolly - Chrome Noir Erin Salston

I took some better photos of Erin and Giselle with my camera back in the room and while I was in there. I cannot instantly upload from my camera to flicker and keep those waiting to see the items released. I have also included one pet peeve- which is the luncheon food.
I got called a foodie at my table because I was taking pics of the salad, and dessert. First we had a salad that was mixed greens, blue cheese crumbles, grape tomatoes, radish shavings and a honey mustard creme dressing. Very good! 
Next up- the entree. I began to think two or three different chefs prepared the meal. With such an excellent beginning, the entree did not work for me. Spiral pasta with spicey marinara sauce, melted cheese and three HUGE meat balls and parsley flakes. Too heavy, too spicey ick. I ate a few bites and asked them to take it away. 
Last, the pastry chef who didn't leave his kitchen staff on their own. A raspberry and lemon tarte with lemon sauce and raspberrys and chocolate! Then a wafer thin chocolate with Integrity on it. Excellent and it saved the meal. (If you're new to my blog, I have a problem paying $120 for a meal that gives me essentially pasta and meatballs..but the salad and dessert made up for it.)
This was my only problem with the luncheon, especially for such a huge resort location. Like I stated, it was like having Chef Boyardee step in for the entree. 

At the NuFace luncheon we did not have to sit at our regular tables. Everyone got the option to buy the centerpiece- which I did and also had the option to buy Ayumi at dinner that evening.

Ayumi is a beautiful sculpt, I think they said they refined her and she has a NuFace body? If you don't take notes you can forget. This weekend has been a little draining because of waiting in line for dolls that haven't come, will come, etc. My friend Karon who I traveled with was frazzled from being both a table hostess and keeping track of her orders, since she had two club memberships and her son Michael was her proxy.

My next and last post will be about the Final Gala event with Jason Wu, and my thoughts on convention. 


Phyllis said...

I would probably be right there with you about the food. You expect something amazing from a resort like that. But, the salad and desert looked really yummy! Looks like some really great dolls were available. Are you going to do a recap of everything you purchased? Can't wait to see it.

Smaller Places said...

Eep! Out here in Phoenix, business dinners are often at resorts (because we have a lot of them), and I've only once even seen red-sauce pasta. That was a buffet during the part of the recession when nobody was trying hard. The salad looks fantastic, though.

Second the motion for a single purchase recap later!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Thank Lisa, for these great posts, as always the convention gives us great dolls, Giselle is amazing, I love her. And I'm looking forward for some pictures of Elise ...

Lisa Neault said...

I agree. You are already paying $475 for registration, then $120 for the Nuface lunch. The salad and dessert were what I would expect in this type of huge resort hotel- they tell you when you walk in they are 13th in the nation in size and so on, etc. So I expect to be wowed in the food department.

The Poppy lunch was a joke. It was almost free for all- lunch meats of turkey, ham, roast beef, sliced cheeses, bread slices, cold pasta, mixed greens salad, and little pieces of cakes for dessert and bags of chips, and tea, and water. Not much to write home about on that one, and it was a buffet. Minus -0 on rating that meal event.

Smaller places, I have been to alot of brunches, luncheons, dinners, etc. I realize cost at the hotel is a factor for the integrity toys, it doesn't help when someone says you're paying for dolls and not the lunch? maybe I have to pay more to get a resort experience? lol...I didn't get my table bud's outlook with that statement.

Glad everyone is enjoying the posts and photos.