Thursday, November 6, 2014

GLOSS Convention dolls for SALE...

I have some GLOSS Convention dolls that I am willing to part with. Prices are listed and shipping is additional, if you are interested email me at with your name and address- AND reliable references. That can be an ebay link with no selling negatives, etc or someone who can vouch for you on W club, Doll Divas, Doll pages, etc. 


At this time I am going to be shipping within the USA only. Dolls will be insured and if amount is over $200 you will have signature requirement, please be aware of that. 

Payment will be by Paypal. I DO NOT charge the buyer paypal fees. Shipping will be as soon as I receive confirmed payment.

NOTE- If you wish to buy more than one doll, please include that in your inquiry email. I will give a discount of $250 if you are buying BOTH of the ITBE Basic dolls. I will combine shipping with all dolls together. I pack securely with packing materials and peanuts. 

First up Le Smoking Adele This doll did not come with a shipper, but will be shipped securely in another box.

$249.00 Plus shipping

Chrome Noir Erin Salston
$245.00  She comes in her shipper and will be shipped that way. 

OOMPH! ITBE Basic convention doll
$129.00 plus shipping. These dolls are lovely and have the Poppy flat feet.

ZING! ITBE Basic convention doll
she also has the flat feet. their shoes are cute.

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D7ana said...

Best wishes for your sale. Those are lovely dolls.