Monday, November 3, 2014

Final Gala Event with Jason Wu Part ll

Last night we arrived back at Karon's house around 8:30 pm after starting out at about 6:30 am or 7 am. We had managed to pack the van with the extra dolls and luggage we didn't need. We had so much, as well as food and other luggage. I am glad I attended, but very tired. I had a great time with Karon and her son Michael. 
The last event was the Final Gala meal event with Jason Wu. It was alot of fun, and though I have attended the luncheons, they knocked it out the park with everything on this final meal of the registration package. The decor, the light show, the dolls, the food, it was all very well planned and cooked perfectly.

I won the option to buy the centerpiece doll, Elise Jolie. I adore her, she is so very very lovely. 
Also, a  note to people, if I am interested in selling her, I will post on the boards. She's not for sale right now.
Then the souvenir doll- everyone was hoping....hoping...hoping...
there she was- Intimate Reveal Agnes Von Weiss!

Jason Wu was introduced he explained a little bit of his inspiration and how he worked with the other designers of the Integrity team. Agnes' fashion is a miniaturized version of one of the gowns of his Haute Couture line.

News- the next Fashion Royalty convention will be in:

                                Long Beach, California

We received a free copy of Haute Doll and at convention for $20 you could sign up for BOTH Haute Doll and Dolls Magazine for one year, which I did- what a deal!

Our dinner was amazing, and like the 'foodie' I secretly amused at being called by my table buds, I couldn't resist. Presentation is one thing I admire, and when it all comes together, you can't resist taking a photo.

First up was a wonderful wedge lettuce salad with grape tomatoes, carrots, and bacon bits. The bacon bits made it because of the honey smoked taste, served with spicey ranch. 

Our entree was a filet mignon with potato mash, sauteed peppers and broccoli with an au jus sauce on it. Medium rare, the meat was cooked perfectly.

Dessert was a pumpkin white chocolate with cherries and chocolate crumbles. A white chocolate wafer said Thank you See you next year! with a chocolate straw across it and chocolate cherry drizzle, with whipped cream. Very yummy and perfectly plated.

My thoughts on Convention, if in the right location- it is probably a dream. I love Florida so for me this was a no brainer, despite a missing or late container. Many people said this was the worst convention they had been to. Since this was my first I have nothing to base that on. I loved the location and it was easy to drive to, and the customer service of the hotel was great. The Integrity toys team worked themselves silly without sleep processing orders and sales and making sure everyone was happy as possible. i met many interesting people, including Denise Travers of Denise's Dolls   She sells the most lovely Momoko and Misaki dolls and travels to Japan often. She had posted on the boards asking for help setting up since her mother had been ill and could not come to help her set up her room sales. I volunteered and helped a really marvelous, lovely lady who loves dolls just as much as I do. She is also now a dealer for the Phiceon dolls with their amazing seamless bodies at conventions only.  A really interesting and gracious lady.

I will be going thru my 'swag' as everyone calls it- and taking out dolls to photograph, and so on. Right now I am playing catch up with the last week of work and today on Monday, the new work that will have to be done. Currently,
my husband's boiler company LeoPaul & Associates is going to be ramping up because of the cold weather so I know I will be busy! 



Smaller Places said...

Yes, that's what a resort entree is supposed to look like! The little hunk of perfectly prepared meat, resting nonchalantly against the potato...

Looking forward to the big doll post.

Night Owl said...

Hi Lisa, the food looks delicious! I look forward to your post with the dolls and goodies :-)!!!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

OMG Agnes is GREAT! now you have three of them....and this one is really gorgeous, I wonder how the Baroness shall feel about her

Phyllis said...

Thanks for sharing your convention experience with us. I so want to attend one someday. Looking forward to seeing all your purchases and wins.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you for your interest everyone!
Smaller places, I did not buy a 16 inch doll, though an exclusive one was offered I think there are a few pics of her in my flicker album, but I did not purchase her because she just wasn't my cup of tea.
Night Owl, the food was delicious- except the NuFace luncheon. I was disappointed with that entree which Chef boyardee could have made - spiral pasta with tomato sauce and huge meatballs. ick. The raspberry tart was good, but it appeared ready made. I was suspicious on the pasta because of the large piece of cheese that was either microwaved or baked on top. that luncheon cost $120 plus my registration fee. The Poppy luncheon was really worse because they did a buffet sandwich/salad lunch meat type of thing, nothing very classy about bellying up to the buffet bar, lol. I also shuddered at dragging plates of food around expensive dolls. No pics on that. The luncheons were somewhat disappointing on the food aspect.