Saturday, February 16, 2013

Video- Tasha Tudor dollhouse tour!

Today I am working on uploading old pictures in slideshow/videos for YouTube. I have a YouTube and have uploaded regular videos to it, just a couple, but never a slideshow type of thing. I am waiting to get my new camera (the old one is working on getting me by for now) but am also going to plan to buy a video camera as well.

The above video is a tour of the Tasha Tudor dollhouse from photos of my visits when it was on display at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller museum in Williamsburg, Virginia. It is no longer displayed since Tasha Tudor's death two years ago. This was a dollhouse display built by the curators of the Williamsburg foundation to house her incredible miniature collection, some of which was antique or commissioned by leading miniature artists, or made by Tasha herself. She was an incredible artist and children's author and one of my alltime favorites. The book, 'the Tasha Tudor dollhouse: a Lifetime in Miniature' is one of the best books you can buy as its photos are much better than mine in this video. The dollhouse was built on a scale as best as I can figure from my measuring of the house at the museum between 1:4 scale (Tasha's dolls were 15 and 17 inches high) and almost 1:3 scale. sort of in between if you ask me. My biggest fascination with this house was the working doors and the staircase. They were so very perfect! As well as the goat barn.
Enjoy the video- I hope to be adding more of the dolls soon once I get the format and script done.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: the doors and stairs are awesome. I agree with you. This house is fabulous. Keep in touch

Muff said...

Amazing! The dishes piled up in the sink was a great touch.

Lisa Neault said...

I;ve seen alot of dollhouses in museums but this is one of my alltime favorites. The house is no longer displayed at the museum in Williamsburg, which really bites. I spent one whole visit with my measuring tape and pen and notebook making notes on dimensions and all. This dollhouse was simply incredible in size, and the style of an old farmhouse colonial really appealed to me- I simply abhor modern decor. The rug was made from an actual ermine that killed one of Tasha's chickens! One of my friends, Susan Sirkis, who works with the museum and is a well known miniaturist- took us on a tour of the dollhouse section of the museum. One of my all time favorite memories.

Lilsdolls said...

This house is fantastic. One of my favorites too. I was impressed of how it looks and of the the size.

I have a link on "my blog" from Flickr that shows the house and I guess you sitting in front of it. Photon taken by Pumkin Hill Studios Tasha Tudor dollhouse museum tour 2008.

Thank for your Video!

Lil in Sweden